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Chapter 689: Today’s Humiliation

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Yue Mengli already blocked most of the attack for Ye Yuan, but Ye Yuan was still beaten to heavy injuries!

“Vastsun Flameheart Pupil! Very good! I’ll remember this!” Ye Yuan gritted his teeth and said.

Zhou Yan gave Ye Yuan a glance rather surprisedly and said coolly, “A measly little aboriginal actually knows the Vastsun Flameheart Pupil. Looks like the things Li-er told you are really quite a fair bit! But do you think that your threat is effective on me?”

Zhou Yan was filled with enmity towards Ye Yuan, revealing his killing intent!

“Ugh . . .”

Yue Mengli suddenly held her face with her hand, her expression revealing a pained state.

Zhou Yan could not help being greatly alarmed when he saw the situation and hurriedly said, “Li-er, what’s wrong with you?”

“Don’t come over!” Yue Mengli reproached lightly.

But Zhou Yan completely ignored Yue Mengli’s warning and wanting to come over and support her very overbearingly.

Suddenly, a cold light flashed. A sharp dagger was already pressed on Yue Mengli’s neck, but the hand holding the dagger was her own.

Zhou Yan only stopped his footsteps when he saw. Her expression was dark as she said, “Zhou Yan, if you dare touch him, I’ll die in front of you!”

Zhou Yan’s expression fell, and he said, “Li-er, what’s the meaning of this? Our engagement was fixed by the two Zhou and Yue family’s family heads!”

“That’s their problem. What has it got to do with me?!” Yue Mengli said with an obstinate look.

Seeing Yue Mengli’s att.i.tude, Zhou Yan was unable to contain his anger and said, “Yue Mengli! How am I, Zhou Yan, not good enough for you? In terms of background, I’m the n.o.ble son of a Rank One Holyland. In terms of strength, I’m also sufficient to rank in the top 10 among the Divine Realm’s young generation! Could it be that I still can’t compare to a Lower Realm’s aboriginal in your heart?”

The ambiguity between Ye Yuan and Yue Mengli earlier, Zhou Yan took it all into his eyes.

Nothing gave him a greater blow than such a scene.

In his view, Ye Yuan was merely an aboriginal. At most, he was a genius martial artists among aboriginals.

But in his perspective as a Divine Realm’s young generation’s pinnacle powerhouse, Ye Yuan was a trash, the lowest among the lowest!

Zhou Yan was simply unable to accept Yue Mengli liking an aboriginal rather than him, this fact.

Hence, he wanted to kill Ye Yuan virtually without giving the chance to explain at all just now.

Hearing Zhou Yan’s words, Yue Mengli could not help looking at Ye Yuan, her face flushed red.

How was there that sort of relation that Zhou Yan said between her and Ye Yuan?

But this scene landing in Zhou Yan’s eyes was a tremendous mockery!

“I’m going to kill this aboriginal today and sever this notion of yours!”

As he said, the look in Zhou Yan’s eyes danced once again. Clearly, he was going to unleash the Vastsun Flameheart Pupil’s move.

“You dare?!”

The dagger in Yue Mengli’s hand pierced a little deeper. A wisp of fresh blood ran down along the dagger, dripping onto her blouse, appearing shocking.

Zhou Yan’s expression involuntarily changed, but the flames in his eyes died down.

Yue Mengli’s action put him at a complete loss on what to do.

Zhou Yan gnashed his teeth in hatred and said, “Li-er, even if you’re able to stop me from making a move today, you also can’t possibly guard against me for a lifetime! You should know our Zhou Family’s strength. Wanting to kill a Lower Realm’s aboriginal is too easy! Also, even if I don’t take action today, do you think that Uncle Yue will freely allow his own daughter to fall for an aboriginal? You should be clear, it’s impossible . . . between you guys! If Uncle Yue knows your affairs, even if I don’t take action, he would probably not leave it unchecked either, right?”

Li-er’s entire body involuntarily trembled when she heard that!

