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Chapter 260: Defeating The Shang Clan’s Sage, Are You Doing It Yourself Or Shall I Do It For You Instead

The Infallible Tormented Physique against the Six-Step Sage!

As the battle progressed, Chu Kuangren’s proficiency with the Infallible Tormented Physique gradually got better, and the Divine Ferocious Avatar behind him became more solidified!

One punch after another, terrifying surges of ferocious qi emanated everywhere.

Even a Six-Step Sage like the Shang clan’s Sage could feel the pressure from the avatar and could only channel his Sage Daoist Rhyme to merely resist the barrage of incoming attacks.

After a fierce bout of battle, both Chu Kuangren and the Shang clan’s Sage were pushed back tens of meters. The two of them glared at each other with killing intent in their eyes!

“Chu Kuangren, it’s time we end this battle.”

The Shang clan’s Sage then retrieved something from his robes.

It was a gorgeous red flower that had mysterious Daoist Rhymes surrounding it. The secretly-observing Sages were all stunned when they saw that flower.

“It’s the Blood Shroud Flower.”

“The Blood Shroud Flower, a Sage-grade herb that’s rumored to be able to unlock a cultivator’s potential and enable them to unleash a power that is far beyond their usual.”

“That’s right. I didn’t expect the Shang clan’s Sage to have something like this up his sleeve.”

The Shang clan Sage then urged his spiritual power to crush the Blood Shroud Flower in his grasps and turned it into sparkling red dots of light before he absorbed them.

With that, his aura rapidly increased.

Seven-Step Sage!

He went from a Six-Step Sage to a Seven-Step Sage!

It may be only one step difference, but his combat strength was raised up a notch. The combat power of the current Shang clan’s Sage was so great that the mere momentum he exuded could distort the surrounding void.

“I agree, it’s time we end our battle! ”

Chu Kuangren replied indifferently

A boundless light radiated from his body, and one by one, various kinds of Daoist Rhyme circulated on his body. There were the martial arts Dao, sword Dao, saber Dao, nature’s Dao, Five Way’s Dao, lightning Dao, Buddhist Dao…

With countless types of Daoist Rhymes surrounding him, Chu Kuangren looked like he had manifested into a Daoist Lord. Everyone was amazed and shocked at the same time!

“There are so many different Daoist Rhymes! How does he do it?”

“By the heavens, this surge of power… Can it be the Transcendent Coalescence Daoist Physique! No, it can’t be. It can’t be! How’s this possible? ”

“Another Supreme Daoist Physique and it’s the Transcendent Coalescence Daoist Physique at that, second only to the Chaos Physique and Heavenly Golden Imperial Physique! By the heavens, how does he have that as well?”

Even the knowledgeable Sages were dumbfounded upon seeing that.

The possession of a Supreme Daoist physique on one person alone could already be deemed a blessing from the heavens. The fact that Chu Kuangren had the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart and Infallible Tormented Physique made the Sages conclude that he was an unprecedented being.

Yet now he unleashed the Transcendent Coalescence Daoist Physique as well!

A total of three Supreme Daoist Physiques!

How could anyone even accept the reality of that?

On top of that, he had also managed to manifest Six Supreme Foundation Levels, which was not easy to achieve even for those with a Supreme Daoist Physique.

The Sages did not dare to imagine how he had managed to do so.

Even the Shang clan’s Sage was shocked, but it too made him more determined to kill his opponent. He then roared as he cast his strongest attack!

“Nine-Day Storm Terror!”

With a roar, an incomparably overwhelming Daoist Rhyme erupted from the Shang clan’s Sage who had consumed the Blood Shroud Flower. Endless gusts of wind gushed violently from the skies, forming a black storm that could block out the sun.

That single attack alone formed a terrifying scene as if Armageddon had happened on that day!

Its horrifying pressure swept in all directions.

Enveloped in grim darkness, Chu Kuangren was locked on by the endless black storm, but the light of the Daoist Rhymes from his body was exceptionally bright!

“Transcendental Might!”

With a soft cry, countless Daoist Rhyme within Chu Kuangren’s body condensed into a peerless mighty force and erupted within an instant!

