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Chapter 1525 Revealed True Self

When the fake Selfless Realm ran into the real Selfless Realm, the result … was tragic.

Zheng Jian discovered to his dismay that his short swords could not touch the corners of Ye Yuan’s sleeves anymore.

On the contrary, Ye Yuan caused considerable damage to him from time to time.

Under Ye Yuan’s persecution, it was hard for Zheng Jian to maintain the state of Understanding Strike anymore.

Under this trade-off, their position directly reversed.

At the outside world, when the group of geniuses saw this scene, they immediately felt baffled.

“It’s not right! Di Fan, the two of them have long exchanged a hundred moves already. Why hasn’t the victor been decided yet? Di Fan? Di Fan?”

Ba Tu turned around to look at Di Fan, but he discovered that Di Fan had his eyes glued to the projection, shock written all over his eyes.

“Hey, what in the world happened?” Ba Tu nudged Di Fan.

Di Fan abruptly startled awake and said with shock, “Selfless Realm!”

Ba Tu said in puzzlement, “I know that it’s the Selfless Realm, didn’t you say it just now, that guardian is in a critical state.”

Di Fan said, “It’s the true Selfless Realm! That Source Night he entered Selfless Realm!”

“What?! Got to be kidding! Is Selfless Realm so easy to enter?” Ba Tu jumped up all at once, yelling at the top of his voice.

When the others heard this, they all revealed shocked expressions, all staring at Di Fan, wanting to hear his explanation.

Among these people, only Di Fan’s strength could see through some clue.

“Same moves, same realm, everything hasn’t changed. But Source Night is now completely crus.h.i.+ng the guardian. Only the Selfless Realm can accomplish this!” Di Fan said in shock.

Apart from Selfless Realm, he seriously could not think of other possibilities.

“Selfless Realm … This Source Night’s talent is truly a bit too freakish, right?”

“His talent in alchemy is already extreme heaven-defying. Even a group of Fiend Lord powerhouses are very respectful towards him. Didn’t expect that he’s actually so freakish in martial arts too. Does he still want people to live?”

“When you compare goods, goods have to be thrown away, when you compare people, people have to die! This guy really doesn’t give people a way out!”

“It’s said that as long as one enters the Selfless Realm, stepping into Fiend Lord Realm is virtually a sure bet. Really envious of him!”

The group of geniuses either gasped in admiration or envied. They were all existences with many admirers around them in each capital city. But in front of Ye Yuan, they were like goods on a roadside stall.

This kind of strong contrast made them very uncomfortable.

Even facing the Eminent Orchid Six Sons, they also did not feel that they were too lofty beyond reach.

But now, they had a feeling that even if they worked hard for all their lives, they could not see the back of Ye Yuan’s feet too.

This feeling of setback truly made people despair.

If let them know that it was already Ye Yuan’s third time entering Selfless Realm, no idea how they would feel about it.

Under Selfless Realm, Ye Yuan was unprecedentedly powerful.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

The wounds on Zheng Jian’s body became more and more. Finally, he had his head pierced by Ye Yuan with one sword.


When Zheng Jian’s body condensed and formed once more, the eyes he looked at Ye Yuan with were full of shock.

He who was undefeatable back then was actually defeated by a grand completion Fiend General millions of years later!

This was an utter defeat. He could not even find an iota of reason to defend himself.

At this time, he felt that the arrogant remarks he said to Ye Yuan previously seemed so ridiculous.

Invincible in the same realm?

He was leapfrogged and defeated by someone!

Ye Yuan had yet to recover from the state of Selfless Realm. The Ye Yuan under Selfless Realm state finally thoroughly mastered the Chaos Heavenspan Canon’s third level cultivation method!

He was going to start breaking through!

Rumble … !

The entire hall was quaking. The commotion caused by Ye Yuan’s breakthrough was truly too great!

Suddenly, Di Fan’s expression changed.

“Hang on, this … this aura … it’s human!”

Ye Yuan could use the Chaos Heavenspan Canon to imitate fiend essence. But when breaking through, he must recover to the human race state.

His chaos divine essence was many levels higher than fiend essence. It was impossible to break through according to the method of fiend essence.

Hence, at this time, Ye Yuan finally recovered to the state of a human.

Ye Yuan’s breakthrough aura broke the fetters of s.p.a.ce, transmitting into the hall.

Di Fan finally saw through a trace of inkling.

“How is this possible?! This Source Night is actually a human!”

“This … This is impossible! How can a human disguise so flawlessly!”

“There were so many Fiend Lord powerhouses outside, could it be that not one of them saw through it?”

“This … This is too terrifying! This guy toyed with all of us fiends in the palm of his hand!”

The others also detected the abnormality, all incomparably shocked.

They were truly unable to imagine that a human could actually disguise as a fiend so perfectly.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

Just as everyone was in a state of disbelief, beams of light fell down in the hall.

Everyone only felt a blur before their eyes and they disappeared from the hall.

Bang bang bang!


“My b.u.t.t!”

Wails sounded everywhere. They were actually directly transported out of the ancient ruins!

A group of fiend lords looked at the geniuses who fell to the ground rather surprisedly, not understanding what had happened.

“Di Fan, what’s going on? You all failed the rounds?” the imperial city’s Blood Yama Hall envoy directly found Di Fan and asked.

But Di Fan did not answer him right away, but looked around, seemingly looking for some figure.

The Blood Yama Hall’s envoy frowned and said unhappily, “Di Fan, what are you looking at?”

Di Fan scanned around and indeed did not discover Ye Yuan’s figure, and could not help revealing a disappointed look.

He let out a sigh and said, “Something big happened! Where’s Elder Di En?”

Right then, a powerful aura descended from the sky. Di En’s figure appeared.

“Di Fan, what happened?” Di En said.

Di Fan’s expression was solemn, recounting the events that happened inside the ruins.

When the group of fiend lords heard, each and every one of them revealed great astonishment.

Especially Yi Han, her expression became incomparably pale.

“What did you say?! Source Night he … is a human? That’s impossible!’

An old man gripped Di Fan’s arm, nearly crus.h.i.+ng his bones.

“Argh! L-Let go of me!” Di Fan wailed miserably.

When the Blood Yama Hall’s envoy saw that the old man actually became violent, he could not help saying in a great rage, “Insolence! Let him go!”

Heavenstar glared fiercely and shouted, “Get lost!”

The strength of Fiend Lord ninth-layered heaven suddenly erupted, giving everyone a big fright.

“Fiend Lord ninth-layered heaven! Who … Who is he?” Everyone exclaimed.

“Brat, tell me that what you said earlier is nonsense!” Heavenstar said in a cold voice.

Di Fan’s face was contorted in pain and could not even speak.

At this time, Ba Tu hurriedly came forward and said, “Your Excellency, Di Fan he didn’t lie. So many of us saw it with our own eyes! If not for that Source Night breaking through realm and could no longer conceal it, we’d still be kept in the dark!”

“Yeah, Your Excellency! We all thought that he was a fiend. But at the final juncture, he broke through to Origin Deity Realm, revealing the aura of a human. Otherwise, we’d still be unaware until now!” another person spoke up.

Heavenstar knew that he was likely really deceived!


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