Li-er turned her head and gave Ye Yuan a complicated look, then suddenly say, “Zhou Yan, actually, there isn’t anything between Ye Yuan and me. You misunderstood yourself!”

Zhou Yan’s eyes narrowed. Clearly, he did not believe Li-er’s words, “Li-er, are you insulting my intelligence?”

Li-er suddenly shook her head with a stern countenance and said, “I’m not insulting your intelligence. It’s you yourself who didn’t figure out the situation! Ye Yuan, he, is my good friend that I got acquainted with in the Lower Realms, and also the only alchemist who can treat the terminal illness in my body! If you kill him, it will be equivalent to killing me!”

Zhou Yan said with a cold sneer, “Just the alchemy emperors in the Divine Realm are abundant. Could it be that they all added up still can’t compare to an aboriginal brat?”

Li-er said, “They really can’t compare! I believe that you’ve already heard, these few years, my body’s condition has been deteriorating steadily. For this, Father invited many alchemy emperors to treat me, but not a single one was able to diagnose where my ailment lied! Nevertheless, I encountered Ye Yuan. Not only did he diagnose where my ailment lied, he even gave the treatment method! In this world, there might only be him alone who can treat my illness! You killing him is no different from killing me!”

Zhou Yan clearly did not believe Yue Mengli’s words and said with a cold laugh, “He, an aboriginal brat, is actually even more formidable than those alchemy emperors?”

But Li-er did not put down the dagger in her hand and said coolly, “Zhou Yan, I’ll go back with you! I’ll tell you now, my malady is caused by two kinds of spirit physiques tearing my divine soul. After returning to the Divine Realm, you can invite an alchemy emperor to come forward and diagnose me. If anyone is able to treat my illness, I have nothing to say either if you touch Ye Yuan again! But if you kill him, I’d also lose the hope to live on. But before dying, I’ll tell Father that you caused my death! This aftermath, you bear it yourself!”

Hearing Li-er’s words, Zhou Yan’s expression changed, and he said, “Are you threatening me?”

Li-er said with a cold smile, “What a joke! You want to kill the person who is saving my life, but say that I’m threatening you. Zhou Yan, aren’t you too overbearing?”

Zhou Yan’s expression flickered incessantly as he looked at Ye Yuan. But he still gritted his teeth and said, “Fine! I promise you not to kill him for the time being! After returning, I’ll let Father invite Master Quan Xingzi to come and treat you. If I discover that you’re bluffing me today, you should know the consequences!”

When Yue Mengli heard Quan Xingzi’s name, her heart involuntarily palpitated.

This Quan Xingzi was the Divine Realm Alchemist a.s.sociation’s Lord Vice-Chairman. His Alchemy Path strength was exceedingly high.

Yue Mengli did not think that Zhou Yan would actually lay down such capital.

She could not resist looking over at Ye Yuan, but Ye Yuan gave her a steady glance.

Not knowing why, this glance instantly calmed Yue Mengli’s heart right down.

Zhou Yan looked at Ye Yuan with unspeakable jealousy and fury.

Even since the first time he laid eyes on Yue Mengli, he was awestruck by her fairy-like looks.

But all the way until now, Yue Mengli had not given him a kind expression before.

What was given to him was all precaution and vigilance.

But the thing that he did not obtain, Ye Yuan actually obtained all of it!

As for Yue Mengli’s words, Zhou Yan did not believe at all.

Master Quan Xingzi was a peak Alchemy Emperor. He did not believe that Master Quan Xingzi personally taking action would be unable to treat the so-called terminal illness on Yue Mengli’s body!

At that time, see what reasons Yue Mengli still had to prevent him from killing him!

Zhou Yan looked at Ye Yuan and said coldly, “Brat, you best pray that Master Quan Xingzi can’t treat Li-er’s injuries! Otherwise, you’ll die very miserably!”

Ye Yuan did not speak the entire time. Before having sufficient strength, all threats were nonsense.

But the humiliation that Zhou Yan brought to him today, he remembered it profoundly!


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