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Chapter 2278: Younger Brother Drunkard

Lord Xin Yu actually apologized to this Empyrean!

In the hearts of these subordinates, Lord Xin Yu was an existence who was too lofty to reach, controlling the life and death of all life.

Such an existence actually apologized to an Empyrean!

The key thing was that this Empyrean even just killed two of his own Heavenly Emperors.

If Heavenly Emperor Swiftrain and his wife were to come back to life at this time, they would probably be angered until they died again.

They fully thought that Heavenly Emperor Xin Yu would avenge them when he came.

But Heavenly Emperor Xin Yu came to apologize!

The Heavenspan Mountain was too far from the Southern Border. With these subordinates’ level, they completely never heard of what status this Second Sage had.

But by the side, Old Drunkard was shocked again and again.

A Third Firmament Heavenly Emperor super sovereign actually admitted his fault to Ye Yuan.

From just now, he was stunned by the series of turn of events.

He thought that Ye Yuan killing Heavenly Emperor Swiftrain was already the limit that he could understand.

But Heavenly Emperor Xin Yu’s apology subverted his understanding once again.

“Forget it, they are already dead. Let’s leave this matter at this! Rather, this old drunkard is this Ye’s old friend. This Ye asks Brother Xin Yu for a favor and to take back your divine soul imprint. There’s no issue, right?” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

Xin Yu gave Old Drunkard a glance. Old Drunkard’s entire body turned stiff.

Being stared at by a Third Firmament Heavenly Emperor supreme powerhouse, he really had a feeling of heart palpitations.

“Piece of cake!” Heavenly Emperor Xin Yu said with a smile.

Old Drunkard had an astounded look. He took back his divine soul imprint so easily?

He had been struggling here for ten years, wanting to leave, but also not daring to leave.

He did not expect that Ye Yuan settled it with a word.

This was the difference in level!

Actually, what Tang Yucheng said was right.

In the eyes of Heavenly Emperor powerhouses, they were ant-like existences.

The thing that he felt was most difficult was merely a matter of a sentence in the eyes of the true bigshots.

Very clearly, Ye Yuan already entered this level.

Old Drunkard looked at Ye Yuan, attempting to overlap him with that weak youth 2000 years ago.

He discovered that the person was still that person, but the feeling he gave him was already totally different.

Not that Ye Yuan changed, but that his mentality changed!

“Lord Second Sage coming here, is it possible that you’re going up the mountain to gain enlightenment on Dao?” Xin Yu asked.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “That’s right, precisely going up the mountain.”

Xin Yu said, “Since Second Sage wants to go up the mountain, please follow me to Green Lotus Town then. This place is the Dao enlightenment entrance of Divine Lord Realm martial artists.”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “No need, I’ll just go up from here.”

Xin Yu was taken aback and said, “Second Sage can’t enter from here.”

Ye Yuan smiled and did not follow up. He said to Old Drunkard, “Senior Drunkard, you take a trip with them. After taking back your divine sense imprint, just wait for me to come back here.”

Finished talking, not waiting for everyone to react, he arrived at the pa.s.sageway entrance in one step.

Ye Yuan walked up slowly and went straight into the pa.s.sageway.

The Heavenspan Mountain did not have the slightest reaction.

Xin Yu’s pair of eyes stared like wide-saucers.

“This … How is this possible? Disregarding the Heavenspan Mountain’s rules, this can only be done by Deva Realm powerhouses! He … He’s only at the Empyrean Realm! Could it be that his Dao already reached this kind of level? But since he already reached such a level, why is he still going up the mountain from here?” Xin Yu said in shock.

A belly full of questions shrouded Xin Yu’s heart.

He discovered that the mysteries on this young Second Sage’s body were really too many.

Only after a long time did he smile bitterly and said, “That’s right. If not for possessing this level of strength, how could he be honored as Second Sage by the Priest Temple at a young age?”

