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Chapter 1010: The Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit, a Supremely Powerful Creature!

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Mo Fan and his team had basically completed their mission. To avoid being dragged into a sandstorm again, they purposely went extremely far away from the maze and set up their tents again to rest up and treat their wounds.

When they asked Nanyu why she left her position, Nanyu told the team about the ambush.

“I saw a monster, it was covered in sand like a sand demon, but it was able to speak in a language similar to ours. Its eyes looked human too, but they were full of hatred and evil, like a vengeful spirit. It was followed by a powerful sandstorm. It chased me a great distance away, but for some reason, it wasn’t trying to kill me. It just kept chasing me until I was worn out,” Nanyu recalled the situation. She was still terrified by what had happened.

The monster had a strong presence. Nanyu believed that it could easily kill her with its sandstorm by just raising its hand. However, it did not do anything. It was only driving her away hatefully.

“Is there really such a strange creature in this world?” Zhao Manyan wondered.

“Are you sure it was speaking like a human?” Jiang Yu asked seriously.

“Yeah, but I couldn’t tell what language it is,” Nanyu replied.

“Could it be an Elemental Evil Spirit?” Jiang Yu mused.

“What’s an Elemental Evil Spirit?”

“Do you remember the monk at Yanming Temple? The Vessel Demon Spirit in your wooden clapper?”

“How could I possibly forget? It was a demon spirit full of hatred!”

“When the monk died, his spirit lived inside the powerful magic vessel, turning him into a demon spirit that was like a demon creature. If someone dies and their spirit resides in a place with abundant elemental energy, there’s a chance the spirit will turn into an Elemental Evil Spirit. I believe the thing that Nanyu saw was most likely an Elemental Evil Spirit. It’s a Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit, which explains why both us and the missing team encountered the sandstorm, because the spirit is active in that area!” Jiang Yu said.

Jiang Yu specifically researched demon spirits and evil spirits after stumbling into the Vessel Demon Spirit at Yanming Temple.

After hearing Jiang Yu’s explanation, Nanyu glanced at Mo Fan and whispered, “Speaking of which, Little Flame Belle’s Mother, the Fiery Sorceress, Jiang Feng, was she a kind of Elemental Evil Spirit?”

Despite having the body of a demon creature and powerful demonic moves, they still retained the behavior of a human. As Jiang Yu had mentioned, the Elemental Evil Spirits were once human Mages, but their souls had found a new place to reside after their deaths, and were able to reborn at certain places in some other way!

Nevertheless, someone else had taken over the rescue operation, meaning that there was no need for them to worry too much. With the Super Mage that was familiar with the desert maze leading the team, they should be able to handle the Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit.

Mo Fan laid down inside his tent and started counting his loot.

After killing so many Warrior-level demon creatures, the Little Loach Pendant had refined five Warrior-level Soul Essences. Mo Fan immediately spent them on strengthening his Lightning Stars without hesitation.

If he was able to get two more Soul Essences, his Lightning Strike would finally reach the fifth-tier. It would likely improve the strength of the spell significantly.

Mo Fan was just about to meditate when he heard a strong wind howling outside the tent, and an unusual presence lingering in the air.

Mo Fan and the others immediately left the tents and were shocked to discover a veil of yellow sand rolling into the sky like a stream in the direction of the desert maze!

“Such a powerful sandstorm, and it seems to be coming toward us,” Jiang Yu said with an astounded face.

“Let’s get out of here, quick!”

The group immediately fled toward the Mediterranean Sea when they realized their current place would be caught in the sandstorm too.

The group ran at least thirty kilometers from the place. To their surprise, the sandstorm seemed to be getting closer to them!

The sandstorm was at least a few times stronger than its previous version. It felt like it was about to devour the sky and the ground.

“Look, over there!”

Currently, the sky toward the Mediterranean Sea was blue, but the sky toward the Sahara Desert was covered in rolling tides of sand.

Above the sand tides was a ghastly and imperious figure!

It was exactly as Nanyu had described previously. The figure was completely surrounded by sand particles, with two eyes full of hatred poking out from it. The rolling sandstorm was obviously its doing, as it looked like the commander of an army of a thousand galloping cavalry. One could also say that the sandstorm connecting the sky and the land was actually a part of it!

Nanyu looked at the figure standing above the sandstorm in great astonishment.

It was even scarier than the Sandstorm Evil Spirit she had seen before. Its presence clearly resembled a Ruler-level creature, and even ordinary Ruler-level creatures were unable to destroy everything within a few kilometers within an instant like the Sandstorm Evil Spirit was!

