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Chapter 1150: Welcoming with a Solemn Ceremony

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Ye Yuan heaved a sigh, but he still did not know how he should console Zhao Qian.

Regarding Zhao Xingchen’s death, Ye Yuan was still rather guilty in his heart.

He did not kill Zhao Xingchen, but Zhao Xingchen died because of him.

Back then, he requested Zhao Xingchen to search for spirit medicines. He dd not think that Zhao Xingchen actually put forth that much effort either, resulting in braving risks himself, and losing his life.

“Y-Young Master Ye, can you lend me your shoulder to lean on?” Zhao Qian said with tears in her eyes.

Ye Yuan gave a sigh and reached his hand out and lightly pulled Zhao Qian into his embrace and said, “If you wish to continue running the Meteor Trading Company, after this matter is over, I’ll go and exterminate the Pola Trading Company. In the future, this Divine Realm only has the Meteor Trading Company, a single firm, running a monopoly!”

The lovely body of the Zhao Qian in his embrace shuddered when she heard that. A bout of warmth flowed into the pit of her heart.

One sentence, it made Zhao Qian’s sky that fell down be mended again.

This man before her eyes was the heavens!

She did not doubt in the slightest that Ye Yuan had this strength. Even the Heavenspan Island Master, that kind of existence, died under Ye Yuan’s sword.

Ye Yuan’s present strength felt like it already surpa.s.sed the eight great super holy lands’ holy lords!

The nine great trading companies in the past, the strongest Pola Trading Company was also merely a quasi-super holy land.

Even if the Pola Trading Company was being controlled by the fiend race presently, for Ye Yuan to want to exterminate it, it was as easy as flipping over his hand.

For the Meteor Trading Company to want to replace the Pola Trading Company was also merely a matter of a word from Ye Yuan.

She believed that even the eight great super holy lands’ holy lords did not dare to come forward to say anything either.

“Thank you, Young Master Ye!” Zhao Qian said softly.

“Far from thanking. Brother Zhao and I were on great terms. You provided considerable a.s.sistance to me as well. Right now, the Meteor Trading Company encountering distress, it’s proper and reasonable that I can’t sit idly by and remain indifferent,” Ye Yuan said.

He did not say the matter of Zhao Xingcheng hunting the Silvermoon Heavenly Tea on his behalf. The old friend was already gone, why was there a need to let a crack arise between him and Zhao Qian?

Ye Yuan already made up his mind. In the future, Zhao Qian’s matters were his, Ye Yuan’s, matters.

Who knew that Zhao Qian let out a sigh and said, “Zhao Qian indeed likes running operations a lot. It’s just that these days, the fiend race is restless and eager for action. In the midst of turbulent times, how can the Meteor Trading Company pay attention to one’s own moral uplift without thought of others? After today, I’ll arrange for all of the Meteor Trading Company’s affairs to cease all activities, hiding our edge. After Young Master Ye quells the fiend race, the Meteor Trading Company will make a comeback!”

Ye Yuan thought about it and said, “May as well.”

On this matter, Zhao Qian clearly thought more thoroughly than him.

“Milord, the clan has already sent news. The patriarch agreed to your terms and approves of using one-million-year-old Pearl Have Tears to exchange for the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill.”

On this day, Shark One came to see Ye Yuan, finally bringing the news of the merman clan.

Toward this, Ye Yuan was not surprised.

He already exhibited his alchemy skills. As long as Shark One was not an idiot, he should know that the people capable of refining the Purple Void Vitality Spirit Pill in this world, n.o.body else was worthy except him.

This way, Pearl Have Tears was also considered to have landed in his pocket.

Counting in Pearl Have Tears, Ye Yuan already collected six of the nine core medicines at present. There was only left with the final three.

He also did not think that the progress of the Dao Defying Pill would be so smooth sailing.

Ye Yuan slew Han Qing Zi, put away his storage ring, and indeed discovered quite a few good things.

And that stalk of Silvermoon Heavenly Tea was currently lying inside the storage ring quietly, completely intact.

Over a thousand years ago, Han Qing Zi obtained Su Wo’s inheritance. And in his inheritance, there was an ancient mystic grade pill formula that could have the effect of filling one with wisdom and enlightenment, helping him to comprehend the power of Divine Dao laws.

Han Qing Zi’s comprehension of Divine Dao laws already reached the middle of a bottleneck.

