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Chapter 1641 Bidding Farewell

Coldfeather’s words made quite a few elders all secretly lower their heads, faces revealing looks of shame.

The elders present who had received Ye Yuan’s grace were really not in the minority.

After all, Ye Yuan was a freakish existence among Three-star Alchemy G.o.ds, who had once overpowered Second Elder Ruo Xu.

These elders, whose family did not have a few disciples that they were proud of?

Seeking pills for disciples that they were proud of, this was something quite normal.

It was just that no matter how powerful Ye Yuan was, he was merely a Three-star Alchemy G.o.d too.

They could be grateful for Ye Yuan’s favor for some time, but it was impossible to be grateful for life.

If no one mentioned it, they would even forget about this.

Coldfeather suddenly mentioning this made quite a few people feel ashamed.

Ruo Xu saw that the momentum was not right and hurriedly spoke up, “Martial Granduncle’s words are a little inappropriate. Everybody here isn’t dropping a rock down the well. We’re just discussing the matter as it is. Everyone is just discussing about Ye Yuan’s position as an elder and not about doing anything to him. After all, an Origin Deity Realm serving as an elder doesn’t conform with the rules to begin with!”

With Ruo Xu saying so, everyone hurriedly concurred.

“Yeah, yeah, even if Ye Yuan he doesn’t serve as an elder, he’s still a disciple of our Heavenly Eagle Imperial City!”

“With Ye Yuan’s means, he can also live very comfortably in the imperial city. After all, everyone needs rank three divine pills, right?”

“It’s not that we don’t cherish human relations.h.i.+p, but that the indignant voices in the Pill Tower and Martial Tower right now are too many. So there’s no helping it.”

Coldfeather gave a cold snort, angered until he no longer spoke.

He also knew that what these elders said was the truth.

It was just that if Ye Yuan lost the position of elder, his days in the future would probably be difficult.


Afraid that it was impossible.

Coldfeather was rescued by Ye Yuan, so he was very grateful toward him to begin with.

Later, Ye Yuan also helped Zheng Qi to kill Gao Yuan, avenging the enmity of his disciple, Wu Xingtang. Coldfeather viewed Ye Yuan even more in a different light.

Seeing Ye Yuan encounter difficulty, he was very upset in his heart.

At this time, an elder on the Martial Tower’s side suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Origin Deity Realm serving as an elder, it’s indeed inappropriate! I feel that Ye Yuan’s position of elder should be taken away for the time being. If he can break through to the Divine Lord Realm, restoring the position of elder isn’t too late!”

The moment this person spoke, everyone burst into an uproar.

Because this elder was none other than precisely the Ning Family’s family head, Ning Zhiyuan.

In everyone’s view, the Ning Family’s relations.h.i.+p with Ye Yuan should be very close. n.o.body would have expected Ning Zhiyuan to viciously give Ye Yuan a push at this juncture.

Xuan Yu was also greatly surprised and said angrily, “Ning Zhiyuan!”

Ning Zhiyuan was unmoved and said coolly, “Head Elder, we, as the imperial city’s elders, naturally have to consider the development of the imperial city. The Ning Family is indeed close to Ye Yuan, but Ye Yuan this elder has already affected the imperial city’s normal operations! I feel that we should take away his position as an elder!”

Ruo Xu had a broad smile on his face. Now, apart from Xuan Yu and Coldfeather, virtually no one stood on Ye Yuan’s side.

Ye Yuan as an elder, this had definitely come to an end.

Coldfeather also did not expect that the matter was already serious to this kind of degree.

He was just about to fly off the handle, but he saw Ye Yuan smile faintly and said, “I feel that Elder Ning’s words make sense. This Ye has been unable to break through for a long time. It’s indeed not suitable to serve the position of elder anymore. Today, Grand Elder is present, so I’ll resign from my position of elder.”

Ye Yuan’s words made everyone dazed, including Ruo Xu.

He even thought that Ye Yuan would struggle fiercely on just grounds. He did not expect that Ye Yuan would directly take a step back.

One had to know, this position of elder signified far too many things.

Once resigned, he would not have such an easy time in Heavenly Eagle Imperial City anymore.

Coldfeather frowned and said, “Ye Yuan, what are you messing around for?!”

