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Chapter 1326 Red Cardinal, the Cold Prince

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

The cold wind swept fiercely across a structure standing firmly above the mist of the night sky to a height of 454 meters.

On the tallest observation deck of the Canton Tower, a man in a black windbreaker, his face covered by a black scarf, stood on the rails. The rails were only as wide as a thumb, yet the man was able to stand on them. His clothes flapped wildly in the cold wind.

A teenager with purple eyes came up to the man and asked, “Why did you ask me to meet you here? Don’t you think it’s a little exposed?”

“I hate to be of no interest to anyone. Loneliness is very scary, and the world has always been cold,” the man replied.

“Don’t you think it’s amusing to hear that from an like you, who just kills just for fun?” the teenage boy with purple eyes chuckled.

“I’m afraid that’s a great misunderstanding. I’m a kind-hearted person most of the time!” the man answered.

“Fine, you’re a kind man who enjoys killing, but can you please make sure the woman is dead? I don’t want the Enforcement Union wiping out my men suddenly when my delicate plan in the North Valley is in motion… Bei Jiang!” the teenage boy said.

“Cold Prince, I have no interest in your plan. None of my targets has ever escaped me. I believe even you won’t be able to escape from me if someone asked me to take your life,” Bei Jiang stated.

“I believe so, but the person you’re dealing with isn’t just a little lamb waiting to be slaughtered. They have been spreading news to fake that Vice Elder’s death. Luckily, I’ve been keeping an eye around. Don’t let those imbeciles ruin my plan again. This world can’t afford to have just Salan, instead of the Cold Prince!” the teenage boy declared.

“As you wish.”

The teenage boy put on a mask and headed for the lift like a normal tourist. He soon vanished among the crowd.

Bei Jiang remained standing on the rail. Many visitors felt their legs turning to jelly as they walked past the man, but they just a.s.sumed the man to be a Mage, thus they were not too bothered by his strange behavior.


A loud scream was heard coming from below. It had come from the Ferris Wheel below the observation deck. A naughty kid had climbed across the safety rails just to skip the queue.

The Ferris wheel was hanging from the tower. Even with the safety measures in place, they still failed to stop a kid who was trying to get himself killed. The workers rushed forward to try and grab the kid, but the kid lost his footing and fell off the rails!

There were many tourists, but only a few of them were Mages. It had all happened too quickly. The ten-year-old boy started falling from the tower.

The Canton Tower was over four hundred meters tall, with more than a hundred floors. There was no chance the boy could survive the fall. His mother had already fainted from shock!

The man standing on the observation deck at a height of 454 meters looked down from above.

He suddenly disappeared in the mist without a single trace. He reappeared on the Ferris wheel in the following second. He crouched slowly and fixed his gaze on the boy that had fallen a hundred meters down from the tower.

“A Mage, you must be a Mage!” A woman was overjoyed when she saw the man appearing out of nowhere.

The rest of the crowd a.s.sumed the man that had suddenly appeared to be a Mage too.

“Sir, my kid had fallen off the rails, please save him!” the kid’s father said.

Bei Jiang remained still. It looked as if he was channeling his magic, yet he still did not move after two seconds.

Meanwhile, the kid was already more than two hundred meters down the tower, as tiny as a sesame seed, getting closer to the ground. Everyone was placing all their hopes on the Mage when they imagined the horrible death that would befall the little kid.

“It’s a misunderstanding,” Bei Jiang grinned. Even though his face was covered, the crowd could still tell that he was smiling, “I have only come to enjoy the sight of him smas.h.i.+ng to a pulp…”

Bei Jiang had a wide smile, so wide that it sent s.h.i.+vers down the spines of the crowd!

The flight from the Magic City finally arrived at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport after a two-hour delay. Both Mo Fan and Lingling had the urge to tear down the airline for wasting so much of their time. It would have been quicker if Mo Fan traveled here by casting Blink continuously, if he actually had the energy to do so!

