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Chapter 1050: No Discussion About Scamming You

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What the Thundercry Divine King was most adept in, apart from lightning-style cultivation methods, was this concealment and tracking art.

Along the way, he had been following Ye Yuan’s party all along, wanting to fish in troubled waters.

If Ye Yuan they all encountered great danger, he did not mind supplementing a knife from the back. If Ye Yuan they all found good stuff, he could also beat them to the draw.

He did not recognize this Purple Evil Skygloom either. But Ye Yuan’s words earlier made him endlessly moved.

Any Void Mystic expert also probably would not be unmoved hearing Ye Yuan’s words.

He was still planning on how to cut in just now. He did not expect a Wilde Earth Bull to suddenly charge out.

“Truly obtained it without any effort at all! This fine item, I’ll accept it!”

Wu Yuanqiao was wildly ecstatic in his heart, reaching his hand out, wanting to pluck the Purple Evil Skygloom.

Right then, a purple light flashed from the Purple Evil Skygloom. Wu Yuanqiao’s expression changed, and he instinctively wanted to shrink back.

However, it was already too late …

The purple light actually pierced through his essence energy s.h.i.+eld incomparably swift and fiercely, stabbing him!

In an instant, a wave of black aura followed along the wound, wanting to creep upwards.


Wu Yuanqiao’s expression changed drastically, and he frenziedly urged his emperor qi, wanting to force the venom out of the wound.

However … it was not over yet!


An enormous snake shot up to the sky from beneath the earth, opened its gaping maws, and bit down at Wu Yuanqiao.

How could Wu Yuanqiao still bother about forcing out the venom? He instantly opened up his divine king domain. Slas.h.i.+ng his hand, a bolt of lightning charged towards the ma.s.sive snake.


The ma.s.sive snake also spewed out a violent essence energy attack, directly clas.h.i.+ng together with Wu Yuanqiao.

Under an attack, they were actually evenly-matched!

That enormous snake seemed to have went nuts. It continuously unleashed attacks at Wu Yuanqiao. The one snake and one human started a great battle in the valley.

Wu Yuanqiao was incomparably alarmed in his heart. This ma.s.sive snake’s strength was actually very nearly the same as his.

His expression became ugly. He could distinctly sense that the venom from the wound earlier were creeping into his body again.

Right then, several figures rose and dipped, and appeared in the valley.

They were none other than precisely Ye Yuan and the others who had just left the valley.

Wu Yuanqiao was currently in the heat of battle. But the appearance of Ye Yuan’s group could not hide from his ears and eyes at all. This made him instantly have a foreboding premonition!

“Huhu, truly touching! Thundercry, I really don’t know how to thank you. This Heaven Devouring Python is the Purple Evil Skygloom’s guardian beast. I was just fretting over what to do, but you lured him away. You’re such a good guy, this Ye is shedding tears of grat.i.tude!”

Ye Yuan’s words were said very sincerely, but the teasing look on his face was displayed completely.

Hearing these words, how could Wu Yuanqiao still not know that he was duped?

Turned out that this guy had long known that he had been following them all along. That was why he set up such a play, making him fall into the trap himself!

But he was already very careful this time and followed very far away the whole time. Moreover, his concealment and tracking art was unleashed to the limits.

He was confident that it was sufficient to hide from Void Mystic experts, but why could he not even hide from a First Level Dao Profound fellow?

Also, what was the deal with that Wilde Earth Bull?

Could it be that this Ji Qingyun could even communicate with this desolate beast to cooperate with him and act out a show?

Even if Ji Qingyun had this ability, there was also no time to go and do this!

“The moment Wilde Earth Bulls see Forest Joy Gra.s.s, it will go crazy. Still remember that stalk of spirit medicine I plucked at the 70 thousand years region? That is a Forest Joy Gra.s.s! Now, that Wilde Earth Bull has already chased my clone out far away. Oh, your concealment and tracking art is indeed very impressive, but sorry about that. I recently had some breakthroughs in heart realm again. The level of skill you have is not enough!”

