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Chapter 306: Dark Swamp, How Convenient, Lan Yu Battles Chang Ao

Jun Yi and Jing Nian were both teleported back to the arena.

Chu Kuangren rushed up to Jun Yi. His gaze turned into despair when he saw Jun Yi bleeding from her seven orifices, and that she was drifting in and out of consciousness.

He gave Jing Nian a cold stare — one that sent cold s.h.i.+vers trickling down her spine, and when she could not resist it anymore, her whole body slumped onto the ground.

“This is just a compet.i.tion, what are you trying to do…”

Chu Kuangren ignored her as he immediately cast a Spring Breeze Healing Technique to swiftly heal Jun Yi’s body.

“Sect Leader, I’m sorry…” Jun Yi mumbled in Chu Kuangren’s arms. In the end, she still could not hold on as she fainted.

The Spring Breeze Healing Technique could mend injuries to the body, but not the damage that was inflicted by guqin music, which had caused irreversible damage to her state of mind.

The Spring Breeze Healing Technique could not help much in this department.

Chu Kuangren held Jun Yi up. Even though she had already pa.s.sed out, he then remarked softly, “You’ve done well.”

“Sect Leader, how’s Jun Yi?”

Murong Xuan, Jin Feiyan, and the rest of the gang had also arrived.

“She just fainted, it’s nothing too severe. Feiyan, can you take her back for some rest?” Chu Kuangren pa.s.sed Jun Yi over to Jin Feiyan.

Everyone around them was discussing this turn of events.

“Black Heaven Sect has lost?”

“The Black Heaven Sect has really lost. I think this is a first since the compet.i.tion started, right? Man, the Sky Emperor Palace is really good.”

“Actually, it shouldn’t count as a loss either. It’s just the Black Heaven Sect’s bad luck to have gotten that sort of setting as the compet.i.tion location.”

People from the Linghu clan and the Overlord Sage Tribe had watched the battle as well.

They could not resist a laugh after seeing that the Black Heaven Sect had lost.

“The Black Heaven Sect has finally lost one battle. This is delightful.”

“Yeah, serve them right.”

“No morning sun lasts a whole day. I knew that the Black Heaven Sect would lose eventually, and look, it really happened.”

“Sect Leader Chu, shall we proceed to the next battle?” The Sky Emperor Palace Lord asked with a smirk etched on his face.

“Let’s continue,” Chu Kuangren said.

“Chang Ao, you’re up for the next battle.”

Chang Ao was a Young Emperor of the Sky Emperor Palace. He was also one of the most outstanding sky-prides among the Sky Emperor Palace’s younger generation, and his combat strength was by no means weaker than Chang Tian.

It seemed like the Sky Emperor Palace was not about to give Black Heaven Sect any chance to turn the match around, wanting to win it with two straight victories.

“Master, we can’t afford to lose the next one. Why don’t I go?”

Lan Yu said calmly.

In this best-of-three format, if they were to lose the next one, they would lose out on the champions.h.i.+p t.i.tle.

“Alright.” Chu Kuangren gently nodded.

He had always been more confident in Lan Yu’s combat strength.

Lan Yu and Chang Ao walked into the circle of light.

This time, the setting that appeared for both of them was a swamp, where a miasma emanated all around them. This miasma contained a kind of ominous and unsettling darkness.

As if sensing Lan Yu’s Holy Radiant Physique, these dark energies started to convulse wildly like cooking oil in a pot.

These dark energies surged towards Lan Yu frenziedly, as though they were trying to purge her out of the place because the energy on her was a direct opposite to it.

Along with the dark energy, Chang Ao’s Daoist Rhyme followed suit and attacked her as well. It carried an energy that was tenacious and domineering.

It was somewhat similar to the Daoist Rhyme of the Overlord Sage Tribe, but it had more regality to it, just like a superior emperor.

With a frown, Lan Yu unleashed her Holy Radiant Physique to its limits and the Daoist Physique Transformation turned into countless light rays that streamed out in all directions.

The dark energy and Chang Ao’s Daoist Rhyme were both forced to back away.

Despite that, Lan Yu did not like how things were going.

