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Chapter 2007: Rather Provoke 3000 Powerful Enemies Than Bully One Poison Master!

“Hundred Miles Incense …”

Yu Wenfeng could not help becoming absent-minded. Such a beautiful name, but it killed upon infliction!

Was … this the strength of the Alchemy Celestial Pavilion’s head elder?

One would rather provoke 3000 powerful enemies than to bully one poison master!

This sentence suddenly popped out in Yu Wenfeng’s mind.

This was a saying that was widely circulated in the Heavenspan World. But in reality, it had already been too long since anyone remembered this sentence.

The meaning was very simple: people would rather provoke 3000 powerful enemies, than to go against a poison master!

Clearly, the deterrent force of a poison master was extremely great!

Poison Dao was merely a branch of Alchemy Dao.

And a powerful Alchemy G.o.d would rarely divide out his energy to go and research the poison path.

Poison master was an occupation that made people fearful. Rarely would people dare to go and provoke them.

Powerhouses who studied the poison path tend to be cruel and black-hearted people. They simply had no scruples when doing things.

There was once a Seven-star Poison Master who poisoned a great imperial capital into a dead city in his fury. Not a single person escaped.

In Lu Yan’s impression, Ye Yuan was just a peerless genius who could defeat and even kill Lu Ziyi.

But he forgot that Ye Yuan was also an alchemy master who was formidable until it made people fearful!

The Alchemy Dao that Ye Yuan understood had long already pointed right at the source. His Poison Dao attainments did not pale much in comparison to his Alchemy Dao.

It was just that Ye Yuan rarely used poison, so the world did not know.

But today, it shocked the world!

Hundred Miles Incense was a type of strong poison that Ye Yuan manufactured. Even if a Ninth Firmament True G.o.d got hit by it, it was also nine chances to die and one chance to survive.

But it was easier said than done to make a Ninth Firmament True G.o.d be poisoned.

As long as True G.o.d Realm mighty experts opened up their protective divine essence and world domain, they could easily s.h.i.+eld the poison gas outside.

Hence, Ye Yuan made use of spatial law and laid down a large-scale poison array in the void.

Inside this poison array, extremely strong corrosive Origin Eroding Water was even incorporated into it.

As long as one entered this area of s.p.a.ce and Ye Yuan activated the array formation, the Hundred Miles Incense would be able to seep into the world domain of martial artists along with the Origin Eroding Water, poisoning them from there.

This was the grand array that Ye Yuan meticulously set up, specifically used to deal with these True G.o.d Realm powerhouses.

As for those Celestial Deity Realms, they were merely bystanders who were implicated.

The scope of the poison array that Ye Yuan set up was not large. The vast majority of Celestial Deity Realm martial artists escaped by the skin of their teeth.

It was just that the shock in their hearts currently could not use words to describe at all.

“Too … Too scary! Several thousand True G.o.d Realm powerhouses, 70% died in a blink of an eye! 70%!”

“Just what kind of a terrifying opponent has Empyrean Lu Yan provoked?!”

“Master Ye Yuan practiced medicine in order to help the people and has saved no idea how many people. But no one could have thought that he was actually also such a terrifying poison master!”

Looking at the True G.o.d powerhouses who were still struggling, everyone sucked in cold breaths, faces turning white.

They would never forget such a scene for life.

It was too shocking!

“M-Master Ye was forced into it! He previously warned us. It’s just … It’s just that we didn’t listen at all!” Suddenly, someone said in the crowd.

Death-like silence!

They suddenly recalled that sigh of Ye Yuan’s.

It turned out that all the way until the final moment, Ye Yuan did not wish to make use of this poison array too.

But he had no choice. Facing such a powerful enemy, if he did not use cruel means, he could not tide over this disaster at all.

Very soon, Seventh Firmament True G.o.d powerhouses started toppling one by one.

When Yu Wenfeng looked at this scene, his heart felt an icy-chill.

He had lived for a million years and had yet to be so grateful to a decision he made before.

