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Chapter 22: Defeating Nangong Huang In Three Moves, Gu Changge Is Terrifying

“He’s undefeatable! Gu Changge is becoming truly unrivaled in this world!”

“That’s true! The Daoists from eight major sage orthodoxies have now fallen to the same person. In other words, it meant these orthodoxies are incomparable against the Royal Azure Dynasty. The leaders of these orthodoxies must be mad right now.”

“Gu Changge is way too strong.”

“All that’s left is the Black Heaven Sect now.”

“The other six orthodoxies have lost, I don’t think the Black Heaven Sect would stand a chance.”

Countless cultivators across the Azure Dragon Domain were shocked by Gu Changge’s progress.

They did not expect Gu Changge to be this ambitious.

The sage orthodoxies were not only considered influential in the Azure Dragon Domain, but they were also cultivation powerhouses throughout Firmament Star. Naturally, the Daoists that these orthodoxies nurtured were considered as some of Firmament Star’s finest prodigies!

Yet, these geniuses were all losing to the same person!

Gu Changge’s Poise of Invincibility had surely shocked everyone across the world.

In Black Heaven Sect, Nangong Huang and a few Daoists gathered closely in a circle.

After getting wind of Gu Changge’s latest move, they, too, were shocked by his advancement.

“When do you guys think Elder Senior Brother will exit his room?”

Murong Xuan said concerningly.

Ever since their last visit to Chu Kuangren, he had since isolated himself in his room and had not made an appearance since.

“Judging by Gu Changge’s route, it’s estimated that he’ll be arriving today. What if Elder Senior Brother still hasn’t exited his room by then?” Zhuo Han said. He was worried too.

Very few could go up against Gu Changge’s ability. In Zhuo Han’s opinion, it seemed that only Chu Kuangren would be capable enough to put on a fight in the entire Black Heaven Sect.

If Chu Kuangren had not completed his meditation by the time Gu Changge arrived, none of the remaining disciples could defend against him.

“If Elder Senior Brother isn’t done by then, let me personally test Gu Changge’s strengths,” Nangong Huang suggested.

“Sounds good. That way, Elder Senior Brother will have a better grasp of Gu Changge’s ability and he’ll stand a better chance against him.”

In the midst of their discussions, the clouds above the Black Heaven Sect suddenly split across the sky. A bright ray s.h.i.+ned across the atmosphere, instantly dying the clouds in shades of gold.

As the clouds split apart, a horse carriage towed by six st.u.r.dy horses descended from the sky and landed at the gates of Black Heaven Sect.

The sudden movement had attracted a substantial amount of attention from the crowd nearby.

“Come look, someone’s here.”

“The horses are dressed in gold-plated armor, these obviously belong to the n.o.ble family of the Royal Azure Dynasty! To be influential enough to be carried by six horses… it must be Gu Changge! The Crown Prince of the Royal Azure Dynasty is here!”

“He’s finally arrived.”

“Finally, he’s here for us, the Black Heaven Sect.”

The disciples of the Black Heaven Sect were astounded.

The Daoists who were gathering together had s.h.i.+fted their attention towards the gate as well. Nangong Huang said faintly, “Let’s go and greet him.”

Outside the gate of Black Heaven Sect, Gu Changge slowly exited his carriage.

The disciples were visibly stern in their expressions. They had expressed the utmost caution against their guest.

Gu Changge only needed to stare at these people before a terrifying aura soon clouded the atmosphere. The crowd immediately retreated in terror.

“How terrifying!”

“I instantly had gooseb.u.mps the second he stared at me!”

“Is this the infamous Gu Changge?!”

Having defeated six orthodoxies thus far in his journey, his Poise of Invincibility had been acc.u.mulated up to an unprecedented level.

How could a normal disciple even stand a chance against that level of momentum?

A slight gaze was enough to intimidate a crowd.

“I have come to visit. May the elders of this sect please present themselves!”

Gu Changge loudly announced.

His voice was so profound it echoed throughout the entire Black Heaven Sect.

“We are aware of your intentions in coming here. Let’s cut the nonsense. You’re seeking for a challenge, and we shall give you one,” said Honourable Xuan Qi.

There was no need for nonsense nor unnecessary politeness.

After all, it was obvious that their guest had come to provoke the sect, why should anyone treat him properly?

“Hehe, that’s great. I’ve heard that a few days ago a Supreme Daoist Physique had been birthed in Black Heaven Sect, is he keen on accepting my challenge?” asked Gu Changge.


