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Chapter 180: Nanfeng Yi

Translator: celefoata_ Editor: RegiusProfessor

“Owner! You finally left seclusion!”

Feng San who was raging turned around and saw Ye Hang. He immediately rejoiced.

n.o.body could have understood just how Feng San had survived over this one month period!

But when he saw Ye Hang exit seclusion, everything was worth it!

“Tch, isn’t it just leaving seclusion? What’s the fuss about? At this time, what the use even if you exit seclusion?”

Seeing Ye Hang, the manservant was also very shocked. But he quickly puffed up his chest again.

Our Drunken Star Manor is the strongest now!

Even if Ye Hang exited seclusion, could he stem the raging tide?


“You dare to disrespect Owner? Courting death!” Feng San was enraged when he heard that and wanted to slap that manservant to death in one palm.

“Forget it. Just a small fry. Let him go,” Ye hang said coolly.

With his status, there was no need to square every detail with a small fry.

“Haha, Pavilion Lord Ye is indeed a person who knows the grand situation! I think that as long as Pavilion Lord Ye pledges allegiance to our Manor Lord at the Pill Grading a.s.sembly, he should forgive you magnanimously! Oh, I’ve already delivered the invitation. Goodbye, Pavilion Lord Ye!”

The manservant really took himself for some big shot and clasped his hands at Ye Hang, then took large strides and left.

Feng San was so angry that he was gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth in hatred by the side. With a displeased face, he said, “Owner, even a servant from the Drunken Star Manor dares to come to taunt us Fragrant Medicine Pavilion now! In my opinion, kill this punk first to teach the Drunken Star Manor a lesson!”

Ye Yuan waved his hands and said with a smile, “This servant is just a small character. Wouldn’t killing him show our incompetence even more? That we can only take our anger out on the Drunken Star Manor’s servants? To find a ground, of course we have to find their family’s adults!”

Feng San’s eyebrows jumped as he understood some meaning behind it. He said joyfully, “Owner means that . . .”

Ye Hang took over the invitation and said playfully, “He, Wan Donghai, wants to use this Pill Grading a.s.sembly to rule the State of Qin’s alchemy world. I’m afraid that it’s isn’t so easy!”

“Haha . . . I knew that the owner wouldn’t admit defeat so easily!” Feng San was ecstatic when he saw that. But he immediately frowned again, saying, “Owner, it’s said that Wan Donghai wants to launch three new types of medicinal pills by organizing this Pill Grading a.s.sembly! Just an Essence Gathering Pill has already left us badly battered. If three more were to appear, we . . .”

“Relax, Old Feng! Competing with medicinal pills, I . . . Errr . . . Should be us, father and son, have never feared anyone! This time, we’re going to let everyone broaden their horizons!” Ye Hang said heroically.

Feng San looked at Ye Hang, and his eyes could not help showing astonishment.

Just now, Ye Hang clearly planned on saying himself, but when the words were at the tip of his tongue, he brought along Ye Yuan!

A venerable Alchemy Grandmaster was actually deliberately bringing along his son. Why was that?

. . . . . .

In a courtyard within the imperial palace, Ye Yuan was currently lying on a vine chair, sitting with his ankle on his knees. There were even two beautiful palace maids fanning him from behind. He looked like he was enjoying himself very much.

“Ye Yuan! Is your Beauty Retaining Pill finished refining yet? If it’s not done, this princess will burn down this mansion and send you to heaven!”

Nanfeng Zhirou’s angry cry broke this courtyard’s tranquility.

Ye Yuan jumped in fright and hurriedly went out in big strides. Indeed, he saw Nanfeng Zhirou carrying a fire torch in her hands posing like she was lighting a fire. Nanfeng Ruoqing was covering her mouth while laughing behind Nanfeng Zhirou.

This woman would do what she said. A single mishap and she would really burn this place.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t! My grandaunt, this is your family’s house, what are you burning it for?”

“I don’t care! Today, if you don’t refine the Beauty Retaining Pill for me, I’ll burn this place!”

