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Chapter 2729: Grandmist Energy!

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After a moment of silence, Ye Yuan said, “Entering the mystic realm this time might even be very dangerous for Saint Sovereign Heaven powerhouses. Big Yellow, you go back to the Myriad Demons Mountain first.”

“What’s Master Ye saying? Since Big Yellow followed Master Ye, I naturally have to ensure Master Ye’s safety. No matter how dangerous this mystic realm is, Big Yellow will accompany you too!” Big Yellow said without hesitation.

Ye Yuan’s words were not a probe either.

He did not have that kind of contractual relations.h.i.+p with Big Yellow, and Big Yellow was not really his mount either.

Big Yellow was straightforward, simple-minded, but Big Yellow was not stupid.

It could be seen from the fact that he wanted to follow Ye Yuan regardless of life or death.

What he set his mind on, he would not turn back.

Going with Ye Yuan would be risky, but the payback would be higher.

After leaving, it would be difficult to want to follow Ye Yuan again.

Big Yellow’s heart was like a clear mirror.

However, he had indeed never thought about leaving before either. If not for Ye Yuan, he could forget about stepping into Saint Sovereign Heaven in this lifetime too.

Therefore, he did not consider it at all and answered Ye Yuan.

“Jadetrue Heavenly Sect’s ancestor, a Saint Exalt powerhouse who had once commanded the Five Great Heavenly Regions, perished there too! Do you really want to go?”

Big Yellow nodded and said, “Yes, why wouldn’t I go? Don’t you humans have a saying called: wealth and opportunity come with danger? Maybe this trip is my, Big Yellow’s, lucky chance?”

When Ye Yuan heard that, he grinned and said, “Okay, then let’s challenge this Sacred Sieve Mystic Realm!”

Since Big Yellow was risking his life to accompany him, he, Ye Yuan, would naturally remember it in his heart.

… …

Jadetrue Heavenly Sect, Jadefork Peak.

There were countless restrictions here enveloping it.

This Jadefork Peak was Jadetrue Heavenly Sect’s greatest forbidden land that Han Fang talked about!

This place, apart from the sect master, n.o.body was to approach it.

When the Jadetrue Heavenly Sect was at its prime, extremely powerhouse restrictions had once been laid down here. Even Saint Sovereign Heavens would find it hard to intrude inside too.

Feeling this terrifying restriction undulation, Big Yellow felt deep terror strike his heart too.

He felt danger!

“Master Ye, this place, Big Yellow can’t enter it either. Why don’t we leave first? After going back, we’ll slowly think of a way,” Big Yellow said.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Already came, what’s the hurry?”

He was pacing around the entrance and saw that there was a groove on a stone pier very quickly, its shape very odd.

But when Ye Yuan saw this groove, his eyes lit up, the Heavenspan Mountain already in his palm.

This groove shape was exactly the same as the base of the Heavenspan Mountain!

Ye Yuan placed the Heavenspan Mountain into the groove, those terrifying restrictions dissipated without a trace in an instant.

When Big Yellow saw this scene, he could not help staring wide-eyed and tongue-tied.

“It … can actually work like this?”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “This treasure was Yan Jadetrue’s in the first place. It’s all too normal that he uses the Heavenspan Mountain as the formation eye.”

Without restrictions, the two people traveled unimpeded all the way straight up to the top of the mountain.

However, walking along the way, it was very normal. There was no suspicious area at all.

Ye Yuan frowned and said, “Strange, since this Jadefork Peak is called a forbidden area, it’s impossible that it’s just a bare mountain, right? Could it be …”

His gaze looked towards the 100 thousand foot abyss ahead!

“Big Yellow!”

Ye Yuan cried out lightly and leaped, jumping down the bottomless chasm with Big Yellow.

But the moment he jumped, Ye Yuan’s heart thumped.

A powerful and strange force made his figure plummet rapidly!

Falling down at this speed, even if he was a Jade Sovereign Heaven powerhouse, he would definitely die without a doubt too!

In his sea of consciousness, Mi Tian said, “Quickly urge the Myriad Realms Mountain!”

