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Chapter 882: Pummeling All the Same

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“Is that true?”

Hearing Si Yin explained this, Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up too.

Si Yin said with a smile, “Will I lie to Sir? These kinds of short-in-supply medicinal pills are extremely popular among those geniuses ranked towards the front of the third level. We purchase at a price of 50 points, but we can sell at an even higher price.”

Ye Yuan smiled too when he heard that and said, “Huhu, you all really have the intrinsic characteristics of a merchant! Fine, since that’s the case, we’ll go out and talk.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan turned right around and exited the inner-pavilion. Si Yin felt baffled but still followed after.

Ye Yuan came to the points area, retrieved the Absolute Kill Token and Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill, and handed them to Si Yin, saying, “Help me exchange the Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill for points. Plus the 40 points in the Absolute Kill Token, a total of 90 points, exchange all of them into Tier 7 spirit medicines!”

Ye Yuan’s appearance was just like a magnate spending large sums of money lavishly, incomparably generous.

Si Yin could not help being very surprised when she heard that and said in a daze, “Does Sir want to reconsider it a little? Although medicinal pills can exchange for more points, these spirit medicines are all very valuable. Refining into medicinal pills is also extremely complicated and difficult. The success rate isn’t high. Sir might not be able to earn back this 90 points even if you spend them all!”

To alchemists, the success rate was a very big problem. Especially a medicinal pill like the Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill. The difficulty of refining was extremely high.

In Si Yin’s view, even if Ye Yuan was really an alchemist, refining a Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill would definitely expend many materials too.

Plus Ye Yuan’s spending money like water att.i.tude, it was very easy to make Si Yin mistakenly think that Ye Yuan was born in some major n.o.ble family, so that was why she voiced out to warn.

But Ye Yuan said without a care, “There’s no need to trouble Miss Si Yin to worry about this. Either way, these points were obtained easily too. Even if it gets squandered away, it doesn’t matter either. Worst comes to worst, I’ll find some more people to carry out a points gamble fight when I reach the third level.”

Si Yin was speechless when she heard it. To mention points gamble fights so easily, there was probably just this one in front of her.

Ye Yuan’s indifferent att.i.tude was regarded by people as a fool at one point. But reality proved that he really had the strength to crush a level!

Si Yin did not doubt the least bit that even if Ye Yuan went to the third level, his strength would be in the front ranks too.

Since Ye Yuan already said it like this, Si Yin could not very well say anything else. She could only go help him exchange the Heavenly Sea Spirit Brimstone Pill to points.

“Purple Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, Profound Cold Icesoul Fruit, Iceflame Profound Sovereign Ganoderma …”

Ye Yuan uttered a long string of spirit medicine names like he was informing dish names. Si Yin actually could not quite keep up with his speed following behind Ye Yuan.

One had to admit, this Asura Shop really had quite a bit of good stuff. Some spirit medicines were all very hard to find in the outside world. This place actually had everything that one could wish for.

It was just that these spirit medicines’ reserves were limited. A lot of them could only extract out two to three portions of medicine embryo, and even only extract one portion.

With this, it put an extremely high demand on the alchemist.

But this was not an issue to Ye Yuan at all.

Even his success rate for refining Tier 9 medicinal pills were shockingly high, not to mention mere Tier 7 medicinal pills.

All of this was owed to his extremely solid foundational skills.

Finally, Ye Yuan purchased 30 over stalks of spirit medicines, making Si Yin dumbfounded from watching.

This was simply an example of a dumb person flushed with money!

Taking 90 points to exchange for 30 over stalks of spirit medicines, no matter how one looked at it, it was a very r.e.t.a.r.ded behavior too.

“Sir, these are all of the spirit medicine that you want. It’s all inside the storage ring. Do a check,” Si Yin pa.s.sed Ye Yuan a storage ring and said.

“No need to check. Miss Si Yin is so beautiful, would you still lie to me?” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Si Yin’s face reddened and actually revealed the bashful att.i.tude of a maiden. One would wonder if her subordinates would sigh with admiration at Exalt Si Yin’s mind-boggling acting skills when they see this situation or not.

Right at this time, Ye Yuan suddenly felt the Absolute Kill Token heat up. A message transmitted into his mind.

“En? Going to battle already. It’s indeed with that Leng Qing!” Ye Yuan said with a frown.

Si Yin said with a broad smile, “I wish Sir a triumphant victory as soon as your banners are unfurled!”

Ye Yuan laughed loudly and said, “That’s of course! This guy doesn’t have the guts to have a points gamble fight with me and actually still dare to use this sort of despicable means to force me to fight with him. I must pummel him until even his mother can’t recognize him!”

When Ye Yuan rushed to the fighting arena, the grandstands were already fully occupied.

A showdown between an upstart and a veteran of the second level was destined to draw ma.s.sive amounts of attention.

On the grandstands, an elderly and a youth showed up once again.

“Feng Shao, what do you think Leng Qing’s chances of victory in this match is?”

The youth shook his head and said, “Old Zhu, although we can’t win against Leng Qing even if we tried our utmost best, I still feel that he isn’t Ye Yuan’s match!”

“That … I don’t think so! Leng Qing has clearly seen that fight on that day too. He probably still has some confidence since he dares to go up the stage to challenge Ye Yuan. It’s just that how much this a.s.surance is, that’s hard to say,” Old Zhu said.

The youth glanced at Old Zhu but did not say anything else.

The moment Ye Yuan laid eyes on Leng Qing, his expression darkened: “You this fellow, to actually dare play schemes with me! You’re dead!”

Leng Qing said coolly, “Whatever abilities you have, feel free to use them!”

“As you wis.h.!.+”

Ye Yuan suddenly burst forth. A fist arrived in front of Leng Qing in a blink of an eye.

Leng Qing’s expression changed because Ye Yuan’s fist disappeared!

This move again!


Ye Yuan’s one punch struck the fighting arena’s grand array until it trembled. Waves of exclamations involuntarily came from the grandstands.

“Oh my goodness! I’m covered all over in gooseb.u.mps! If this punch were to land on my body, my entire person would probably be gone.”

“Too powerful! No wonder Lu Licheng was actually smashed into dregs by him even with his powerful strength!”

In the previous match, all of the force was received by Lu Licheng alone. Therefore, they did not sense the horror of Ye Yuan’s punch.

But this time, it reflected clearly on the grand array. Only then did they know how terrifying this punch was.

However, this punch ultimately still missed.

Leng Qing actually avoided this unavoidable punch of Ye Yuan’s!

Ever since Ye Yuan mastered the Void Dragon Shadow Punch, this was still the first time being dodged by his opponents. This also involuntarily made him somewhat surprised.

“Concept of Wind!”

Ye Yuan perceived it, the reason why Leng Qing could avoid his punch was precisely because the other party comprehended the Concept of Wind. Furthermore, it was even the Speed Supreme True Intent!

The Speed Supreme True Intent and the Wind Flow True Intent Ye Yuan comprehended both belonged to concepts of wind. But the attributes pursued had nothing in common with each other.

Comprehending the Speed Supreme True Intent could let the martial artist reach a height far beyond other people’s reach.

Myriad laws under the heaven, only speed is unbroken!

In the center of Leng Qing’s forehead had six stars! His Slaughter Concept was actually even a notch above Lu Licheng’s!

Two kinds of supreme true intent were precisely where his confidence for being invincible in the second level lied.

“Not bad! You really are very strong! If I didn’t have a bit of confidence, how could I dare to come up the stage to challenge you?” Leng Qing said.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “So what if two kinds of supreme true intent? You dare to scheme against me; I’ll pummel you all the same!”


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