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“I didn’t think that the Purple Mansion Sect actually sent a Soul Sea Realm over to station at Breaking Dawn City!”

This person in front of Ye Yuan wearing the Purple Mansion Sect’s outfit was shockingly a Soul Sea Realm expert!

Ye Yuan even thought that the Purple Mansion Sect would at most send a Ninth Level Sea Transformation here. To think that it would actually be a Soul Sea Realm!

The Purple Mansion Sect’s Soul Sea Realms appeared to be many, but when distributed across the entire Southern Domain, it was not enough.

Since the Purple Mansion Sect eradicated the six great sects until now, it had merely been several months’ time. There were still many places that were not very stable, requiring Soul Sea Realm experts to hold down the fort.

Ye Yuan never would have thought that the Purple Mansion Sect would send a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse here to hold down the fort at Breaking Dawn City; it was a remote place.

The Purple Mansion Sect grand elder had a middle-aged appearance. Among Soul Sea Realm experts, he was also considered an up-and-coming star.

After the middle-aged man saw Ye Yuan, he was observing Ye Yuan the entire time but did not speak.

Seeing Ye Yuan talk at this time, he gave a faint smile too and said, “Looking at your appearance, you’re that Ye Yuan from the Tranquil Cloud Sect. This Seat is the Purple Mansion Sect’s Dai Yuhen.”

From the initial shock, Ye Yuan recovered too and said coolly, “That’s right. I’m precisely Ye Yuan. To think that Elder Dai actually recognized me at a glance.”

Dai Yuhen said smilingly, “Stopping my Purple Mansion Sect with your strength alone. Wanting to not recognize you is out of the question as well! Furthermore, you have such skills at such an age. I thought about it, in the land of the Southern Domain, there’s only you.”

Ye Yuan curled his mouth and said, “I’m quite surprised though. Why is Elder Dai here in Breaking Dawn City?”

This Dai Yuhen was actually not in a rush to take action against Ye Yuan either. He actually took the initiative to strike up a conversation with Ye Yuan, appearing like everything was under control.

Seeing Ye Yuan asking, Dai Yuhen did not hide anything either, and he said with a smile, “Speaking of it, me being here is still because of you!”

Ye Yuan was said bewilderedly, “Because of me?”

Dai Yuhen nodded and said, “That’s right. Because you’ve done too many inconceivable things! In order to prevent for contingencies, Sect Master went out of the way to transfer me over from another place to garrison this place! It’s just I didn’t think that this contingency . . . actually really happened.”

Ye Yuan could not help smilingly bitterly when he heard that. The one who drew this Soul Sea Realm expert over was actually still himself.

But Ye Yuan became curious again very soon and enquired, “There are many frontier cities that can lead to the Northern Domain. How did you know that I’d definitely go through this Breaking Dawn City?”

Dai Yuhen said, “About this . . . Martial Nephew Lin Chao is still quite far-sighted. He once said that if the Tranquil Cloud Sect moved north, they would definitely break down into parts, and choose an extremely remote city to leave. And with your personality, you’re bound to choose the most complicated circ.u.mstances Breaking Dawn City. To think that his words really hit the mark.”

Ye Yuan could not help being slightly amazed. This Lin Chao’s thoughts were meticulous; he was definitely an adversary that was extremely hard to deal with.

Including the previous time He Mingde led a team to besiege the Tranquil Cloud Sect, it was also Lin Chao guessing that it was him presiding over the grand array.

This Lin Chao’s understanding of his character was very thorough. He was also exceptionally skilled in grabbing other people’s soft spots to do things, and his actions were remarkably ruthless.

If not that he had some measures, he would really still have to suffer a huge deal the previous time.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s face revealed a look of realization, Dai Yuhen then asked, “Martial Nephew Lin said that there was a need to guard against you guys. I previously even thought that he was making a big deal over nothing. Looking at it now, your means are truly fantastic. Before meeting you, I actually did not even get wind of any news at all. Sect Master laid down countless informers at the Tranquil Cloud Sect. How did you all escape?”

Ye Yuan did not conceal anything either, briefly recounting the matter of him constructing a miniature transmission array, leaving Dai Yuhen staring wide-eyed and mouth agape.