As long as he took one more stop, he would be able to truly transcend the realm of Void Mystic and reach the level of competing with the Ten Great Divine Kings.

It was just a shame that he was still missing one last spirit medicine, the Purple Lingzhi.

In the end, it still fell short of success at the last stage.

The refining difficulty of this ancient pill formula was exceedingly high. But Han Qing Zi himself was a peak Alchemy Emperor. He had the strength to refine it.

Except, this pill formula was somewhat of little value to Ye Yuan.

With his comprehension ability, he did not require whatever filling with wisdom at all.

For Han Qing Zi to be able to comprehend Divine Dao laws and become a peak Alchemy Emperor, his comprehension ability in itself was already extraordinarily high.

It was just that compared to Ye Yuan, it was still far too lacking.

With Ye Yuan comprehending the Domain of Sword, the Evil Extermination Sword Formula already officially attained a higher level of mastery, reaching the extent of the first level’s great circle of perfection.

According to what Skydistant said, the Evil Extermination Sword Formula was divided into three levels. When Ye Yuan cultivated these three levels to the great circle of perfection realm, he would be able to activate the Vast Heaven Sword Art that Absolute Heaven left behind inside the Vast Heaven Stele!

The Evil Extermination Sword Formula was actually the elementary part of the Vast Heaven Sword Art!

This Vast Heaven Sword Art was completely different from other cultivation methods. Inclusive of the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King, they all directly comprehended Divine Dao cultivation methods.

But Ye Yuan did not even enter the gates of the Vast Heaven Sword Art currently.

However, even if he did not cross the threshold, Ye Yuan’s current strength was also already sufficiently powerful.

Perhaps he was still a bit inferior compared to the Ten Great Divine Kings. But, facing Void Mystic powerhouses, he could easily kill them!

As for the Ziya divine sword as well as Su Wo’s Divine Dao cultivation method, Ye Yuan was not stingy, pa.s.sing them to the Extreme Sword Divine King, Kuang Tianming.

Kuang Tianming’s lifelong goal was the extremities of Sword Dao.

Yet, Ye Yuan, who came late, surpa.s.sed those who were in front. Ye Yuan already thoroughly surpa.s.sed him.

But, on this point, Kuang Tianming already had a clear estimation of himself in the previous life, acknowledging that he was inferior to Ye Yuan.

However, this did not hinder his heart of pursuing Sword Dao.

Obtaining Su Wo’s inheritance, it was as if he obtained a priceless treasure. He entered the Vast Heaven PaG.o.da to go into closed-seclusion and cultivate.

With this set of cultivation methods, it might not be an impossibility for Kuang Tianming to be ranked amongst the Ten Great Divine Kings in the future.

Ye Yuan believed that this set of cultivation methods in Kuang Tianming’s hands would absolutely be much more valuable compared to in Han Qing Zi’s hands.

Kuang Tianming never would have dreamed that he would one day be able to obtain a divine sword and a set of Divine Dao sword art.

The relations.h.i.+p between him and Ye Yuan already did not need excessive words.

He secretly resolved his heart to definitely a.s.sist Ye Yuan in this lifetime and exterminate the fiend race!

If Su Wo knew that his successor became Absolute Heaven’s successor’s right-hand man a million years later, who knew what he would think.

The group of people entered the merman clan’s territory through an impressive array.

The Garnersky Sea Region’s underwater world had always been the human race’s restricted area.

Any and all humans who came down, basically all would die.

The might of the sea race was actually by no means inferior to the human race.

It was just that fighting on land, less than 70% of their strength could be unleashed. They were naturally unwilling to go ash.o.r.e.

However, underwater, their strength was incomparably terrifying.

In contrast, once human martial artists enter below water, their strength would be greatly discounted.

Unless, what they cultivated just happened to be a water-attribute cultivation method.

What Ye Yuan cultivated was not a water-attribute cultivation method. But now that he comprehended the Domain of Sword, places that he pa.s.sed through, the water would automatically retreat a distance of 20 feet, making it not too different from ash.o.r.e.

Seeing this scene, Shark One was also extremely shocked in his heart.

Ahead, a group of sea folks came to welcome them. A merman at the front wore a crown on his head. His aura was extremely powerful.

“His Majesty heard of Your Excellency’s Alchemy Dao’s strength, and he decided to personally come forward to receive you!” Shark One explained by the side.


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