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Chapter 1121: The Tables Have Turned

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

The trees were huge and majestic. It was very likely that they were the seeds of some plant-type demon creatures. These plants usually grew a lot faster than normal plants by taking in more nutrients from the ground.

Surrounded by the thick woods, the new member of the Greek team seemed to have lost his way.

After he arrived on the battlefield, he purposely went into the thick woods to hide from the English team, while he waited for his teammates to regroup with him.

“You guys are finally here…” the Greek member let out a relieved sigh when he heard a group of people approaching him.

It did not take long for his teammates to find him after he sent out the signal.

“Yeah, we are here to send you out!” Mo Fan’s voice appeared beside the Greek.

The man reacted fairly quickly, immediately Summoning a circle of light to protect himself.

The light spread further and revealed the silhouette of a man behind a tree. If the man had not spoken, the Greek would have had no chance of noticing his presence.

“Chinese?” the Greek member frowned. The expression on his face stiffened.

It was worse than stumbling into the English team! The question was, how did these Chinaman know where he was!?

“Do you really think you can take me out, I am…”

“I am your nanny!” Mo Fan knew the Greek member was only trying to buy himself more time. He Summoned the Flame Sword in his hand and slashed at the defensive light shrouding the man.

The burning sword slashed the defensive light in half. The Greek member’s face paled, and he quickly activated his magic boots and fled.

The magic boots were quite high-quality, and seemed to contain the power of the s.p.a.ce Element. The Greek member was able to travel a great distance with just a little step. He was a hundred meters away within the blink of an eye.

“Gravity s.p.a.ce!” a stern voice uttered. The Greek member suddenly felt like his legs were being tied down by a huge iron ball. His steps slowed down rapidly, and it felt like the ground was cracking with every step he took…

“Go on, keep running!” Mo Fan caught up with the Greek member. He vented his anger by beating the c.r.a.p out of the Greek member with both his Fire and Lightning Element.

The Greek member was still able to hold his ground, since he was an elite member of the team too.

However, when Mu Ningxue and Nanyu showed up, the Greek member could only despair.

He was covered in wounds and bruises, yet the Chinese purposely avoided inflicting too much damage on him, so the Ring of Venice would not be activated.

The Greek member felt like crying. These Chinese were venting all the frustration they had acc.u.mulated from the past fifteen minutes on him. That was unfair; he wasn’t the one that came up with the plan, he wasn’t even in the match!

“Karolina, save me!” the Greek member yelled desperately when he saw his teammates arriving.

Karolina, Asha’ruiya, and the rest of the team finally arrived, yet their faces contorted when they saw their subst.i.tute member being badly beaten by the Chinese team.


Mo Fan landed one more Lightning spell on the Greek, and it finally activated the Ring of Venice to protect him.

The Water Barrier flickered. The a.s.sistant judge nearby, who was getting impatient after waiting for so long, immediately showed up and carried the pitiful partic.i.p.ant away.

As a matter of fact, even the a.s.sistant judge was feeling sorry for the Greek. How unlucky was the man to find himself not far away from the Chinese team after he had just been teleported onto the battlefield? The Chinese team took their sweet time beating him up, just to get their revenge!

“Avenge me!” The Greek subst.i.tute was covered in wounds and bruises, but still gasped that out to his teammates with his final breath.

The Greek team was enraged, yet they did not attack the Chinese team.

Both sides had suffered significant damage from the previous battle; if they were to fight any further, the English team would surely win the match. Second, they only had four members, while the Chinese team had five!

It was very unwise to fight the Chinese team when they were at a disadvantage in terms of numbers.

“The rules of the mixed battle are very interesting, don’t you think? The tables have turned!” Mo Fan walked up to the Greek team, all smiles, and gave Asha’ruiya a provoking look.

Asha’ruiya was so furious that her bust was heaving from her heavy breathing. She never thought the luck of their subst.i.tute would be so bad that he would appear so close to the Chinese team. If the Chinese had wanted to kill him, he would have died many times over!

“Mo Fan, if we keep strangling one another, neither of us will benefit from it.” Asha’ruiya tried her best to stay calm and pretended that she had not seen what just happened.

“It’s fine as long as I’m happy with it,” Mo Fan smiled back.

“So you’re telling me that you’re not thinking of winning the match?” Asha’ruiya retorted.

“What’s the point of talking to them? Let’s just knock them out first!” Karolina was on the verge of making a move.

The teammate that was disqualified just then was her boyfriend. How could she not be furious when she saw how the Chinese team was whaling on him?