After a long time, Dai Yuhen finally heaved a long sigh and said, “What Martial Nephew Lin said was correct. Luo Qingfeng and Skymaple escaping to the Northern Domain are but stray dogs. You’re my Fierce Gale World’s mortal malady! Ye Yuan, I actually focus wholeheartedly on Dao and dislike these strifes. But you and I each serve a different master. I can’t let you leave today.”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly. He also saw through that this Dai Yuhen was rather different from the Purple Mansion Sect’s other people. Or else, it was not possible to talk so much c.r.a.p with him.

But since Da Yuhen showed up here, this fight was destined to be unavoidable.

“Come on!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Dai Yuhen was stupefied as he asked weirdly, “You want to fight with me?”

“What? Can it be that you want me to surrender?” Ye Yuan replied with a question instead.

“Isn’t that so? I know that your strength is very formidable and can cross realms to battle. But, against me, you don’t have any chance of winning!” Dai Yuhen shook his head and said.

Ye Yuan was rather amused and said, “How will one know without trying?”

At this time, Jin Feng who had been watching the two people converse by the side the entire time said with a loud laugh, “Punk, what are you thinking? Lord Dai is a Soul Sea Realm expert. You, a puny little Sea Transformation Realm, actually dare challenge him with no notion of how high the heaven, and how deep the earth is?”

Soul Sea Realm was an invincible existence to Sea Transformation Realms. This was common sense.

Ye Yuan’s actions were actually subverting common sense in itself. Jin Feng finding it absurd was within reason too.

Yet, Ye Yuan’s existence had always been smas.h.i.+ng common sense!

Seeing Jin Feng rear his head, Ye Yuan said with a cold smile, “Just now that interruption, I forgot that there was still you, a trash. Alright then, before fighting, I’ll send you to heaven first. There’s no need to thank me.”

Ye Yuan already had an understanding of the conduct of Jin Feng this father and son pair. Jin Feng this person had complete disregard for human life. Using his position as a city lord, who knew how many people he had exploited. The martial artists all dared to be angry but dared not voice out.

Regarding such a scourge, Ye Yuan would never show leniency.

However, Dai Yuhen clearly did not plan on letting Ye Yuan kill Jin Feng. He said indifferently, “Jin Feng has already pledged allegiance to my Purple Mansion Sect. I won’t let you kill him!”

Jin Feng was overjoyed hearing that and said, “Thank you very much, Lord Dai! Jin Feng will definitely slog it out for the Purple Mansion Sect!”

Finished talking, he turned to Ye Yuan again and said, “Punk, in front of Lord Dai, you still dare to be so arrogant! The Southern Domain being unified by the Purple Mansion Sect is already something which cannot be stopped. You all these Tranquil Cloud Sect’s remaining sp.a.w.ns still not going to obediently submit to arrest with folded arms?”

With Dao Yuhen backing him, Jin Feng felt like his waist could be straightened even more.

But Ye Yuan was disinclined to bother with Jin Feng. Instead, he said to Dai Yuhen nonchalantly, “If I want to kill him, you can’t prevent it.”

His voice had yet to fade when innumerable flower petals instantly appeared in the City Lord Manor!

It was precisely Ye Yuan’s Thousand Flowing Petals!

Seeing this scene, Dai Yuhen’s brows furrowed slightly. The power of this move was rather formidable!

Although it was not worth mentioning to him, to Jin Feng, it was plenty to kill him several times over.

Dao Yuhen flicked his sleeves grandly. Majestic essence energy part.i.tioned those flower petals far away.

When Jin Feng saw such a horrifying move, his eyes revealed a stunned expression. But, seeing Dai Yuhen resolving it casually, he could not help becoming even c.o.c.kier.

“Haha! You! Just a boy who is overestimating his own strength! I’m standing right here! You come and kill me! Come and kill me!” Jin Feng said to Ye Yuan with a big laugh.

All of a sudden, Jin Feng’s laughter ceased abruptly. Because he felt a chill behind his back.

Two fingers pressed at the center of his back since who knew when!

“As you wis.h.!.+”

Ye Yuan voice seemingly came from the underworld. Force was released. A sharp and fierce sword intent instantly pierced Jin Feng’s heart.


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