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Chapter 917: Don’t Even Know How to Put on an Act

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Rumble …

Outside of the Dragon Sovereign Territory, the 12 Exalts who were currently meditating suddenly opened their eyes, each and every one of them incomparably shocked.

“What happened? Why did the Dragon Sovereign Territory start to collapse?” an Exalt said solemnly.

“Impossible! This Dragon Sovereign Territory is definitely the grotto of a Deity Realm powerhouses! Who can make it collapse?” Exalt Blazing Fire said with a face full of disbelief too.

The 12 Exalts all harbored very high hopes for the Dragon Sovereign Territory. Otherwise, even if they sent people inside, it was also not possible to keep on waiting outside.

One had to know that this Heavenly Slaughter Pit was only opened for half a year. Every minute every second was incomparably precious.

With this waiting time, they would have long gone to other places to search for treasures.

“The Dragon Sovereign Territory collapsing, something incredible must have happened inside. I wonder, perhaps … our slaughter generals will be in some danger,” Exalt Netherkill slowly said.

Hearing this, the faces of the group of Exalts were all hideous.

Especially Si Yin. She bit her lips lightly, her face revealing a look of despair.

If she lost Ye Yuan, then this trip could virtually be said to be in vain. With this, the disparity between her and the other Exalts would get increasingly greater.

But Exalt Coldblood took this sight entirely into his eyes and said with a light smile, “Why, Younger Sister Si Yin seems to be very concerned about your slaughter generals. Could it be that … you took a liking to that pretty boy?”

Si Yin was startled inwardly, but her expression turned cold, and she said, “Do you think that everyone is as cold-blooded as you are?”

Coldblood took no notice of it and still smiled lightly as he said, “Heh, ten years ago, Young Sister Si Yin moved on your own, but obtained quite a number of good stuff. At present, this Dragon Sovereign Territory can be considered thoroughly done for already. But everyone has gotten nothing. Since Younger Sister Si Yin knows of a treasure land, can you bring everybody there together?”

The moment these words came out, the other Exalts all involuntarily looked towards Si Yin.

Entering the Heavenly Slaughter Pit the last time, apart from the two Exalts who perished, the benefits that the other Exalts obtained were not many. While the one with the greatest harvests were undoubtedly Blazing Fire and Si Yin, these two people.

Blazing Fire obtained benefits inside this Dragon Sovereign Territory. But where Si Yin went to had always been a mystery.

If everyone obtained benefits at the Dragon Sovereign Territory this time, there naturally would not be anyone who would turn their focus onto Si Yin.

However, now that the Dragon Sovereign Territory collapsed, all of the slaughter generals might have died inside. There naturally would be people turning their eyes to Si Yin.

Si Yin’s expression turned cold, and she said, “Coldblood, what’s your meaning?!”

“Heh heh, what’s my meaning, do you still not know? Entering the Heavenly Slaughter Pit this trip, you can’t very well let everybody return empty-handed, right? If there’s good stuff, don’t hide and tuck it away. Everybody searching for treasures together, the harvest will definitely be different too. Don’t you agree, everybody?” Coldblood had a broad smile on his face but appeared very insidious.

“Yeah, Younger Sister Si Yin. You probably didn’t find Ye Yuan in order to enter the Dragon Sovereign Territory either, right?” another Exalt said.

“Si Yin, if there’s any good place, why don’t you disclose it.” The Netherkill who did not speak all along also spoke up in a rare occurrence this time as well.

If it were others, Si Yin would not care much. But Netherkill opening his mouth, she had no choice but to take it seriously.

With this, all of the Exalts’ spearheads were pointed at her. This made her feel as if she was sitting on a bed of nails.

“Wow, a bunch of grown men always bullying women. You bunch of Exalts are pretty capable, huh?”

Right then, a lazy voice sounded out.

The Exalts were shocked and hurriedly turned their heads and looked over. It was only to see Ye Yuan leading a group of people who were currently walking out from the direction of the Dragon Sovereign Territory leisurely and unhurriedly.

