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Chapter 1290: Miraculous Encounter

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Brat, you finally woke up!”

Ye Yuan had just regained consciousness when Dustless’s voice sounded out by his ears.

He had just regained consciousness and could not even open his eyes.

A heart-piercing intense pain transmitted over, making Ye Yuan’s divine soul quiver.

But he could not even groan.

His entire body seemed like it was totally not his.

“Senior Dustless? I … I’m not dead yet?”

Regarding him surviving miraculously, Ye Yuan also felt very surprised.

Recalling the spatial storm, Ye Yuan still had lingering fear in his heart until now.

In front of those violent spatial energies, Ye Yuan was feeble as if he was a mortal.

Ye Yuan virtually exhausted all of his means and could not withstand the storm’s invasion too.

Finally, he was ravaged until there was not an intact spot on his body from top to bottom. If not for his powerful fleshly body and the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art, Ye Yuan probably would not even have residue left.

Even Ye Yuan himself also did not understand how he came out alive.

“This old man wishes that you were dead! You, brat, were simply messing around too much!” Dustless said crossly.

Scolding was scolding, but seeing Ye Yuan wake up, Dustless finally heaved a sigh of relief.

He also did not expect that Ye Yuan actually really pa.s.sed through the spatial storm miraculously, and arrived at the Heavenspan World!

This kind of thing, logically speaking, it was impossible to accomplish.

Yet, it happened.

Ye Yuan laughed embarra.s.sedly and said, “Senior, don’t blame me. Didn’t I pull through? If we went back that time, it might be even worse than the current situation!”

Dustless gave a cold snort and stopped speaking.

Ye Yuan asked probingly, “Senior, have I … arrived at the Heavenspan World?”

Dustless grunted and said, “You were one lucky b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Absolute pure dumb luck!”

This was equivalent to tacitly acknowledging Ye Yuan’s query. They really came to the Heavenspan World!

Ye Yuan also did not expect that his luck was really so good.

“Haha, dumb luck is good too! Senior, how did we arrive at the Heavenspan World?” Ye Yuan said in pleasant surprise.

Seeing Ye Yuan ask, Dustless fell silent too.

Being able to come to the Heavenspan World, even he felt like he was having a dream.

He really did not expect that Ye Yuan actually really pa.s.sed through the spatial storm. This was something that had never happened before.

An initial-stage Grotto Profound Deity Realm rookie actually pa.s.sed through a spatial storm. This was too inconceivable.

“When you were unconscious, you just nice barged into the center of the spatial storm! Didn’t expect that the central area of the spatial storm was actually calm and peaceful, without even a hint of energy undulation. That’s how you escaped a disaster! You drifted in the center of the spatial storm for as long as half a year and was actually brought to the spatial rift that left to the Heavenspan World by accident! This series of events, apart from using pure dumb luck to describe, this old man seriously doesn’t know what to say,” Dustless said.

Ye Yuan was also surprised when he heard it. He did not expect that this coma was actually half a year’s time already.

It was really as Dustless said, his luck was truly good to the extreme.

This was completely unconscious drifting. He might also be swept into a turbulent spatial flow and never come out again.

He did not think that he actually came to the Heavenspan World just like that.

Dustless suddenly continued, “But, for you to be able to barge into the heart of the spatial storm, this in itself was already a miracle! Kid, you really made this old man view you in a different light!”

The more one went towards the center of the storm, the stronger the energy undulations.

The region near the central zone, even Divine Lord Realm powerhouses had virtually no possibility of surviving too.

But Ye Yuan relied on his own willpower and forcefully pulled through.

Not that Ye Yuan’s strength was stronger than Divine Lord Realm, and also not that a Divine Lord Realm’s strength was weak, one could only say that Ye Yuan’s physiological attribute was too strong; his recovery ability was too strong. That was how he could accomplish this kind of virtually impossible thing.

Ye Yuan possessed the azure dragon and black tortoise, two great divine beasts’ peak cultivation methods. That was the key to him breaking into the center of the storm!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Senior, where are we now? My divine sense is unable to leave the body currently, and my eyes can’t see. I don’t know the outside world’s situation at all.”

Dustless recounted the events of him prior to being rescued by Liang Wanru, making Ye Yuan feel frightened for a while after the event.

Drifting for half a year inside the spatial storm, Ye Yuan’s physical strength had already reached the limits.

Any later and he probably would not have the chance to awaken at all.

Actually, these few days, Dustless was also secretly fretful.

It was just that he could not help Ye Yuan with anything at all, and could only leave it up to fate.

Fortunately, Liang Wanru showed up.

Within the spatial storm, Ye Yuan’s Essence, Energy, and Spirit, three paths, all suffered a devastating blow.

Right now, he could not even let his divine sense leave his body. But viewing internally could still be done.

Ye Yuan examined his body before knowing how terrible the situation was.

After he broke through to the Deity Realm, his essence energy sea transformed to become a divine sea.

But now, his divine sea was completely dry. Moreover, it suffered ma.s.sive damage and was already unable to gather divine essence anymore.

As for his fleshy body, being repeatedly ravaged by the energy inside the spatial storm, his recovery ability was already weakened to the extreme.

He was unable to activate the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art at all currently.

Cultivating all the way until now, Ye Yuan had yet to sustain such serious injuries before!

One could say that he was basically equivalent to a cripple right now.

“En? This … This is a divine pill?” Ye Yuan suddenly said in surprise.

Liang Wanru let Ye Yuan consume the Profound Essence Pill. But there was no divine essence within Ye Yuan’s body, and he could not refine the medicinal strength at all. He could only wait for the Profound Essence Pill’s medicinal strength to dissolve on its own. This process was very slow.

This Profound Essence Pill was a healing medicine. It had tremendous benefits for the recovery of Ye Yuan’s physical body.

It was just that Ye Yuan could not unleash the medicinal strength currently. Hence, the recovery was very slow.

Ye Yuan’s lifelong pursuit was the Alchemy G.o.d Realm. At present, breaking through to the Deity Realm, he achieved Alchemy G.o.d.

But he was completely clueless about divine pills!

One could say that he had to start everything over from scratch now. It was completely different from that sort of enlightened cultivation practice in the past1.

A foreign world, foreign cultivation realms, even his most proficient medicinal pills, he was utterly ignorant too!

However, in that instant, he sensed the divine pill, Ye Yuan became entranced!

This … was the medicinal pill that he sought all his life!

Except, it seemed like it was also nothing much in the Heavenspan World.

If Ye Yuan knew the value of this Profound Essence Pill, he probably would not say so.

“Tsk, merely the lowest grade divine pill, what’s worth kicking a fuss about for?” Dustless said in disdain.

Ye Yuan ignored him. He was already obsessed. He used divine essence to a.n.a.lyze the compositions of the Profound Essence Pill. But he discovered that he completely could not do it!

He did not recognize it!

The divine rank spirit medicines in the Immortal Grove World had long already disappeared without a trace. Ye Yuan had not seen before divine rank spirit medicines.

Occasionally, the names of some divine pills, he had still seen before on books and records. But the specifics of the refining method, there wasn’t as well.

“Senior, you know this kind of divine pill? What’s divine pill is this? Use what to refine? Do you know the refining method? …”

The moment Ye Yuan opened his mouth, he asked a whole bunch of professional questions.


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