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Chapter 1520 Spatial Laws Versus Ice Laws

“Ba Tu, you dare to get mad at me?” Di Fan said with a sullen look.

Ba Tu looked at him like looking at a fool and said, “What you want to say, we all know. Nuo De said it, and then he died.”

Di Fan’s expression changed. Looking at everyone’s eyes, he suddenly understood something.

“Our thoughts were the same as yours at the start. But now, we discovered that maybe it isn’t as simple as we think. His strength is really very strong!” Ba Tu said.

Di Fan seemed to have been splashed with a basin of cold water. That valiant imposing momentum from before disappeared all at once without a trace.

He was actually not first!

Looking at Ye Yuan who was currently in a fierce battle in the projection, Di Fan suddenly felt somewhat doubtful of life.

Could it be that he actually lost to a grand completion Fiend General?

This result made him somewhat unable to accept it.

He looked at the Ye Yuan who was somewhat struggling in the projection and suddenly found a trace of consolation and said with a cold smile, “Humph! This eighth guardian’s strength, I’m all too clear. There’s no way he can clear it.”

The moment his voice faded, everyone used strange gazes to look at him again.

Di Fan was stupefied and said, “Why, I said wrongly again? You all look at his appearance, does it look like he can win?”

Some people wanted to laugh but did not dare to laugh.

After all, Di Fan’s strength was placed there. Really annoying him would not have any good outcome.

Ba Tu seriously could not look on, recounting the situation of Ye Yuan clearing the rounds for Di Fan.

After Di Fan heard, he stared wide-eyed and tongue-tied.

He himself also had great harvests in the challenges this time. But playing like Ye Yuan, he really did not dare.

Especially after the seventh round, each and every one of the opponents was too strong, virtually pressuring him until he could not catch his breath.

As long as he relaxed a little, that was not a matter of winning or losing, but a matter of life and death.

With this, Di Fan really had no temper anymore, watching the one and only projection on the arena obediently with the others.

But in his heart, he was praying frantically for Ye Yuan to lose to the eighth guardian.

But he was disappointed very quickly. A plain and ordinary straight stab of Ye Yuan’s directly struck his opponent’s head.

Eighth round, cleared!

Looking from the projection, this move was too plain and ordinary.

They could not figure out why the guardian could not even block such a simple sword.

Even though everyone did not dare to voice their doubts, at the bottom of their hearts, everyone’s suspicions had never been relieved before.

Humph! When this punk comes out, I’ll definitely have a match with him! I don’t believe that there isn’t anything shady in here at all! Di Fan said in his heart with a cold snort.

Ye Yuan’s battle achievement had truly trampled on his dignity.

As the Eminent Orchid Six Sons’ number one person, he was unable to accept this.

However, the miracle was far from over.

Ye Yuan seemed to have switched on a hack, still advancing unhurriedly.

Ninth round, tenth round, eleventh round, twelfth round!

“Congratulations to the no. 3 arena lord for clearing the twelfth round, obtaining the second reward!”

The old voice sounded out once more. Everyone felt a chill run down their spines.

“Just up to which level is this guy going to clear?”

“Could it be that he’s going to clear through? This … This is also too abnormal!”

“The last six rounds are definitely even harder than before! Maybe … he should have reached his limits too, right?”

Regarding the exclamations outside, Ye Yuan was completely unaware.

Along the way, Ye Yuan’s strength could be said to have advanced by leaps and bounds.

Not only did his comprehensions in Sword Dao laws already reach the realm of grand completion initial-stage third-layered heaven, but he also made great progress in spatial laws.

Ye Yuan had a feeling that his spatial laws might be reaching the point of grand completion initial-stage first-layered heaven.

The thirteenth round’s guardian was an extremely beautiful and cold-looking woman.

“Young man, to be able to walk to this step, you’re very remarkable! But it ends here,” the woman said.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Stop being long-winded, let’s start! My sword already can’t bear the thirst and hunger!”

The cold woman’s brows furrowed and she said with a cold snort, “What a conceited brat! Watch the sword!”

Ye Yuan laughed loudly and said, “Another sword user, perfect!”

Done talking, Ye Yuan unleashed a Chasing Moon, his figure instantly disappearing!

Ye Yuan’s speed was swift to the extreme; unable to see with the naked eye at all.


Two swords intersected. A burst of cold air transmitted into Ye Yuan’s body from the long sword, virtually freezing him.

Ye Yuan’s shock was by no means insignificant, retreating like lightning.

The cold woman’s voice suddenly sounded in Ye Yuan’s ear, “Want to run? Too late!”

Ye Yuan’s heart thumped. This woman had such fast movements!

While talking, the long sword already arrived at Ye Yuan’s neck.

“Phantom Kill!”

At the life and death moment, Ye Yuan unleashed Phantom Kill without the slightest hesitation, his speed suddenly increasingly explosively.

Narrowing dodging this sword!

Clank! Clank! Clank!

The two figures were unbelievably swift, exchanging a hundred swords in a blink of an eye; almost evenly-matched!

The shock in Ye Yuan’s heart could not be any greater. Unleas.h.i.+ng Phantom Kill with his current strength, the power could no longer be mentioned in the same breath as in the past long ago.

Coupled with the augmentation of spatial laws, this move of Ye Yuan practically had no solution.

However, this woman was actually able to keep up with his speed.


Two figures separated. Ye Yuan’s eyes revealed a look of trepidation.

The cold woman also revealed a look of surprise. Clearly, she did not expect that Ye Yuan’s strength was actually so strong.

“No wonder you could make it here. Indeed, you have some capabilities!” the cold-looking woman said.

Ye Yuan sucked in a deep breath and said with a smile, “You’re very strong too, to actually incorporate ice laws into Sword Dao!”

For the first time, Ye Yuan ran into a powerhouse who fused together two kinds of power of laws!

This woman’s Sword Dao laws were not high, only the level of late-stage third-layered heaven.

But the terrifying thing was that her ice laws already cultivated to third-layered heaven too!

Furthermore, she was the same as Ye Yuan, merging two kinds of laws together, the power doubling.

Before making a move, the cold woman blanketed her surroundings full of ice laws domain. As long as Ye Yuan entered this domain, his speed would unknowingly slow down.

Hence, that was why this woman could contend with him in terms of speed.

Ye Yuan’s spatial laws were indeed bizarre. But it was only the level of initial-stage first-layered heaven after all.

To be able to exchange blows with the cold woman in itself already demonstrated his might!

“That move earlier, so fast! This punk indeed concealed his strength!”

“My G.o.d, already made it to the thirteenth round before he used his full strength?”

“This guy … is really ridiculously strong!”

Although they could not sense the undulations of the power of laws, the speed of Ye Yuan’s movement technique, they could still perceive it.

Ye Yuan unleas.h.i.+ng Phantom Kill, his speed soared tremendously. Those geniuses naturally took it into their sights.

“Looks like this time, he finally ran into his match! Di Fan, that movement technique earlier, can you keep up?” Ba Tu suddenly asked Di Fan.

Di Fan thought about and shook his head and said, “Don’t know! Can’t feel the power of laws here, we can only see the surface. But … maybe I can’t keep up!”

When these words came out, the audience burst into an uproar.

They looked at Di Fan with incredible shock, not expecting that he actually personally admitted to being inferior to Ye Yuan!


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