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Chapter 1190: Fierce Fighting with Yue Ji

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Meng Guang suddenly felt a little wet below his nostrils. Reaching his hand out and wiping, his nose was actually bleeding.

That beautiful woman carried exceeding seductiveness with every movement and action.

How could his bit of cultivation base be able to withstand it?


Ye Yuan snorted coldly. Meng Guang involuntarily shuddered. Only then did he abruptly startle awake and no longer dared to look towards the beautiful woman.

Meng Guang was secretly alarmed and thought to himself inwardly that this woman was so powerful. She was clearly not casting bewitching arts at me, and I … actually fell for it bafflingly!

Looking at Ye Yuan again, he had a calm and composed appearance and did not have any hints of being charmed at all.

Indeed well-deserving of being the Heaven Surmounting Divine King. Just this willpower was not what the average person could compare to.

“Your charms and all, this young master can’t afford to enjoy it. This young master’s taste is not that heavy yet, to want to find a flower to slake my fire,” Ye Yuan scoffed and said.

This beautiful woman before his eyes was naturally the Holy Mother Devil Flower that escaped from the Immemorial Medicine Garden back then!

Ye Yuan never dreamed that he actually ran into this kind of fiendish creature at this stronghold.

Originally viewed by him to be a simple mission, looking at it now, it was not simple at all!

Being poked fun at by Ye Yuan, the Holy Mother Devil Flower was not annoyed in the slightest. However, beaming like a flower, she said, “Deary me, Elder Sister has a name, called Yue Ji 1 , not some evil flower. The last time, you put Elder Sister in an awful state. This time, I can’t let you escape!”

Hearing these words, the Meng Guang, who was not privy to the situation, suddenly froze, looking toward Ye Yuan with an astonished look.

These words … were seriously too ambiguous!

Truly worthy of being the Heaven Surmounting Divine King, strong!

“Yeah, a pity that I didn’t mess you to death. Otherwise … there wouldn’t be so much trouble anymore either,” Ye Yuan said with a look of regret.

“Teehee, you brat, you are really interesting. Even the Absolute Heaven at his prime back then couldn’t kill this elder sister. Just a lousy sword, could it really kill Elder Sister?” Yue Ji shook with laughter, with incomparable charm.

Ye Yuan’s face turned slightly dark and said, “Looks like the Moonhowl Sect recruiting new disciples should be because of you, right?”

“Yes, but Elder Sister saw through it. They are far worse compared to you! How about it, as long as you nod your head, Elder Sister … will be yours.”

“Looks like you recovered pretty well. Since I ran into you, then I’ll let you lie down for another few more years!”

Ye Yuan’s gaze turned cold. The Evil Extermination suddenly attacked, the sword already chopping in front of Yue Ji’s face.


Ye Yuan’s sword was actually caught by Yue Ji with one hand!

“Teehee, Young Brother, you so don’t know how to cherish beauties. Elder Sister head-over-heels in love with you, how can you treat Elder Sister like this?”

But Ye Yuan’s expression changed. The Evil Extermination Sword was like it was clamped by an iron band, and actually could not be pulled out!

This was still his first time encountering such situation!

Looks like this Yue Ji’s strength already recovered considerably. Too terrifying!

“Hoh, Little Brother, you seem to be rather surprised! Hehe, that day was merely so because my vitality was greatly damaged, so I was just playing with you all. Elder Sister’s true strength is what even Absolute Heaven that old daoist is fairly wary of.”

Yue Ji smiled brilliantly, but devil vines suddenly grew out of her hands, intertwining over towards Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan’s gaze turned intent. The Evil Extermination Sword suddenly became burning hot.


A terrifying flame actually countered, burning toward Yue Ji’s main body.

The Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame could burn myriad things under the heaven!

Fiery knowing how to cultivate, even deities and immortals found it hard to block too!

Ever since Fiery cultivated the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, his strength already became unfathomable.

The Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame’s current power was exceedingly terrifying.