Ye Yuan came to a sudden realization and hurriedly took the Heavenspan Mountain out again, and injected divine essence to stimulate it.

Ye Yuan’s figure came to an abrupt halt and actually floated in the air.

Seeing this, he let out a slight sigh in relief too.

Big Yellow was Saint Sovereign Heaven after all. Although he was somewhat jumbled, he could barely manage to stabilize his figure.

Ye Yuan was sweating large droplets, and he said, “I was still careless! I didn’t expect that there’s actually still this kind of strange power behind this cliff. This power isn’t from the restrictions. It seems to be formed naturally.”

But, in his sea of consciousness, Mi Tian said excitedly, “Stinky brat, you’ve picked up a treasure! Grandmist energy spanning more than ten thousand miles! This is a forcefield formed by grandmist energy! There’s definitely grandmist energy in this mountain! With it, your Myriad Realms Mountain will be able to elevate to a grandmist treasure!”

Ye Yuan’s brows shot up and he said in pleasant surprise, “There’s actually such a thing? Really obtained it effortlessly without even looking for it!”

Ever since learning about the Heavenspan Mountain’s true origin, Ye Yuan constantly wanted to restore it to its peak state.

He did not expect to actually encounter grandmist energy here!

Mi Tian said, “You urge the Myriad Realms Mountain and find the area with the strongest forcefield. That place is the entrance!”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly and started urging the Heavenspan Mountain.

He relaxed his body and mind and relied entirely on the Heavenspan Mountain to sense.

The more divine essence injected, it meant the stronger the forcefield there.

Very soon, he saw a deep hole on the cliff!

“That’s it!” Ye Yuan said rather excitedly.

He could feel waves of mysterious undulations coming from inside.

When Big Yellow saw this scene, he could not help clicking his tongues in wonder too.

Entering the cave, Ye Yuan could not help saying with a sigh, “Even if one knows that there’s a precious treasure on this cliff, without Saint Sovereign Heaven strength, it’s impossible to obtain it too!”

He was unable to overcome that strange forcefield even when he employed spatial rule.

If ordinary Jade Sovereign Heavens came here, there would only be one outcome, that was falling to their deaths.

Big Yellow nodded and said, “This forcefield carries the might of heaven. It’s rather terrifying! Want to come here, it at least needs half-step Saint Sovereign Heaven strength too!”

The two people walked along the entrance of the cave. The deeper they went in, the more they felt a powerful undulation transmit over.

The light gradually brightened.

It also became wider and wider inside.

Ye Yuan saw that there was a milky white barrier in front of him that blocked the way.

He could feel waves of chaos aura emitting from inside this milk-white barrier.

And amidst the chaos, there was a small cl.u.s.ter of pale yellow air ma.s.s, giving off an even more solid and mysterious aura.

Presumably, that was the grandmist energy that Mi Tian was talking about.

“I didn’t expect that there’s actually a boundary wall in this tiny sect! No wonder grandmist energy would appear here! Most likely, this Myriad Realms Mountain pa.s.sed through from the boundary wall, that’s how it landed here! That fool who obtained the Myriad Realms Mountain definitely doesn’t know that this power is grandmist energy, being stupid to the extreme!” Mi Tian said.

When Ye Yuan heard that, he sighed and said, “This Yan Jadetrue was sitting on a treasure mountain but didn’t know it! Yet, he wanted to use the Heavenspan World’s power to repair the Heavenspan Mountain? How ironic!”

Utilizing grandmist energy, it was possible to repair the Heavenspan Mountain, and even let it become a grandmist treasure.

But Yan Jadetrue clearly did not know at all!

Horizon determined behavior.

No matter how strong Yan Jadetrue was, he was also merely a local tyrant, that was all.

“Senior, that’s grandmist energy?” Ye Yuan pointed at that pale yellow air ma.s.s and asked.

Mi Tian nodded and said, “That’s right! However, this grandmist energy is a little lacking. I’m afraid that it can only let your Myriad Realms Mountain break through to a grade one grandmist treasure.”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Being able to reach grandmist treasure is already very good! How do I take it out?”


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