Ye Yuan seemed to know what Wu Yuanqiao wanted to ask and directly answered him altogether.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words far away, Wu Yuanqiao nearly spewed out a mouthful of old blood.

His aura was chaotic, and he nearly got swept by the Heaven Devouring Python’s tail.

Anger attacking the heart, that venom already crept up his arm following his blood.

He was incapable of speaking currently and could only listen to Ye Yuan rattle on non-stop.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. The Purple Evil Skygloom can’t be picked like that. You need to pluck it with the power of flames, then seal it using a jade bottle. This Purple Evil Skygloom’s poison is very formidable, Don’t look at how you’re a Void Mystic expert; if the venom flow to the heart channels, your cultivation realm will fall drastically even if you don’t die! If I were you, I’d hurry and find a place to enter closed-seclusion and force the poison out right now. Otherwise, n.o.body can save you! Oh, don’t think about redirecting the troubled waters. You touched the Purple Evil Skygloom, the Heaven Devouring Python will keep chasing you down. As for whether or not you can shake him off before the poison kicks in, it will depend on your luck,” Ye Yuan said unhurriedly.

“Puu!” Wu Yuanqiao finally could not resist spewing out a mouthful of blood.

Ye Yuan was like a roundworm in his stomach, completely aware of what he was thinking.

He did indeed had the idea of redirecting the troubled waters just now. But Ye Yuan actually saw through him with one glance.

Furthermore, hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Wu Yuanqiao’s entire person went cold.

This poison was actually so formidable?

At this point, rather believe that it exists than not!

Thinking up to here, how could Wu Yuanqiao still dare to stay? He opened up his divine king domain and suddenly erupted with a shocking attack, immediately blasting the Heaven Devouring Python far away.

He immediately did not dare to stay either, directly urging his movement technique to the limits and fled for his life.

The Heaven Devouring Python seemed to have been enraged by Wu Yuanqiao’s blow and directly dashed at full speed towards outside of the valley. Its speed was actually not the slightest bit slow!

Seeing this scene, everyone behind Ye Yuan was speechless.

Just earlier, they were also all kept in the dark by Ye Yuan. Seeing Ye Yuan use a clone to lure the Wilde Earth Bull away, each and every one of them even chuckled inwardly.

When they saw Wu Yuanqiao being attacked by the Heaven Devouring Python, they all had blank looks, uncertain about what happened.

Only when Ye Yuan explained clearly did they come to a realization.

While currently, the most agitated one was none other than the Extreme Sword Divine King, Kuang Tianming.

He and Wu Yuanqiao were sworn enemies. These few years, there was no lack of being hunted down by him. Yet, Wu Yuanqiao, this fellow’s concealment and tracking art was extremely brilliant. Kuang Tianming could not shake him off no matter what.

He knew that Ye Yuan doing all this today was all for the sake of helping him take revenge. How could he not be moved?

“Younger Brother, you … What do you want Elder Brother to say about you? This great gift is seriously too unexpected!” Kuang Tianming said agitatedly.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “This guy has been following behind us the entire time harboring malicious intentions. It just so happened to have given me an opportunity to help Elder Brother take revenge. Hehe, us brothers don’t have to say this sort of distant words.”

Kuang Tianming nodded and said, “Alright, us brothers won’t regard each other as strangers! When Elder Brother heals from my injuries, I’ll accompany you along to charge up to the Medicine King Hall! I don’t believe that Ji Canglan this guy can cover the sky with one hand!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Even if Elder Brother doesn’t say, I’ll also invite you along! But, the urgent matter on hand, let’s better treat your injuries.”

“Milord, why do I feel like you’re very familiar with this place?” Jiang Taicang suddenly asked a sentence absentmindedly.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Because I came here before!”


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