The group kept on running until they could finally see the ocean.

The sandstorm did not stop chasing after them. It did not weaken in the slightest even when it was cras.h.i.+ng into the ocean. Soon, the sea was covered by the sand!

The long sh.o.r.eline was initially a beautiful beach, yet because of the sandstorm, the sh.o.r.eline was pushed further into the ocean. It felt like the Sahara Desert had extended further because of the sandstorm!

“Holy c.r.a.p, what kind of monster is that? How terrifying!”

Mo Fan and the others were utterly dumbfounded. They were sitting on a Water-type creature that Jiang Yu had summoned from the Mediterranean Sea.

The ocean was being filled up by the sand. The desert had extended further out due to the sandstorm, and it was all because of the Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit!

Looking at the cloudy, yellow sky, they could still remember the eyes that were filled with hatred and disdain…

“I…I’m afraid there’s no chance they can walk out of there alive?” Jiang Shaoxu said solemnly, looking at the desert that was extending toward the ocean.

“I agree, we’re lucky that we chose to leave.”

“That’s too scary! I swear I will never come to the Sahara Desert again. I bet that Super Mage died an instant death.”

Either they were extremely lucky, or the team that went into the desert was extremely unlucky. The giant sandstorm that the Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit had produced simply devoured everything, including the area that Mo Fan and his crew thought was safe, and the Mediterranean Sea a certain distance away.

After seeing the furious roars and anger of the Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit, they felt the people in the desert basically had no chance of surviving.

The team had personally experienced how deadly the Sahara Desert was. They would never set their foot into the desert again no matter how high the reward offered to them was!

Both the tribe war and the powerful Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit had been devastating for them.


Following the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, the group of six headed for Egypt to regroup with the others.

After arriving in Egypt, the advisors gave the group the rewards as promised. On the other hand, Africa’s Magic a.s.sociation also sent a few groups of people to interrogate them about what actually happened in the Sahara Desert in detail.

Judging from how nervous the representatives of Africa’s Magic a.s.sociation was, it was fairly obvious that both the national team and the team led by the Super Mage were still missing in the desert.

Speaking of which, it felt like the Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit had been waiting for Devon and his team, as the sandstorm suddenly came and attacked them not long after they arrived…

“It seems like that Super Mage called Devon might somehow be related to the Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit’s past life,” Nanyu said.

It had been a few days since they left the Sahara Desert, yet the group was still having trouble forgetting the terrifying sandstorm.

“They were thinking of sending backup, yet the situation became worse instead,” Jiang Shaoxu sighed.

“Say, what do you think the Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit’s strength was? I think it was close to being the strongest creature in the world!” Zhao Manyan wondered.

“I guess it’s above average among Ruler-level creatures,” Mo Fan replied.

“Why is that?’ Zhao Manyan asked.

The others subconsciously looked at Mo Fan too. They totally agreed with Zhao Manyan after witnessing how formidable the Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit of the Sahara Desert was. The fact that it was able to destroy everything within ten kilometers and fill up by ten kilometers of the sea… if it was not still the strongest creature, what would the strongest demon creature be?

“I’ve seen creatures that are nearly the strongest among Ruler-level creatures, and I think the Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit is still a level lower compared to them,” Mo Fan answered.

“Don’t try to fool us, we’re very serious about this! I think there’s no creature in this world that’s stronger than the Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit.”

“You are so wrong to think that. I can a.s.sure you, there are two creatures that can defeat the Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit in our country!” Mo Fan said.

“Which two?”

Mo Fan had a mysterious smile. However, when he realized that Mu Ningxue was looking at him curiously too, with eyes signaling him that she also wanted to learn the answer, he was struggling to keep it a secret.

“I can only tell you that one of them is in Hangzhou, and the other is in the Ancient Capital.”

“Hangzhou? Don’t tell me you’re referring to the Snake that once appeared in the middle of the city? I heard that it was able to take on the Silver Skyruler from the West Ridge like it was just a primary schooler. I do believe that the Guardian Beast in Hangzhou is stronger than the Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit. As for the other creature in the Ancient Capital… are you referring to the strongest Zombie Ruler that almost uprooted the city, the Mountain Zombie?” Jiang Yu seemed incredibly excited about the topic.

“Are they really stronger than the Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit?”


Mo Fan was confident. After all, he had come into direct contact with the two powerful creatures personally!


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