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Chapter 1635 Moving a Mountain Over


While Zheng Qi was in a daze, Gao Yuan suddenly made a sneak attack, a palm strike toward the former’s chest.

Suddenly hearing the news that Ye Yuan did not die, Zheng Qi’s mind received an impact and was dazed for a moment. How could Gao Yuan let go of this chance?

Zheng Qi was struck flying by a palm, falling heavily onto the ground, fresh blood spurting wildly.

This palm, Zheng Qi was completely unguarded, receiving it solidly, and already could not even stand up.

It was also Gao Yuan who was seriously injured, his strength and divine essence less than 10%, that he did not kill Zheng Qi.

But this was sufficient for Gao Yuan.

His goal was not to kill Zheng Qi, but to escape!

“You … despicable!” Zheng Qi clutched his chest and said angrily.

Gao Yuan laughed and said, “If time wasn’t pressing, this old man would have sent you to heaven! But I’ll tell you a piece of good news, Ye Yuan really didn’t die! Furthermore … if there’s no accident, the precious treasure likely already belongs to him!”

The moment these words came out, everyone all revealed astonished looks.

“This … How is this possible? I clearly saw with my own eyes him being killed by that fiend race powerhouse, how can he possibly not die?”

“Not only did he not die, he even obtained a ma.s.sive lucky chance from the hands of three mighty celestial deities!”

“How did he do it? We have so many pairs of eyes, could it be that all made an error of judgment?”

The shock in everyone’s hearts could not be any greater. A person that had long already been smashed into dregs in their eyes actually seized the ma.s.sive lucky chance this time.

This kind of thing, even thinking about it felt unimaginable.

Furthermore, this time had three great Celestial Deity powerhouses intervening in this matter. Could it be that they just watched Ye Yuan s.n.a.t.c.h the treasure unfeelingly?

Gao Yuan gave Zheng Qi a contemptuously glance and was just about to leave.

“Hahaha … Gao Yuan, thank you for bringing me this news! Since Ye Yuan didn’t die, this old man’s worry is gone! Today, this old man is going to perish together with you!”

Suddenly, Zheng Qi laughed wildly without ceasing, the aura on his body skyrocketed!

He suddenly stood up, the injuries on his body actually recovered instantly. Furthermore, his body emitted a red light halo, his entire person like he was berserk.

When Gao Yuan saw this scene, his expression could not help changing as he said fiercely, “Zheng Qi, you’re mad! Crazed Sword Evanescent this move burns life and blood essence!”

Zheng Qi was already utterly crazy as he laughed hard and said, “So what? Back then, when Master taught me this move, he made me not to use this move until the moment of life and death! But, missing today’s chance, who knows how long this old man has to wait until able to kill you again! Therefore, you must die today!”

Normally, even if Zheng Qi used this Crazed Sword Evanescent move, it was also not possible to be Gao Yuan’s match.

But this opportunity today was too good, Zheng Qi was clear that once he missed it, he probably would never have the chance to take revenge again in this lifetime.

Even though the chances of Gao Yuan breaking through to the Celestial Deity Realm was very bleak, his chances of breaking through to the Celestial Deity Realm was similarly very slim.

Want to take revenge, there was virtually no chance.

And today might be the last chance.

Zheng Qi waited for several tens of thousands of years, how could he possibly let go of this chance easily?

Gao Yuan’s expression changed drastically and he said in horror, “Lunatic! You lunatic!”

Gao Yuan and Wu Xingtang were powerhouses of the same era. He was naturally no stranger to Crazed Sword Evanescent, this move.

Using this move in a desperate situation, not only could one’s state reach its peak, it could even let one’s combat strength soar.

But the price was burning longevity and blood essence!

Right now, using this kind of state, Zheng Qi using this move was simply too terrible for him.

Virtually without the least bit of hesitation, Gao Yuan immediately sprinted madly away.

Zheng Qi laughed coldly and shouted, “Where are you going?!”