“Keep your calm!” Asha’ruiya glared at her.

Mo Fan rolled his sleeves up and said indifferently, “Don’t hold back, let’s fight!”

Karolina and the other two members were enraged after being provoked by Mo Fan continuously. They were a powerhouse in the tournament, and they had even crushed the American team twice in a row, yet they were forced to swallow their anger against the Chinese team!

“You know I have no interest in doing things that won’t benefit me. Why don’t we discuss how we’re going to deal with the English team, instead of wasting our time here?” Asha’ruiya was pretty quick at adjusting herself. She regained her calm smoothly.

“Asha’ruiya, not everyone is a cunning fox like you. It was you that stepped on our tail first, it was you that placed our team in a disadvantageous position. We’ve lost two members, and the others are injured too. We no longer have any hope of winning the match. We’re ready to take you down with us. Besides, we’re pretty close to Ayleen, so she might even treat us to a great meal after they’ve won! The English team might even offer a few English beauties as appetizers…” Mo Fan vented the frustration he had acc.u.mulated in his heart.

“We’ll take the lead if we team up,” Asha’ruiya offered.

“You don’t quite understand me. The Chinese have always been clear with the kindness and resentment they receive, but even a gentleman has the urge to get revenge. We’ll fight anyone that wants to take us down,” Mo Fan replied.

“We’ll heal your members, so you can recover your strength.”

“The Chinese people have their integrity and principles…”

“I will help you recover your energy, at least thirty percent of it,” Asha’ruiya bit her lips softly and offered in the end.

“Deal!” Mo Fan pleasantly accepted the offer.

A**hole!, Asha’ruiya cursed Mo Fan silently.

After coming to an agreement, the Chinese team and the Greek team teamed up as they were meant to, even though it did take them quite some hards.h.i.+ps.

Mo Fan was rather speechless. Why would Asha’ruiya even bother? She should have teamed up with them just like what she said at the pizza shop, yet she had to stir up so much trouble, making both sides unhappy.

“Are you insane? Aren’t you worried that they are going to set us up again after we team up?” Mu Tingying yelled in disagreement.

“People always say that busty women have no brains, but even a flat chest like you doesn’t have one, either! I really don’t know what to say,” Mo Fan replied scathingly.

“Don’t worry, they won’t set us up again, unless that Asha’ruiya is a spy from the English team. It’s obvious that she has no intention to lose the match, since she’s a Candidate for the role of the G.o.ddess,” Nanyu said confidently.

The so-called alliance would easily collapse for the sake of greater benefits for their side, and their so-called enemy would suddenly become their ally in order to take down a stronger foe!

The Greek team was well aware of the situation they were in once they calmed down.

The two teams had no choice but to team up. If they insisted on fight on their own, both teams would surely face elimination!

Greece was always under the sacred light of the Parthenon Temple, and the standard of their Mages had always been impressive. Their Healing Magic in particular was shocking.

Ai Jiangtu, Mu Tingying, and Mo Fan were all injured. Even if Nanrong Ni was with them, she would have had trouble healing their injuries in a short period, but the woman called Karolina was able to treat all their injuries swiftly with some Healing Spells. Their minor injuries had completely vanished, while the rest of the injuries were healing rapidly. They would no longer affect the Chinese team’s performance…

The three members of the Chinese team were basically at their peak again. With Nanyu and Mu Ningxue joining the team now, they were finally able to fight once again.

After dealing with the injuries, Asha’ruiya took out a necklace as she promised. It emitted a dark blue light that shrouded the members on both teams. Those that had expended their energy were recovering rapidly!

Mo Fan had used all five of his Elements. When he saw the energy of his Elements filling up, he immediately stared at Asha’ruiya’s chest with glittering eyes.

The power of the hourgla.s.s-shaped necklace was shocking. It was able to recover the energy of a whole team in a short time. It was clearly a superb magic tool for a match like this!

The Psychic, Healing, and Blessing Elements had no spells that could recover the energy of a Mage. Most magic tools and equipment were only able to calm the mind of a Mage so they could recover their energy quicker, but none of them could recover thirty percent of the energy of a Mage like Asha’ruiya’s necklace!

“What other treasures do you have still?” Mo Fan moved closer and observed Asha’ruiya’s accessories.

Asha’ruiya must have used some kind of s.p.a.ce Element equipment to escape from the dragon that they had encountered. It was reasonable that the n.o.blewoman would have lots of precious magic tools; even Zhao Manyan was no match for her!


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