Finished saying, his gaze turned towards Old Drunkard, and he said with a smile, “Brother Drunkard is it? huhu, being able to follow Lord Second Sage, you’ve really cultivated eight lifetimes of fortune! Cherish this opportunity well!”

Old Drunkard was in fear and trepidation and repeatedly said dare not.

Heavenly Emperor Xin Yu actually addressed him as his brother!

His words exuded warmness.

Heavenly Emperor Xin Yu laughed loudly and said, “There’s nothing to be afraid of, this is your great lucky chance! Speaking of which, this Heavenly Emperor has to curry favor with you now too.”

Old Drunkard’s face changed and he almost knelt down, saying in fear and trepidation, “Lord Xin Yu, stop joking with me, this … this old drunkard can’t bear it!”

Heavenly Emperor Xin Yu smiled and said, “That’s because you don’t know who he is! The Priest Temple’s Second Sage, the alchemy world’s upstart, his status is extremely revered! Now, everyone is saying that he’ll become the next medicine ancestor! One of his medicinal pills is hard to get even with a mountain of gold! If he was still in the Empyrean Realm, this emperor naturally wouldn’t say this sort of words too. But looking at his appearance, coming to Heavenspan Mountain to gain enlightenment on Dao is probably in order to break through to be a Heavenly Emperor! Do you know what the act of him breaking through to become a Heavenly Emperor means?”

Old Drunkard had a lifeless look, his mind somewhat being overwhelmed.

Medicine Ancestor!

What level of existence was that?

This level of existence, he did not even dare to think about it!

Heavenspan World, even if one was Heaven Glimpse or Grotto Profound Realm, they would also know the Medicine Ancestor’s great name!

He was the well-deserved alchemy world’s number one person!

Ye Yuan actually already reached this kind of terrifying realm?

Heavenly Emperor Xin Yu knew that Old Drunkard’s level was too low and did not know about the terror of Ye Yuan’s ident.i.ty at all. He ignored his shock and continued, “Once he breaks through to be a Heavenly Emperor, it signifies becoming a rank eight Alchemy G.o.d! At that time, the entire Heavenspan World’s Heavenly Emperors would all have to curry favor with him. He hasn’t truly risen yet currently. So this Heavenly Emperor is naturally happy to be able to form a good relations.h.i.+p with him. Brother Drunkard, these few days, you go to my place and we’ll have a nice catch-up.”

Done talking, Heavenly Emperor Xin Yu dragged Old Drunkard and left with a big smile.

Swiftrain’s subordinates were all shocked speechless. Only then did they know what kind of existence Heavenly Emperor Swiftrain provoked.

Tang Yucheng this fool’s action was indeed d.a.m.ning!

… …

Entering again the Heavenspan Mountain, Ye Yuan felt another wave of thoughts and feelings.

Even if it was below ten miles, there was an additional trace of different flavor in Ye Yuan’s eyes too.

The first time he came, his realm was too low and completely unable to experience the profoundness of the Heavenspan Mountain.

Below ten miles also contained extremely rich power of Great Dao source.

Ye Yuan affirmed these source power with the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain one by one, continuously revamping and perfecting the Chaos Heavenspan Canon.

Ye Yuan went up the steps one at a time, his mind revolving rapidly.

“You guys, look, that kid keeps walking up and actually doesn’t know to stop and comprehend on Dao. What can he comprehend like this?”

“Huhu, reckon that it’s a fool.”

“Maybe he’s a genius. The things that you use several years before you can comprehend, he can comprehend after stopping a while.”

… …

Towards Ye Yuan’s actions, many people scoffed in derision.

When everyone comprehended Dao, they would occupy an area and desperately go and comprehend.

Keep going up like this, lapping up information without digesting, one could not comprehend anything at all.

It was just that they did not know that Ye Yuan had long already fully comprehended the Dao below ten miles.

The things that he entered this time to comprehend were totally different from them.

As he walked, Ye Yuan entered straight into the realm fog.

Everyone opened their mouths wide, looking at this scene in disbelief.


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