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Chapter 2626: Whirlpool!

Ye Yuan had to admit that Cang Yongning was the strongest opponent that he had encountered so far, not one of!

Even the Medicine Ancestor back then was not worth mentioning in front of Ye Yuan too.

Medicine Ancestor’s might was merely just because his cultivation realm was high, that was all.

When Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm came up, he became too weak to stand up to the compet.i.tion.

But, regarding Cang Yongning’s might, that was a strength like a piece of steel that had been tempered a hundred times!

The power of the Pill Alliance’s foundation exceeded Ye Yuan’s imagination.

If one holy son was already like this, then how strong was the alchemy path strength of the Pill Alliance’s leader?


In terms of talent, in terms of strength, in terms of cultivation realm, Ye Yuan even lost by a hair!

Even if it was the foundation that Ye Yuan had always been proudest of, Cang Yongning was extremely solid too.

It might not be as good as Ye Yuan, but it would absolutely not go so far as to become a shortcoming!

Such an opponent, it was far too difficult to want to beat him.

But it was also precisely because of this that Ye Yuan was even more eager to defeat the other party!

If that Han Yi was his whetstone in Martial Dao, then this Cang Yongning was the best whetstone on his path of Alchemy Dao!

In the current circ.u.mstances, it was simply impossible to determine the victor within ninth grade.

Only whoever could break the shackles and reach true grade could win!

Eight years of closed-seclusion, Ye Yuan had long detected that there was likely an even higher grade above ninth grade perfection.

But this step was fleeting and ephemeral. He was separated by a layer of windowpane paper from this, but could not piece it all along.

Ye Yuan had no succession of teachings from a teacher. With no foundation, he could only rely on his own fumbling.

But Cang Yongning was the best whetstone that the Pill Alliance gave him!

Therefore, he did his utmost to prevent Cang Yongning from refining true grade for now.

While he himself also had to break the shackles amidst this tipping point!

This alchemy battle could be said to be the most difficult battle on his path of alchemy!

30 matches, tied!

40 matches, tied!

50 matches, still tied!

In a blink, the two people had already been fighting fiercely for more than three months.

Even those people who had been watching the battle from the start, could not quite hold on anymore.

But the two people in the field were still fighting non-stop!

Yes, this alchemy battle already evolved into a war!

The outcome was this battle was too important!

Regardless of whether it was Ye Yuan or Cang Yongning, neither could afford to lose!

This alchemy battle already caused a great sensation in the Five Light Heavenly Region, even in the entire Rainclear Continent!

Countless heavenly alchemists gathered at Cloudarch Great Nation.

The five great heavenly sects’ sect masters were also all present at this time.

Countless powerhouses’ gazes focused on a measly little Cloudarch Great Nation.

Before this, even if Ye Yuan challenged 17 grandmasters in a row, these sect master overlords also did not feel that there was anything.

In their view, that was merely Martial Secure Heavenly Sect’s deathbed struggle.

But, after three months, everyone’s views had changed.

Because they all realized that this alchemy battle would probably affect the entire Rainclear Continent’s structure!

If Ye Yuan won this battle, the Pill Pavilion would immediately become a superpower capable of contending with the Pill Alliance!

Henceforth, ascenders did not need to be restricted by the Pill Alliance anymore!

This battle held extraordinary significance!

But the prerequisite was that Ye Yuan won!

In the royal palace of Cloudarch Great Nation, the emperor could only wait outside Jinluan Hall.

The sect masters of the five great heavenly sects were gathered here at this time!

The five people’s gazes were staring at the light screen in front.

What was displayed on the light screen was precisely the projection of Ye Yuan and Cang Yongning’s alchemy battle.

Shangyu Heavenly Sect’s sect master, Ling Wancheng could not resist exclaiming, “Feng Xuanyi, I didn’t expect that your Martial Secure Heavenly Sect actually produced such a rare prodigy! If he wins this battle, Ye Yuan’s name can likely be on par with Lord Zhuo Bufan!”

Xingyun Heavenly Sect’s sect master, Hua Ziyou nodded in agreement and said, “After Lord Zhuo Bufan, our five great heavenly sects met with hindrance everywhere and were powerless to support the frontiers. The biggest reason is this heavenly pill! If the momentum of the Pill Pavilion is formed, we ascenders won’t have to be restricted anymore! In as little as a thousand years or as many as 3000 years, our Five Light Heavenly Region will definitely be able to replicate our glory!”