“Seriously, can’t you wait for two days? My injuries have just healed. I also just refined the Essence Yang Pill two days ago and sapped a great deal of my vitality. You at least got to give me time to rest, right? Otherwise, if I were to ruin the refinement of the Beauty Retaining Pill, wouldn’t that destroy Senior Apprentice Sister’s unparalleled looks?”

After coming out from the underground cave, Ye Yuan let Nanfeng Zhirou bring him to hide in the palace. Just like this, Su Yishan and Ye Yuan disappeared at the same time.

Ye Yuan had ready-made medicinal pills on him, but his injuries this time were too severe. He only barely managed to recover after recuperating for three days.

After recovering, Ye Yuan refined the Essence Yang Pill without delay and let Nanfeng Zhirou deliver it to the Dan Wu Academy in secret.

Ever since Ye Yuan recovered, Nanfeng Zhirou had been thinking about her Beauty Retaining Pills. She would come here every day to compel Ye Yuan to refine it.

But Ye Yuan’s body right now was indeed not that great. So it was delayed a few days.

The ill-tempered but beauty loving Nanfeng Zhirou finally could not endure it anymore today, so she ran here to threaten Ye Yuan!

“I don’t care! I must see the Beauty Retaining Pill today!” Nanfeng Zhirou refused to yield.

Right at this time, a voice sounded out from behind them. “Zhirou, back off! Don’t be mischievous!”

“Ah, Imperial Father! I . . . I was joking with Ye Yuan! Right, Ye Yuan?” Nanfeng Zhirou used her gaze to threaten Ye Yuan.

The middle-aged man in front of Ye Yuan was as handsome as jade and had a grandiose manner. The air of a king could not be covered up no matter what!

This person was precisely Nanfeng Ruoqing’s Imperial Brother, Nanfeng Zhirou’s father, the State of Qin’s Emperor, Nanfeng Yi!

This was also the first time Ye Yuan met Nanfeng Yi. This person gave him the deep feeling like he was in grasp of everything.

Nanfeng Yi was sizing up Ye Yuan, but at the same time, Ye Yuan was also appraising Nanfeng Yi without the intention of saluting.

An Alchemy Emperor had the pride of an Alchemy Emperor. Even if he rebirthed, it was also impossible to kneel down and salute a mortal emperor.

Nanfeng Yi did not mind Nanfeng Zhirou and only said coolly, “Ruoqing, you bring Zhirou back first. I have some things to say to Little Brother Ye.”

Nanfeng Yi actually gave tacit consent to Ye Yuan’s rude actions!

“Yes.” Nanfeng Ruoqing received the command and brought her niece back. The few palace maids naturally also withdrew.

However, while Nanfeng Ruoqing did not show anything on the surface, she was very alarmed in her heart.

Imperial Brother actually called Ye Yuan as Little Brother!

This sort of address was undoubtedly placing Ye Yuan on equal footing as him!

In Nanfeng Ruoqing’s impression, she had never seen Imperial Brother place a person so highly before. And this person was merely a 15 years old child!

For the emperor to address his subjects as brothers, just hearing it sounded very peculiar!

While Nanfeng Ruoqing knew that Ye Yuan was not an ordinary child, this term of address by Nanfeng Yi was still sufficient to alarm her.

After Nanfeng Ruoqing and the rest left, Nanfeng Yi and Ye Yuan entered the courtyard and sat down in the pavilion in the garden.

“I’m indebted to Little Brother Ye for having taken care of my daughter and sister these few days. I express my thanks to Little Brother Ye on their behalf.” Nanfeng Yi actually gave thanks right away, making Ye Yuan somewhat surprised.

“Your Majesty is too serious. It’s just the effort of lifting a hand, not worthy of thanks. Furthermore, they also helped me quite a bit.” Ye Yuan accepted it calmly and did not decline anything.

From the other party’s att.i.tude, he could also see that his matter was already also long known by Nanfeng Yi through Nanfeng Ruoqing and niece.

Nanfeng Yi waved his hand and said, “That’s not the same. The aid you gave them is enough for them to use their entire lives!”

Ye Yuan just smiled and said, “I’m afraid that Your Majesty didn’t look for me just to give thanks, right? Let’s go straight into the main topic. I don’t like to beat around the bush.”


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