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Chapter 65: Good Acting Skills, but Not That Smart

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“How did you all get in?

The director jumped out of his skin. His first reaction was to chase her away.

“I told the people outside that the director’s new male lead has arrived, and they let me in,” Song Wei mentioned nonchalantly as if this situation was very normal.

The director was furious. “What male lead? When did I say that I wanted to change the male lead?”

“I heard what you just said.”

The director was a little embarra.s.sed. “Those were just words spoken in a fit of anger.”

No matter how many other shows Fu Qi’en was in, he was still a popular celebrity that they had hired with their own money. How could they possibly switch him out just like that?

However, Song Wei did not seem to mind. “I have a plan that can get you the best of both worlds. Jin Wenxi is very talented in acting and has a similar body figure to Fu Qi’en. It couldn’t be more suitable to make him Fu Qi’en’s subst.i.tute.”

When the director heard that, he sized Jin Wenxi up seriously and held his chin with his hand as though he was thinking.

Actually, Jin Wenxi’s stature and face were not inferior to Fu Qi’en’s. It was just that he hadn’t gotten the right opportunity to become famous yet.

The main reason why the director was willing to consider the idea was because Jin Wenxi had acted more professionally while they were filming his previous scenes. He was much more useful than that privileged fop Fu Qi’en who had to put on ten layers of sunscreen at every turn before he was willing to stand under the sun.

Seeing that the director wasn’t speaking, Song Wei continued, “I heard that the AI face-changing technology is quite mature now, too. As long as we replace Jin Wenxi’s face with Fu Qi’en’s later on, wouldn’t it be more cost-effective than changing actors? This way, you guys won’t have to accommodate Fu Qi’en every time as well.”

The a.s.sistant director immediately said, “I’m afraid that Fu Qi’en won’t agree to it, right?”

However, the director immediately made his decision. “Let’s do it this way, then. What right does Fu Qi’en have to disagree? Hopping from show to show, and even skipping work without a proper reason! If this matter gets blown up, his losses will be even greater.”

At this moment, Song Wei interrupted, “Director, if Jin Wenxi’s audition is successful, I have a request.”

The director raised his eyebrows and swept his gaze at Song Wei. “What request? Didn’t you just say that there would be no payment?”

“Oh, it has nothing to do with remuneration. It’s just that, in your next movie, can you consider letting Jin Wenxi be the second male lead?”

The director frowned. “I haven’t finished filming this drama, and you’re already planning on the next one?”

In Song Wei’s memory, this director made a comeback with his next film.

The second male lead was a villain, but he had countless fans.

That role was still relatively suitable for Jin Wenxi, so she decided to help him negotiate for it to offer a mutual benefit to her ‘partner’.

“This is called having foresight.” Song Wei patted Jin Wenxi, who had been acting as a decorative item beside her. “He’s handsome, his acting is good, and his remuneration is low. It won’t be a loss to use him.”

“Based on the fact that you have the guts to recommend him in front of me, I’ll give you this opportunity.” Speaking up to this point, the director paused and frowned at Song Wei. “You look so ordinary, but I didn’t expect you to be this resourceful. Are you his manager?”

Song Wei said, “Oh, no. We’re just in a cooperative relations.h.i.+p.”

“Cooperative? What do you mean?”

Only then did the director nod. “It’s not easy to chase a celebrity to this extent.”

Song Wei secretly kicked Jin Wenxi.

Jin Wenxi’s audition process went very smoothly.

Song Wei looked at his label: ‘Dedicated model worker, chatterbox’

Therefore, Song Wei only had one request from him before they went to look for the director. She wanted him to shut up and listen to them talk. They could discuss again after everything was settled.

As expected, as soon as they walked out of the director’s office, Jin Wenxi acted as if he had been granted amnesty. “Hey, who on earth are you? Why do I feel like you know everything? Don’t tell me that you really have a crush on me, so you came to help me on purpose?”

“…I told you I have a husband.”

“I understand. You girls change your favorite idol every day and have a different ‘husband’ for each drama.” Jin Wenxi examined her from top to bottom. “With this appearance of yours, you probably won’t be able to marry anyone in real life.”

Song Wei didn’t want to waste time talking nonsense and directly gave him instructions. “We are just working together in the short run. Before I achieve my goals, I will be your temporary a.s.sistant by your side. After I achieve my goal, we will end this cooperation.”

“You still haven’t told me what your goal is. Don’t tell me that it’s to get me? Although you’re really diligent, I’m sorry. I really can’t fall in love with your outer appearance…”

Song Wei kicked his calf again. “Your manager must have been so irked by the way you talk that she doesn’t even come to the filming set, right?”

“No way. They all say that I’m handsome, honey-mouthed, humorous, and witty.” Jin Wenxi looked very pleased.

Song Wei thumped her own chest.

This guy’s acting skills were good, but he was clearly not that smart.


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