He then formed a sword hand sign and pointed it towards the sky!

Paired with ferocious qi, the surge of mighty force gushed out from his fingertips and turned into a thousand-foot-long sword shadow that radiated with black, gold, and purple colors.

It was a sword qi made from the Transcendental Might, the ferocious qi, and the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart. How terrifying was the combined power of the three Supreme Daoist Physiques?

It was a power that even frightened the Sages!


Chu Kuangren cried out as he gestured the sword hand sign to slash downwards!

With an unstoppable momentum, the peerless sword shadow instantly tore through the black storm and landed mercilessly on the Shang clan’s Sage.

Even the body of the Sage was rendered as fragile as paper before that power. Just like that, he was easily torn into half!

A huge amount of blood gushed out and spilled onto the ground.

A thud was then heard.

The body of the Sage that was sliced into half fell on the ground.

Chu Kuangren merely stood in the void, with his wide-sleeved white robes ruffling by itself and his hair blowing. There were still traces of murderous qi and ferocious qi surrounding him.

At that moment, he was like an immortal!

Or more like a crazy immortal!

The Sages who were secretly observing the battle had become speechless.

Chu Kuangren’s display of power was not only too terrifying, but that invincible poise he had was now even more apparent!

“From this moment onwards until the next ten thousand years, this era shall forever belong to this person!”

“I’m not sure if the emergence of such a monster during this Era of Great Battles is good news or a bad one!”

“Chu Kuangren. This person’s techniques are truly remarkable. Him alone can no doubt stand up against one— no, at least a few sage orthodoxies.”

“The Sages are beings that are above all other creatures in this world, yet he had already killed three of them within a year. He’s just too horrifying.”

The Sages’ spiritual thoughts retracted like the receding tide.

Chu Kuangren’s battle today had traumatized them so much that they had to return and recover from the impact for a while.

With the Shang clan’s Sage killed, the disciples of the Shang clan were so shocked beyond words. Only despair filled their eyes as they looked at Chu Kuangren in the air.

Knowing that the strongest support of their Shang clan was killed, what else could they possibly do to fight back?

They were all incredibly horrified and hopeless at that thought.

They had also lost all their reverence to their deceased Young Emperor Shang Han as they cursed and scolded him in their hearts.

It was all Shang Han’s fault for incurring the wrath of such a horrifying enemy upon them!

“Chu Kuangren, how dare you murder my clan’s Sage! This is just too much even for you!” the Shang Clan Leader roared.

“First of all, I’m strong enough to do so. Second of all, I didn’t do this out of boredom, but for reasons mentioned earlier. And lastly, I’ve already given you guys a chance earlier. ”

Chu Kuangren replied indifferently as he slowly descended on the ground. He then raised his arm, and using the Gluttonous Devouring Technique, he absorbed the corpse of Shang clan’s Sage into the Avarice Dimension to refine it.

His originally depleted spiritual power from battling the Sage soon recovered.

“Alright, now you’re going to kill yourself as atonement. Are you doing it yourself, or shall I do it for you instead?”


The Shang Clan Leader was so enraged that his body trembled. All he did next was dash towards Chu Kuangren while unleas.h.i.+ng a palm attack before he turned to flee in another direction.

Chu Kuangren easily shattered his opponent’s attack. Looking at the direction of the escaping silhouette, he merely shook his head and remarked, “What a fool.”

He was already strong enough to kill a Sage. The Shang Clan Leader may be an Honorable Supreme and others might see him as very powerful, but how could he possibly hope to escape before the likes of Chu Kuangren?

However, just before Chu Kuangren could make a move, the other Shang clan elders looked at each other and immediately dashed out to stop the Shang Clan Leader in his place!

“Clan Leader, you must not leave!”

“If you just leave, what’ll happen to us?”

“Please, make this sacrifice for our Shang clan!”

The few elders, who stopped the Shang Clan Leader from escaping. said.

“It’s all over now! You backstabbing fools! You f*cking traitors!”

The Shang Clan Leader was red with anger as a sense of sorrow welled up within him.

He did not expect that he would be driven to a corner by the people of his clan before Chu Kuangren could kill him!


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