Xuan Yu also said, “Ye Yuan, this isn’t a trifling matter!”

Ye Yuan gave them a glance gratefully and said with a smile, “The position of an elder is merely fleeting clouds to me. This Ye still has more important things to do. Coming to the elders meeting today, this Ye is also here to bid farewell to everybody.”

The moment these words came out, even He Chong was greatly surprised too. He said, “You’re leaving Heavenly Eagle Imperial City?”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “This Ye keeps failing to break through, so I plan on going out to train for a while, and seek the opportunity to break through.”

He Chong also nodded when he heard that and said, “Not bad, young people have the fort.i.tude, going out to broaden your experiences is also good.”

Seeing Ye Yuan’s calm appearance, Ruo Xu had a feeling of punching onto cotton.

He discovered that Ye Yuan really did not care about this position of elder.

Suddenly, he thought of a matter and said in a solemn voice, “Ye Yuan, you want to go, you can. But you must leave behind the Origin Magnetic Divine Mountain!”

He Chong’s gaze sharpened and started flickered incessantly.

The prowess of the Origin Magnetic Divine Mountain, he had long heard of it.

It was said that this Origin Magnetic Divine Mountain’s grade was undetermined, with limitless potential.

Ye Yuan relied on the Origin Magnetic Divine Mountain and killed three ninth-layered heaven Divine Lord powerhouses. Its power was evident at a glance.

But Ruo Xu’s words made his heart somewhat palpitate with excitement.

The moment Coldfeather heard, he was greatly enraged and said, “Ruo Xu punk, what do you mean? 300 years ago, Ye Yuan overcame the raging tides alone, saving the lives of over a dozen elders and deacons. But now, you want to covet his Origin Magnetic Divine Mountain?”

Ruo Xu said, “Back then, the Origin Magnetic Divine Mountain was born, obtaining the treasure was everybody’s credit. But Ye Yuan took the Origin Magnetic Divine Mountain as his own! It’s also useless for this old man to want the Origin Magnetic Divine Mountain. It’s just that if Grand Elder and City Lord obtain the Origin Magnetic Divine Mountain, then it will be akin to adding wings to a tiger. Our Heavenly Eagle Imperial City’s strength will get even stronger as well! Moreover, Ye Yuan’s strength is so weak, bringing such a precious treasure on him, if it gets stranded outside, wouldn’t it be a huge loss to my Heavenly Eagle Imperial City?”

Ruo Xu’s words were said to He Chong. He Chong also fell silent and did not speak when he heard it.

Clearly, he was moved.

But Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Ruo Xu, you’re really shameless enough! Natural treasures are obtained by those fated. Back then, I s.n.a.t.c.hed this treasure from the hands of three Celestial Deity powerhouses. According to the imperial city’s rules, it’s my private property to begin with! Now, you’re asking for it, where’s the logic?”

He Chong’s heart turned cold when he heard it. Ye Yuan said it lightly, but he discerned it.

Ye Yuan was telling him that for him to be able to obtain this treasure from the hands of three Celestial Deity powerhouses, he naturally had the ability to protect it!

Even if you all want to forcefully rob it, it would not do either!

For an Origin Deity Realm martial artist to dare be so unbridled, this was a very laughable thing in the first place.

But these veiled words uttered by Ye Yuan were really not impossible!

The matter back then, he also knew a little bit.

The fiend race’s Celestial Deity powerhouse made a move and ambushed them. Everyone all thought that Ye Yuan had died. However, not only did he not die, he even obtained the treasure in the end.

Clearly, Ye Yuan had the means to protect himself.

With this trump card, he did not fear others, even Celestial Deity powerhouses!

Actually, He Chong was also very perplexed. With Ye Yuan’s terrifying talent, why would he be stranded in front of Divine Lord Realm?”

There was likely something that he did not know involved!

He Chong had a feeling that once Ye Yuan broke through to the Divine Lord Realm, he would probably be like a carp leaping over the dragon gate, becoming a heaven-shocking powerhouse!

Only after weighing and considering things again and again did He Chong slowly say, “Ye Yuan toiled hard and rendered great merits. The Origin Magnetic Divine Mountain belongs to him in the first place, don’t mention it again any longer after this!”

Ruo Xu could not help suffocating when he heard that. Grand Elder actually took a step back!


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