The dark energies from her surroundings kept on engulfing her, while Chang Ao kept a close eye on her at one side, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

He did not rush into his attack. His idea was to wait for Lan Yu to be exhausted before he dealt a blow, which would surely knock her out.

At the arena.

Chu Kuangren laughed.

He laughed out of exasperation.

The people around him could not help but feel spooked out when they heard his laugh. It was a bright and sunny day, yet it felt to them like the whole place was plunged into a sub-zero atmosphere. Everybody started to have gooseb.u.mps all over them.

“How convenient.”

“First, the Echo Ore Vein, and now, this swamp with dark energy. The setting that we get either improves the Sky Emperor Palace disciple’s strength or weakens our Black Heaven Sect disciples. How convenient.”

Chu Kuangren’s tone was getting increasingly colder.

Even though he sounded like he was about to do something, he still remained on his spot.

However, the Thirteenth Prefect thought that it was better if he was as angry as he was just now.

The calmer he looked, the more unpredictable he would be. The state that Chu Kuangren was in now was more unsettling for him.

It was just like the calm before the storm. It may not look like much from the outside, but deep down, turbulent waves and violent tempest might already be stirring.

Inside the Thousand Terrain Secret Realm swamp.

Lan Yu was engaged in a fierce battle. Chang Ao’s combat strength was not stronger than Chang Tian’s, but with the oppression from the dark energy which surrounded them, Lan Yu’s combat strength could not be fully unleashed, so she remained at a disadvantage.

“This is bad.”

Lan Yu’s eyebrows furrowed. If things continued down this way, her spiritual power would be consumed by the dark energy around her before Chang Ao could defeat her.

At the thought of that, Lan Yu activated her spiritual power to its limit, and infinite rays of divine rays erupted. “Holy Incineration!!”

The eruption of the white flames immediately set the dark energy ablaze.

The Holy Incineration burned through huge amounts of dark energy, and the initially strong miasma was thinned out a lot within an instant.

Upon seeing this, Chang Ao’s expression changed slightly. “I didn’t think that you’d be willing to use up so much of your spiritual power to dissipate these dark energies. I hate to break it to you but the dark energy here is boundless. Very soon, it would ama.s.s again and what you just did would be in vain.”

“Well, I only need to defeat you before the dark energy in this place regathers,” Lan Yu remarked nonchalantly.

“Oh, how much spiritual power do you have left for you to give such a bold claim?” Chang Ao sneered.

“I have enough!”

Without saying further, Lan Yu used all her might to charge at Chang Ao.

Holy Incineration, Divine Rain of Light, Static Light Fist…

She pulled off all kinds of moves at her opponent, thinking only about the attack and not defense!

Under such a barrage of attack, Chang Ao was surprisingly held back. All he could do was to fend off all the attacks which left no s.p.a.ce for him to strike back.

Eventually, Lan Yu found the opening to strike down her Scepter of Light on Chang Ao. Tremendous energy was unleashed and her opponent was blasted into the swamp.

“Have I succeeded?”

Lan Yu thought to herself.

That hit she made was hard to endure even for Honorable Supremes.

“Haha, shame. What a shame.”

Just then, Chang Ao dashed out from the swamp, but there was now a black inner armor on top of his tattered clothing.

It was this inner armor that helped him to fend off a huge portion of the damage.

“Sage Armor!”

“Yes. Too bad, if it weren’t for this Sage Armor, that hit you made just now could’ve really beaten me.”

Chang Ao laughed and said. Then, he threw out a punch, in which a majestic Daoist Rhyme erupted and blasted Lan Yu, who had only very little spiritual power left, into the swamp.

Inside there was filled with incredibly strong dark energy.

In just an instant, those dark energies surged into Lan Yu’s body frenziedly. Due to her depleted spiritual power, she could not do much to defend herself against the dark energy from attacking the insides of her body, destroying her interiorly.

“I think I’ve won this battle. The Black Heaven Sect has lost!”

Chang Ao let out a laugh.

While he was waiting to be teleported out and celebrate his victory, a bright white light suddenly gleamed underneath the swamp.

Chang Ao’s expression changed. “What’s going on? Such strong spiritual power and Daoist Rhyme, she can’t possibly have this kind of energy left.”


On the surface of the swamp, a spindrift was seen!

Then, a white spear shot out from within the swamp!


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