The Exalts were deeply astonished because the ones following Ye Yuan out were all Exalt Si Yin’s people.

Furthermore … not one was missing!

“Humph! Ye Yuan, the matters between Exalts are hardly your, a measly little slaughter’s turn, to come and cut in! Let me ask you, where are the others?” Upon seeing Ye Yuan, Blazing Fire flared up into a fury.

This guy had cheated him considerably!

“The others? Oh, they have all laid down their lives for all the Lord Exalts. Especially Wu He, before being burned to death by the grand array, he was still talking about how he missed Lord Blazing Fire. It was really touching!”

Ye Yuan made a sorrowful expression, looking very realistic. But Shao Kai they all knew what happened. Each and every one of them could not hold back their laughter but they did not dare to laugh out loud either, nearly stifling until causing internal injuries.

Originally, when Blazing Fire saw Ye Yuan’s expression, he really believed that it was real. But when he swept his gaze across the faces of Shao Kai and the rest, he knew that Ye Yuan was talking sheer nonsense!

Between Exalts and slaughter generals, although it was a lord-subordinate relations.h.i.+p, it was still making use of each other.

Slaughter generals needed to borrow power and influence, while Exalts needed people to slog it out. Then again, the slaughter generals even hoped for the Exalts to die earlier so that they could replace them.

“Stinking brat, you dare to fool me! I think that you’re tired of living!”

Blazing Fire was already very displeased with Ye Yuan in the first place. Now that the top slaughter generals under his command all died inside the Dragon Sovereign Territory, he became even more enraged.

Being triggered by Ye Yuan like this, how could he still endure it. He actually directly attacked Ye Yuan.

Blazing Fire grabbed out. A black claw condensed and formed from killing qi grabbed towards Ye Yuan.

Si Yin did not expect that Blazing Fire would explode and kill people at a word of disagreement. But taking action at this time was already too late. Seeing this scene, her expression could not help changing greatly.

“Careful, Ye Yuan!” Si Yin shouted anxiously.

A hint of delight flicked across Blazing Fire’s face. Ye Yuan provoked him time and again. This time, he must kill him to be satisfied!

But right then, an even larger claw descended from the sky. A claw smacked onto Blazing Fire’s black claw accurately.

Blazing Fire’s attack was scattered just like this.

The expressions of all the Exalts changed. Before their eyes was a ma.s.sive black dragon!


Ye Yuan smacked a palm onto the back of An Ren’s head and said with a look of exasperation at his failure to live up to expectations, “Why are you all so stupid? Don’t even know how to put on an act? Enraging Lord Blazing Fire this time, each and every one of you will get more than you bargained for!”

Blazing Fire’s expression was completely black, depressed in his heart until he was about to explode. But that black dragon made him deeply apprehensive.

Tier 9 black dragon!

This black dragon was none other than precisely Blackwind!

Before Ye Yuan went into seclusion, he asked for a batch of spirit medicines from Si Yin before. It was in order to refine medicinal pills to help Blackwind breakthrough.

Blackwind had originally arrived at the final juncture; only missing a step to be able to break through to Tier 9.

Under the catalyzing of Ye Yuan’s medicinal pills, he finally broke through successfully.

The Blackwind who broke through to Tier 9, his bloodline already thoroughly evolved into true dragon bloodline!

The present Blackwind already successfully transformed to become a real black dragon!

The Blackwind who succeeded in transforming into a dragon appeared truly awe-inspiring. Sensing the dragon pressure on his body, all of the Exalts had solemn expressions.

Si Yin was dumbfounded too. She never would have thought that Ye Yuan actually still had such a formidable trump card!

Now, she finally understood why Ye Yuan dared to not show respect to her, this Exalt. Him joining her camp was actually just for the sake of acquiring a spot.

With this black dragon as backing, Ye Yuan’s strength already completely did not lose to Exalts!


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