Zheng Qi used Crazed Sword Evanescent this move, his movement technique increased greatly, catching up to Gao Yuan in a blink of an eye.

Each sword of his was faster than the last, forcing Gao Yuan until he was in a fl.u.s.ter.

How could Gao Yuan still desire to continue fighting? He could only retreat as he fought.

He knew that Zheng Qi’s state could not last too long. As long as he dragged it on with him, there would be a chance to counter-kill Zheng Qi.

The two people, one chased, one ran, disappearing before everyone’s eyes very soon.

Before leaving, Zheng Qi left behind an instruction. He said, “You all remain here and quietly wait for Elder Ye to come out!”

Ning Tianping and the rest had conflicted looks. They did not think that Head Elder would actually be so decisive.

Zheng Qi and Gao Yuan had just left not long ago when a series of violent fighting sounds came over from the rear again.

Very soon, Ka Suo three people’s figures appeared in front of everyone.

But they did not stay, chasing as they fought, also disappearing before everyone’s eyes very quickly.

Everyone exchanged glances, only feeling that the current situation was extremely chaotic, and could not help becoming very confused.


Heavenstar’s eyes revealed a fierce look and suddenly launched an attack, killing a human powerhouse with a lift of his hand.

Only then did the human powerhouses come to a realization and counter-attacked one after another.

But the humans were a host of dragons without a leader at this time and did not even have a person that could hold down the fort. How could they be the fiend powerhouses’ match?

That Qiao An could not resist the loneliness and wanted to go in to seize the lucky chance, and was already killed by the three great Celestial Deity powerhouses jointly.

At this time, Heavenstar and Di En two people were the strongest ones among this group of people.

Even if his realm was being suppressed, it was also a tiger entering a flock of sheep.

Luckily, everyone’s realm was being suppressed. The humans were not to the extent of a rout being like a landslide. But the situation was not good either.

And now, the Heavenly Eagle Imperial City’s powerhouses became this battle’s main force.

Their strength was preserved very completely, their combat power very strong.

Right now, among the human powerhouses, there was only Ling Zikun, one top powerhouse left.

He also felt very strained facing two great peak third-layered heaven Divine Lord powerhouses by himself.

But the fiend race had the advantage in numbers in the first place, the humans getting defeated was also something inevitable.

The present situation was very bad for the human’s side.

“Everybody, hold out! As long as we wait until Lord Song Yu and Lord Lei Yi return, we’ll win!” Ling Zikun shouted.

But the humans’ forces were too many and scrambled, each fighting for themselves. How could they be as united as the fiend race?

Under the fierce fighting, the human powerhouses became lesser and lesser, their losses very tragic.

Even Heavenly Eagle Imperial City’s side also had quite a number of people who suffered serious injuries.

Heavenstar laughed wildly and said, “That d.a.m.n Ye Yuan, to actually dare s.n.a.t.c.h away the lucky chance this time! Today, you all have to pay the price for his actions! Hahaha!”

Originally, seeing Ye Yuan get killed by Ka Suo, Heavenstar was very excited.

But who knew that not only did Ye Yuan not die, he even obtained the ma.s.sive lucky chance this time. Heavenstar was as uncomfortable as having eaten a fly in his heart.

His fury was now all vented on slaughtering the human powerhouses.

The human powerhouses’ number plummeted, each and every one of their faces revealing a look of despair.

Right at this time, a white-clothed youth walked over from the depths of the canyon seemingly slowly, but in reality, it was fast.

Each step that the youth took, there would be a very deep footprint under his feet.

This youth’s hand was actually holding up an enormous mountain!

Yes, comparatively speaking to his body, it was an enormous mountain.

Under the huge mountain, his body appeared very weak, as if it could be crushed into minced meat by the huge mountain at any time.

But, the youth was expressionless, lifting something heavy as if it were light, looking very relaxed and effortless.

“E-Elder Ye! It’s Elder Ye!” Ning Tianping was the first to discover Ye Yuan, crying out in surprise.


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