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Chapter 338: Battle Against The Scaled Tribe, The Scaled King Befogs His People’s Minds


A loud metal clang sound rang out when the trident struck the palace’s pillar.

The Scaled King, whom Chu Kuangren had pinned onto the pillar, stared at the latter with blood-streaked eyes, feeling incredibly humiliated.

After all, he was the almighty King of the Scaled Tribe!

A king who had conquered over billions of Scaled Tribe people!

Yet now, having been pinned by Chu Kuangren in his own palace under the scrutiny of so many people, he was extremely embarra.s.sed!

“B*stard, you b*stard!!”

“Chu Kuangren, I shall kill you today. Kill you!”

The Scaled King growled in fury. Meanwhile, not far away, the expression of that Scaled Tribe elder had changed too as he stared at Chu Kuangren with a solemn look on his face.

He knew that the Scaled King was also a Sage himself. In terms of combat strength, the King was no weaker than him, yet he was slammed onto a pillar by Chu Kuangren. Was Chu Kuangren really below a Sage??

A thought flashed across his mind — the same thought that every Sage, who had met Chu Kuangren before this, had.

On the contrary, Chu Kuangren merely responded calmly, “The Scaled Tribe has invaded the Black Heaven Sect and murdered over a hundred thousand people from our Black Heaven Sect’s affiliated forces, not to mention the rest of the wounded people. I shall seek vengeance on their behalf today.”

“Pfft, Chu Kuangren, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. You’re at the very bottom of the ocean. This is not a place where you can do whatever you please!”

That Scaled Tribe elder commented before he activated the torrential force that surrounded them and unleashed a majestic Daoist Rhyme at Chu Kuangren.

However, Chu Kuangren was not afraid at all. He whipped out the longsword in his hand, and with one swing, he shattered that torrential force and its Daoist Rhyme effortlessly. He even had enough power left from his sword qi which charged towards the Scaled Tribe elder!

That incredibly violent energy immediately made that Scaled Tribe elder twitch. Once again, the Scaled Tribe elder summoned his spiritual power and threw out another slam.

Nonetheless, that horrifying sword qi still managed to blow him off his feet and smashed him onto the palace wall, where he spit out a mouthful of blood.

“How? How is it possible for him to have such combat strength?!”

The Scaled Tribe elder was just as shocked as he was confused.

They were currently in the deepest reaches of the ocean, an environment where even Human Sages would not be able to unleash half of their combat strength.

However, Chu Kuangren, against all logic, was able to wield such an appalling power. It was even more powerful than what he displayed back at the unnamed island!

“Scaled Tribe soldiers, kill him!”

Just then, the Scaled King, who had just removed the trident from himself and off the pillar shouted out. At that, all the soldiers in the entire palace marched out.

Before long, about a million or even tens of millions of Scaled Tribe army had surrounded Chu Kuangren in several layers of formation.

Then, Scaled King took out what looked like a nautical sh.e.l.l horn and when he blew at it forcefully, a wailing sound reverberated throughout the entire ocean.

As if the oceanic beasts within about a dozen-kilometer radius had been summoned, the beasts quickly approached the palace.

“Chu Kuangren, today marks the death of you!!” The Scaled King stared at Chu Kuangren, his eyes filled with hatred.

Upon seeing that, Chu Kuangren sneered back coldly, “The fate of the battle has yet been decided. Today, I shall learn how resilient you so-called conquerors of the sea really are!”

As soon as he said that, he immediately struck his sword out in all directions. The incredibly vicious sword qi instantly ripped through a large amount of Scaled Tribe soldiers, reaping their lives.

Chu Kuangren was currently at the Supreme Honorable Realm, so his combat strength was a whole level higher as compared to when he was at the unnamed island.

Although he was now deep in the ocean, he was able to muster a good portion of his usual combat strength with the aid of the Water Evasion Pearl.

Chu Kuangren held the Descendant Self Sword in one hand. Wherever the sword qi traveled, countless Scaled Tribe soldiers would perish under the tip of his sword. In just a short moment, over a hundred thousand Scaled Tribe soldiers have been slaughtered, and their fresh blood dyed ten thousand kilometers of the sea in red.

“Kill, kill him off!”

“Chu Kuangren, you’re now in the deep-sea. No matter what ways you have to preserve your combat strength, you’re still a land being through and through, so there would be limits to your body. I’d like to see you try and slash your way through this unlimited Scaled Tribe army of mine!!” The Scaled King growled loudly, evidently incensed.