An alarmed expression finally appeared in Yue Ji’s eyes.

She involuntarily let go of the Evil Extermination Sword. A cloud of fiendish energy gushed out, pouncing together with the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame.

After a bout of quivering, it finally extinguished the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame.

“Little Brother is truly surprising. Just how long have we not met, your strength actually already reached such a level. In Elder Sister’s view, your talent is likely even more monstrous than Absolute Heaven back then!” The seductive look on Yue Ji’s face subsided a little, finally becoming a little serious.

The speed Ye Yuan’s strength improved made her very surprised.

It was merely two years since the Immemorial Medicine Garden’s battle.

Yue Ji remembered clearly that Ye Yuan was still a little rookie at that time.

His strength right now was more than a hundred times stronger than at that time!

After sighing with admiration, Yue Ji heaved a sigh again and said with devilish flirtatiousness, “What a shame, Little Brother. You were born at the wrong time. Heavenly Dao is defective. If you’re unable to step into Deity Realm, you’ll never be elder sister’s match!”

“So much c.r.a.p! Whether I can beat you or not, we’ll only know after fighting!”

Ye Yuan wielded his sword and stepped forward, clas.h.i.+ng together with Yue Ji.

Yue Ji was well-deserving of being the fiend race’s holy mother. Her strength was truly unfathomable.

Ever since Ye Yuan comprehended the Domain of Sword, he practically prevailed in every endeavor.

But in front of Yue Ji, he could not gain the slightest advantage.

Furthermore, Yue Ji still had an easy-going look, as if she did not use all of her strength at all.

Ye Yuan knew that Yue Ji did not recover to her peak state. Otherwise, the fiend race would probably have long been unable to hold back anymore.

But even so, Yue Ji’s strength also took people’s breath away in astonishment.

What alarmed Ye Yuan even more was that something as sharp as the Evil Extermination Sword, Yue Ji actually dared to forcefully receive it with her bare hands.

Just how powerful was this woman’s body?

“Hehe, little brother, you’re still not bringing out your full strength? What’s the point in carrying on to fight like this? Even though you comprehended the Domain of Sword, without the augmentation of cultivation realm, you’re still incredibly weak! Since you can’t bear to bring out your true capability, then elder sister will be taking action.”

Yue Ji clearly had a lot of strength to spare. At this time, she suddenly surged with fiendish energy. Her ten fingers suddenly grew long. Sharp spikes suddenly a.s.sailed Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan’s gaze turned sharp, his figure suddenly vanis.h.i.+ng.

Greater teleportation!

However, Yue Ji seemed to have seen through Ye Yuan’s actions. Her figure moved, immediately arriving in midair.

Spike grew again!


Sounds of sharp spikes entering the flesh transmitted over. After that, drops of fresh blood flowed out from within the void.

Ye Yuan’s figure emerged. There were actually two spikes that penetrated right through Ye Yuan’s chest!

“Hehe, greater teleportation is pretty good as well. It’s just a pity that … it’s useless against elder sister, me!” Yue Ji laughed smugly.

Drip … Drip …

Fresh blood sprayed like a fountain along the thorns. It already severely wounded Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan did not expect that even the art of greater teleportation actually lost effect in front of Yue Ji!

Caught off-guard, Ye Yuan’s chest was directly skewered with two holes.

Evil Extermination Sword, Domain of Sword, greater teleportation!

These major killing tools of Ye Yuan’s in the past were actually so fragile in front of Yue Ji.


The Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame suddenly erupted and incinerated the spikes into nothingness.

But when the flames burned along the spikes towards Yue Ji’s body, it was still extinguished by the powerful fiendish energy.

Suddenly, Ye Yuan’s expression changed. A heart-piercing pain came from his chest, virtually making him faint from the pain.

“Hehe, do you think that you’re just wounded so simple? Elder Sister already planted a Holy Mother Devil Flower in your body. Before long, you’ll become Elder Sister’s exclusive slice of meat,” Yue Ji looked at Ye Yuan with a broad smile and said.


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