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Chapter 253: a.n.a.lysis

Translator: celefoata_ Editor: RegiusProfessor

A few days ago, he received Ye Yuan’s message asking him to make a trip back to the sect saying that he already collected enough points and could exchange for the lower half of the Purple Center Soul Incantation.

Receiving this news, the shock in Jiang Yunhe’s heart could not be any greater.

It was not even a month since Ye Yuan left the State of Qin. He already earned enough points?

One had to know that he had already been the dean in the State of Qin for over ten years before barely scrimping 1 million points. He still lacked 400 thousand points.

Ye Yuan actually earned 400 thousand points using less than a month!

He told Ye Yuan that he had 1 million points, so he thought that Ye Yuan only had 400 thousand.

But when Jiang Yunhe met Ye Yuan, and he directly transferred 1.4 million points into his ident.i.ty token, he stared at Ye Yuan blankly for a long time unable to say anything.

“This . . . This. . . It hasn’t even been a month since you entered the sect. Where did so many points come from?” Jiang Yunhe asked in astonishment.

“Hur hur, extorted a small sum and also did some missions,” Ye Yuan explained with a chuckle.

Seeing Ye Yuan dismiss it lightly, Jiang Yunhe’s heart crumbled. Who did he extort to get so many points? Even elite disciples and them, these external staff members, could not possibly have so many points on them, right?”

Jiang Yunhe’s brain could not quite wrap itself around this. After a long while, he shook his head and said, “No can do. I’ve already ama.s.sed roughly 1 million points these few years. I don’t need so much. Just 400 thousand will do. I’ll transfer the rest back to you. You’ve just entered the sect and don’t know the preciousness of points. Save these points to use for yourself.”

“After Dean Jiang exchanged for the Purple Center Soul Incantation, you still have to think of ways to raise your realm. There are still many areas you need to use points for. Keep your points for yourself. Don’t worry, Dean Jiang, I have plenty of points. Even cultivating to the Sea Transformation Realm inside the sect is enough,” Ye Yuan said.

Jiang Yunhe sucked in a cold breath instead. Enough even to cultivate to the Sea Transformation Realm? How many points was that?!

Those dozen over jade slips that Ye Yuan prepared were all put to use in the end. The worst among these jade slips were level seven missions.

The points from over a dozen missions added up virtually caught to up Skymaple’s level nine mission. It was close to 300 thousand points.

In addition to the one million points from selling the pill formula and Skymaple’s 500 thousand points, Ye Yuan roughly had around three million points on hand!

Even if he transferred 1.4 million to Jiang Yunhe, he still had 1.6 million points left. Even if he spent every day in an A-grade cultivation room, he could stay for 20 years!

If he really did that, would Ye Yuan be limited to the Sea Transformation Realm?

Of course, Ye Yuan naturally would not use such a clumsy training method. Sea Transformation Realm was not as distant as others imagined in Ye Yuan’s viewpoint.

Ye Yuan would not spend these points like that . . . He would spend them even more extravagantly.

The next few days, Ye Yuan already spent several tens of thousands of points. The vast majority of them were used to exchange for some rarer Tier 2 and Tier 3 medicinal herbs.

To Ye Yuan, points were just numbers. The real thing was the most fundamental.

When he was at the State of Qin, Tier 3 medicinal herbs were already extremely precious. Even if Ye Yuan had abilities to mount the heavens, he would also be like a clever wife unable to cook without any rice.

But there were many precious medicinal herbs in the Tranquil Cloud Sect that were simply unseen in the secular world. Ye Yuan could use them to refine many medicinal pills in case of unexpected needs.

Towards Ye Yuan’s words, Jiang Yunhe remained somewhat suspicious. But after he looked at his ident.i.ty token, Jiang Yunhe finally accepted Ye Yuan’s aid.

“I originally thought that I have to slog for another few more years in the State of Qin, but I didn’t expect happiness to come so quickly. Thank you, Ye Yuan!” Jiang Yunhe said sincerely.

In the Tranquil Cloud Sect, to alchemists, Alchemy Grandmaster to Quasi-Alchemy King was an extremely huge threshold.

Cross it, and one would be a sect elder and belong to the sect upper echelons. Fail to cross it, they could only fade away into the and become outer-circle people taking care of the sect.

“Dean Jiang is too courteous. If not for you asking Teacher Huyan to protect me, I’d have already become a dead soul under Su Yubai’s palm. This minor thing is not worth mentioning,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

“Since that’s the case, I won’t give such a cliché reaction. I’ll accept this big gift! Oh right, tomorrow is the sect grand compet.i.tion. Ye Yuan, I know that you are extremely strong, but your realm is too low in the end. There are still a few people you have to take note of,” Jiang Yunhe suddenly said.

Ye Yuan also became interested after hearing that. It had been nearly a month since he came to the Tranquil Cloud Sect, but he only had dealings with those Pill Hall elders. He really did not have the time to understand which formidable characters the Martial Hall had.

“I’m willing to hear the details!” Ye Yuan revealed an eager look.

Jiang Yunhe nodded and said, “In my opinion, although you’re in the Earth Barracks now, your strength is already not beneath the Heaven Barracks’ core disciples! Within the Heaven Barracks, there are several people whose strength is relatively heaven-defying. When you encounter them, you have to be careful. Of course, the reason why they are strong is that their realm is much higher than yours. If you guys were at the same level, I believe that you can instantly defeat them!”

Jiang Yunhe’s judgment of Ye Yuan’s strength was actually roughly the same as Mo Yuntian’s.

The Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm Ye Yuan was most likely not inferior to those elites in the Heaven Barracks anymore. But when comparing to the pinnacle in the Heaven Barracks, Jiang Yunhe did not have much confidence.

Ye Yuan’s current strength was likely no longer inferior to an ordinary Crystal Formation Realm martial artist.

However, even Ceng Cheng could achieve crossing ranks to kill an ordinary Crystal Formation Realm martial artist. The strength of Heaven Barracks disciples could be imagined!

Don’t think that Ceng Cheng was very formidable in the Earth Barracks. In the Heaven Barracks, he was tras.h.!.+

Ye Yuan was obviously very clear about his own strength. However, as for how far he could go, he himself did not know how things stood.

“Hur hur, Dean Jiang flatters me. Just which few are they?”

“There are three people you need to pay attention to. The first is Luo Chengfeng. This person is only at the peak of the Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, but his strength is already firmly in the top three of the Heaven Barracks. Many half-step Crystal Formation Realm Heaven Barracks disciples are not his match. It could be seen how great his strength is! This person is as his name implies, Chengfeng or riding wind; he specializes the most in swift attacks. His opponents tend to have difficulties in following his speed! If you match up with him, take care not to clash with him,” Jiang Yunhe said.

Ye Yuan nodded but did not say anything. He truly had no fear in comparing speed!

Jiang Yunhe continued, “The second person is a girl, her name is Tang Yu-er. She has the extremely rare Innate Water Spirit Body. Only two years older than you but already a half-step Crystal Formation Realm expert! The speed of her cultivation is number one in the Tranquil Cloud Sect! Without any accidents, she will probably be able to break through to the Crystal Formation Realm latest by next year!”

When Jiang Yunhe finished talking, he suddenly felt that something was off and could not resist taking a look at Ye Yuan.

To talk about the monstrosity of cultivation speed, most likely, n.o.body could compare with this person in front of him, right?

This was not even a month yet, and this boy broke through two realms consecutively again!

Jiang Yunhe knew that Ye Yuan only used three to four month’s time to go from First Level Essence Qi Realm to Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm.

No matter how monstrous that Tang Yu-er was, she would most likely need five years, right?


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