He was willing to sacrifice countless Scaled Tribe soldiers’ lives not only to take out Chu Kuangren here but to take back his pride as well.

In fact, he even more desperately wanted to take back the Trident Halberd from Chu Kuangren’s hands and that Emperor-Grade treasures that his enemy had obtained from the unnamed island.

“Come, let us see who’s better!”

Chu Kuangren appeared unusually composed in the face of this seemingly endless Scaled Tribe army. With the Descendant Self Sword in one hand, he pranced through the carnage as the majestic sword qi slashed at his enemies non-stop. Soon, he came to realize that this killing method was way too slow, so he brought out the guqin, the Lingering Song.

He sat down cross-legged in the middle of the big army. When he plucked his ten fingers on the guqin strings, the incredibly terrifying guqin Daoist Rhyme led the ocean waves to tumble and spread in all four directions!

Boundless Overworld, Endless Torrential Gale, Profound Carillon Resonance, a.s.saulting Convergence, these first four tunes of the Eight Celestial Demonic Chords rang out. Although their power had been slightly nerfed under the suppression of the sea, it was still not something that the Scaled Tribe army could endure.

Wherever the guqin music resounded, the Scaled Tribe soldiers self-destructed one after another.

“Forty kilometers!!”

“The maximum range of his guqin attack is forty kilometers. Everyone, retreat back forty kilometers from him and initiate long-range attacks!”

Just then, one of the Scaled Tribe admirals noticed Chu Kuangren’s guqin attack range and started to reshuffle their forces.

Countless Scaled Tribe soldiers retreated outside the forty-kilometer radius before they took out their specially-crafted bows and unleashed their arrows at Chu Kuangren in quick succession.

Facing the sky full of arrows that swarmed over him, Chu Kuangren still looked unusually calm. He continued to pluck on the guqin strings and guqin music rang out.

The sky full of arrows was instantly dissipated at the sound of the guqin music and it did not harm Chu Kuangren the slightest bit.

“Forty kilometers? My guqin music is not that weak.”

Chu Kuangren said with indifference.

He kept on playing the guqin, transitioning into the fifth movement Unending Voracious Vigor, then the sixth movement Devastating Cyclone Barrage, and the seventh movement Synchronous Overworld Anarchy.

The terrifying guqin music instantly escalated, turning the whole ocean turbulent and the currents tumbling. The Scaled Tribe soldiers who had retreated beyond forty kilometers earlier were once again struck by the guqin music. Just like that, a bunch of them were killed.

“D*mn it, using guqin music like that, this guy must exhaust his strengths pretty quickly. Don’t fight force with force. Let’s retreat further and keep with our long-range attacks to exhaust him completely.”

The Scaled King ordered loudly.

Chu Kuangren, on the other hand, let out a chuckle. “Is this how a King should behave? Sending the people that you’re supposed to protect to their deaths?”

“To fight for the King and die for the kingdom, this is the fate of every Scaled Tribe member!!” the Scaled King shouted in response. “My brave Scaled Tribe soldiers, do not fear death. We live through these battles and die through them. Charge!!”

“Charge, charge, charge!!”

Numerous Scaled Tribe soldiers yelled in unison with blood-streaked eyes.

Chu Kuangren noticed that an invisible wicked Daoist Rhyme emanated from the Scaled King’s body when he let out the battle cry, influencing the Scaled Tribe army at the scene. It made them valiant and unfearful of death.

“Oh, a technique that befogs the minds of people. This is interesting.”

A surprised glance swept across Chu Kuangren’s gaze and he activated his Eye of Revelation.

He realized that this technique that befogged people’s minds was not only the reason why the Scaled King could inspire so many millions of Scaled Tribe soldiers. It was also because of his influence as their almighty Scaled King.

With both factors complementing each other, these Scaled Tribe soldiers were fearless, and it enabled them to unleash combat strengths that were beyond their capabilities.

“I shall kill you first then.” Chu Kuangren’s figure turned into a stream of light and charged towards the Scaled King. He wanted to strike at the very heart of his enemy’s camp.

However, he did not expect that a turquoise barrier would suddenly form around his enemy, blocking him off from his reach.

A female Scaled Tribe member slowly walked out from behind the Scaled King, and there was an extremely overwhelming Daoist Rhyme on her body. It was a power not below that of a Great Sage.


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