At that instance, an ancient longsword launched across the air and landed precisely in front of the ground where Gu Changge was standing.

A powerful wave of sword intent instantly erupted from the sword!

“Oh, a sacred weapon.”

Gu Changge was not surprised at all. After all, it was not uncommon for an orthodox with a fairly long historical lineage to have a few of those in their possession.

Gu Changge was more interested in whoever was wielding that weapon.

He lifted his head and saw an approaching Nangong Huang. He was dressed in purple robes and he said softly, “Elder Senior Brother is meditating. If you want to fight him, you’ll have to get through me first.”

Nangong Huang’s sword intent was flowing richly around his body, his spiritual power was erupting, and his Nascent Soul combat poise was palpable. As his eyes glowed with power, he had achieved a frightening level of momentum.

He had the poise of a martial arts genius.

Having the Yin Yang G.o.d-eye and being one of the top geniuses, it was natural that Nangong Huang possessed a certain amount of pride. Although he knew that he was likely no match against Gu Changge, Nangong Huang had still wanted a proper sparring match with him to gauge his ability.

“Nangong Huang, I’ve heard of you before. You’re the strongest amongst the nine Daoists of Black Heaven Sect. How surprising that you’ve chosen to acknowledge the Supreme Daoist Physique as your Elder Senior Brother. Hehe, I’m more curious about that person now.

“Whatever, let’s just get you out of the way first then.”

Gu Changge’s bodily momentum instantly exploded.

An overwhelming level of crus.h.i.+ng Intent surged along with his Poise of Invincibility and dissipated into all directions. Gu Changge’s spiritual power began to flow around his body and it gradually morphed into a giant golden dragon, letting out a thunderous roar that shook his surroundings.

The surrounding disciples could not help but retreated a few steps back.

“Such crus.h.i.+ng spiritual power!”

“He is the Crown Prince of Royal Azure Dynasty indeed!”

“Legend has it that there exists a Sage Technique within the Royal Azure Dynastic called the True Dragon Evocation Technique. It allows a person to cultivate immensely crus.h.i.+ng dragon qi. This must be the technique that Gu Changge is currently channeling.”

The golden dragon circled around Gu Changge’s physique, its dragon eyes observing its surroundings, seemingly disgusted at all the mortal beings.


Nangong Huang had also felt the surging momentum from Gu Changge. He gripped tightly onto his sacred sword and made the first strike as he charged himself full of spiritual power!

Like a gus.h.i.+ng waterfall, rays of sword intent came rus.h.i.+ng down from above!

Supreme Technique, Waterfall Sword Art!

Gu Changge did not bother to dodge his attack and countered with a punch!

The golden dragon qi flowed voraciously, empowered by his boundless crus.h.i.+ng Intent.

A loud explosion ensued.

The sword ray and dragon qi clashed against each other, creating an enormous force that sent waves spreading out from the epicenter. Nan Gonghuang could not withstand the amount of energy released and was forced to retreat.

On the other hand, Gu Changge did not move an inch from his initial position!


Nangong Huang channeled a ray of lights from within and covered his Deep Pool Rainbow Sword with a layer of glowing sword intent.

He made another strike with his sword. This time, using the Golden Time Immemorial Light Art and the power of his sacred sword, the sword ray emitted was far more destructive than the previous strike.

This time, Gu Changge had finally taken it seriously.

“That’s more like it! Only this deserves to be matched against my next move!

“Dragon Slaughter Fist, attack!”

As he made his move, the crus.h.i.+ng sound of a dragon’s roar echoed throughout the venue.

The momentum from his fist transformed into an enormous dragon as a terrifying amount of Daoist rhymes circulated around it. This time, the sword ray was once again shattered by the fist attack of Gu Changge!

As Nangong Huang once again retreated, the divine rays that were glowing in his eyes came spewing outwards. It was the source of the power of his Yin Yang G.o.d-eye!

“Haha, just as I expected.”

“Dragon Slaughter Fist!”

Gu Changge made another move with his right fist. It was barely visible that his hand was covered in golden dragon scales. This fist attack packed even more destructive power than before. After shattering the Yin Yang divine ray, the remaining impact from Gu Changge’s attack landed directly onto Nangong Huang.

Nangong Huang instantly spitted a mouthful of blood.

The impact sent Nangong Huang flying some ten feet away and crushed him against a wall, creating a large crater at the point of impact.

All the disciples of Black Heaven Sect were in disbelief at that sight.

Three moves!

Three moves were all it took to defeat Nangong Huang!


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