“Hundred Miles Incense is a kind of strong poison that I created after breaking through to rank six. Even if it’s a Ninth Firmament True G.o.d, as long as they smell the fragrance, even if they have exceedingly formidable abilities, it’s also powerless to remedy the situation. I originally didn’t want to do this kind of terrible thing, but these people are clearly willing to be that Lu Yan’s lackey. I could only do this. I gave them the chance, but it was them who missed it themselves.” Beside Yu Wenfeng’s ear, Ye Yuan said coolly.

Yu Wenfeng’s emotions could not calm down for a long time.

Only after a long time did he suck in a deep breath and said, “Master Ye already showed mercy! If you were really cruel and merciless, these 100 thousand over people, it’s likely that no more than a few people can survive!”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly and said, “I roughly calculated the dimensions when laying down the poison array in the void. Any smaller and there will likely be fishes that slip through the net!”

Yu Wenfeng listened until he palpitated with anxiety and fear. Ye Yuan’s means were simply inconceivable.

Laying down such a horrifying poison array in the void, probably only a freak like Ye Yuan could accomplish it, right?

The shock of the martial artists in his city was not the least bit lesser than those Celestial Deity Realm powerhouses outside.

Their eyes were glued at the sky above, even forgetting to cheer.

“W-We won?” In the crowd, no idea who suddenly said a sentence, immediately setting off a big hoo-ha.

“Lord Ye Yuan is really too incredible! I always thought that he was just an exceptional Alchemy G.o.d. I didn’t expect that his Poison Dao attainments are not the slightest bit inferior to his Alchemy Dao!”

“So those late-stage True G.o.d Realm powerhouses are … are gone just like that?”

“Heh, they deserved to die! These people were all here to ma.s.sacre the city. Even so, Lord Ye Yuan still gave them the chance. It was them who were seeking death!”

“Hahaha! We really followed the right person! Our Heavenly Eagle Imperial City might be able to develop into a peak Heavenly Emperor Bodhimanda in the future!”

The city was rejoicing!

Ever since Lu Yan issued the Empyrean Order, they had always been in the midst of despair.

All the way until today, Ye Yuan gave Lu Yan a resounding slap with ruthless means!

This slap was sufficient to shock the world!

In the City Lord Manor at Five Firmament Great Imperial Capital.

“Brother Lu, at this time, Heavenly Eagle Imperial City has probably already been leveled to the ground, right?” Deng Yunzai was calculating the time, rather delighted in his heart.

Lu Yan nodded his head and said, “At this hour, it should be about there! Ye Yuan this brat should already be in despair, right? Wait until they detain that punk and bring him to Five Firmament Great Imperial Capital, this Empyrean will let him know what’s called life worse than death.”

Dai Chunhao gnashed his teeth in hatred and said, “Over 100 thousand martial artists bearing down on the borders, blotting out the sky; he’s probably trembling now, right?”

Lu Yan sneered coldly and said, “What this Empyrean wants is his despair! Otherwise, even grinding his bones to dust will still can’t dispel the hatred in this Empyrean’s heart.”

The three people were currently talking when a black-clothed armored soldier scrambled into the hall frantically.

“City Lord! City Lord! Things are bad!” The black-clothed armored soldier had a fl.u.s.tered expression, rambling incoherently.

Lu Yan’s brows furrowed and he said with a cold smile, “What’s going on? Didn’t I let you keep an eye on the intel there? Why are you panicking until like this? Could it be that the sky fell down?”

The black-clothed armored soldier said with a crying face, “City Lord, two lord Empyreans, the sky really fell down! Under the Empyrean Order, the 187 imperial capitals that are subordinate to the Five Firmament Great Imperial Capital, 4321 True G.o.d Realm powerhouses are … all … all …”

Talking up to here, the black-clothed armored soldier could not continue anymore.

Lu Yan’s entire body trembled. A terrifying aura was released from his body, and he yelled furiously, “All what?”

The black-clothed armored soldier swallowed his saliva and used a mosquito-like voice to say, “Completely annihilated!”


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