Myriad Manifestation Heavenly Sect’s sect master, Yang Jie’s brows furrowed slightly, having much unhappiness with these remarks.

After all, the Myriad Manifestation Heavenly Sect was the central sect, the leader of the five sects!

But he also had no choice but to admit that Ling Wancheng and Hua Ziyou’s statements made sense.

Zhuo Bufan was amazingly talented, standing proudly in the firmament.

But such a person was too rare after all.

However, if the Pill Pavilion’s momentum could form, it would be able to create a large number of experts.

The combat power of ascenders greatly surpa.s.sed native powerhouses in the first place.

If there was the help of heavenly pills, it would naturally be even more like adding wings to a tiger.

It was no exaggeration to say that it was changing the structure of Rainclear Continent in the slightest!

When he heard the news of Ye Yuan battling Cang Yongning, Feng Xuanyi was dumbfounded too.

The Pill Alliance came into being domineeringly. Who would have expected that they were actually forced by Ye Yuan into such a situation?

Ye Yuan’s agreement of 20 years was really not empty talk!

If the Pill Pavilion’s momentum formed, why would his Martial Secure Heavenly Sect still need to be scared of whatever Pill Alliance?

What was laughable was that those short-sighted people in the sect were probably embarra.s.sed until they had no face to come out anymore now, right?

“Feng Xuanyi, if Ye Yuan can really win, you can’t go back on the promise that your Pill Pavilion made back then! Otherwise, my Myriad Manifestation Heavenly Sect will be the first to disapprove!” Yang Jie suddenly said.

The so-called promise was Ye Yuan saying back then that the Pill Pavilion was an open faction and would not forcefully recruit heavenly alchemists like the Pill Alliance.

This was of utmost importance to the other four sects!

The heavenly alchemists were s.n.a.t.c.hed away by you alone. What had it got to do with us still?

At that point, after the Pill Pavilion rose, wouldn’t it become another Pill Alliance?

Feng Xuanyi nodded and said, “Central Sect, please rest a.s.sured. Ye Yuan said before that as long as it’s the five great heavenly sects’ disciples, the Pill Pavilion will be completely opened to them! As long as they are heavenly alchemists who joined the Pill Pavilion, they will be able to browse all of the pill formulas and receive the best training! After success, the five great heavenly sects’ disciples will return to their sects respectively and be their own masters! If Ye Yuan can win, the five of us can sign a treaty on the spot and keep to this constraint for generations to come! It’s just that our five great heavenly sects are of the same breath and branch to begin with. The rise of the Pill Pavilion also needs the support of the Central Sect and the three sects!”

Yang Jie’s expression eased up slightly, and he said with a nod, “That’s of course! If the Pill Pavilion is formed, our five sects should join forces and drive the Pill Alliance out of Five Light Heavenly Region!”

Feng Xuanyi nodded slightly, his gaze landing on the light screen again.

He secretly cheered Ye Yuan on in his heart.

There were no two ways about it. It all fell under the prerequisite that Ye Yuan could win!

If Ye Yuan failed, the Martial Secure Heavenly Sect would likely suffer a devastating blow!

The implications of this alchemy battle were seriously too great.

No one expected that things would actually play out until like this.

Each of the two people’s alchemy battle was like a layer of a whirlpool.

As the number of matches increased, this whirlpool got bigger and bigger, increasingly larger.

Finally, it affected the entire Rainclear Continent!

Now, the general trend had already formed, no one could reverse it anymore.

Most likely, the Pill Alliance’s Alliance Chief also did not expect that there would be such consequences when he sent Cang Yongning out, right?”

The situation could no longer be controlled.

These two people’s alchemy battle would eventually collapse.

Either the Pill Alliance collapses, or the Five Light Heavenly Region crumbles!

If the Pill Alliance collapsed, they would merely withdraw from Five Light Heavenly Region.

But if the Five Light Heavenly Region collapsed, their days in the future would be difficult!

Suddenly, Feng Xuanyi’s gaze turned sharp. This alchemy battle that had dragged on finally made waves again!


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