They immediately went to where Leng Qing was hiding. Lingling’s eyes reddened as soon as she saw Leng Qing lying on a wooden bed, breathing faintly.

Lingling was just a little girl. It did not matter how calm and strong she seemed to be normally, she still could not control her emotions when seeing her loved ones dying. She did not want the same thing that had happened to her father to happen to anyone around her again, as the long-lasting pain was unbearable!

Leng Qing was not hiding at the Enforcement Union. She was in a simply furnished, rented property hidden in an urban village in Guangzhou City. Mo Fan did not understand why Leng Qing was hiding here instead of being treated at a hospital. She was going to die from her injuries at this rate!

“I’m bringing her to the hospital,” Mo Fan put the feeble Leng Qing on his back.

“No, you can’t!” the Enforcer looking after Leng Qing said.

The Enforcer was a woman too. She seemed pretty young; she was most likely Leng Qing’s reliable a.s.sistant. Mo Fan had seen her with Leng Qing at the Clearsky Hunter Agency before. Her name was Xiao Ping.

Xiao Ping had a haggard look. It must have been days since she last slept. She immediately stood in front of Mo Fan when he suggested bringing Leng Qing to the hospital.

“What’s going on? She’s going to die if she doesn’t get treated!” Mo Fan said.

Xiao Ping’s eyes flickered with fear. She was even stuttering.

“You can’t go to the hospital. The guy is watching us!” Xiao Ping said.

“The guy? Who’s watching you?” Mo Fan said.

“The! We were going to bring her to the hospital, but she said she had something to tell me, so my senior left before us and died in the street. It feels like his eyes are circling in the sky like an eagle. He’s able to track us wherever we go!” Xiao Ping said.

“Where’s the Enforcement Union? Why didn’t you contact the local Enforcement Union?” Mo Fan asked.

“The Enforcement Union is located in the middle floors of the Canton Tower, but there’s no way we can make it there,” Xiao Ping said.

Mo Fan’s heart was pounding heavily.

How terrifying exactly was the, that these Enforcers would feel so insecure even when they were in the middle of a city? They were acting like they were going to die as soon as they set foot outside!

Mo Fan could sense Xiao Ping’s fear. She was indeed terrified, so terrified that she had lost her dignity as an Enforcer!

Lingling pulled the curtain to the side and peeked through the dirty gla.s.s of the window. She was able to see the magnificent Canton Tower standing firmly in the middle of the city behind the other, smaller buildings.

Guangzhou was referred to as the Demon City, and the Canton Tower was called the Demon Tower. It was the most popular attraction in the city, and the base of the Nanguo Magic a.s.sociation. The reputable Nanguo Enforcement Union was located in the tower, too. Between the urban village and the Canton Tower was the lively, heavily populated Tianhe District, but the was bold enough to kill an Enforcer on the street. It would be tricky for them to make their way to the tower!

“Sister must have realized her life was in danger and she was unable to get any help, so she contacted me with a secret method,” Lingling said.

“Is the traitor behind this?” Mo Fan said.

Mo Fan remembered Leng Qing telling him there was an undiscovered traitor in the Enforcement Union. If that was the case, it explained why Leng Qing was hesitating to ask the Nanguo Enforcement Union for help, since it might expose her location instead.

Leng Qing was a rational person. She was able to think further ahead than most people. She realized she was on her own, and it was only safe if she could make it back to the Lingyin Enforcement Union!

“What happened? Why is the Hall of after her?” Mo Fan asked.

“She has been investigating the Black Vatican all along, and she stumbled into… into…” Xiao Ping was a little hesitant to spill the beans.

She did not dare to say it, as the stakes were too high. Things would easily get out of hand if too many people were dragged into the mess.

“What is it? Just say it! Are you going to wait until we are all dead?” Mo Fan said impatiently. How could she be so scared as an Enforcer?

“It’s a Red Cardinal, she managed to track down another Red Cardinal! But the Red Cardinal was very alert. We were perfectly disguised as ordinary people, yet he still sent someone to investigate us. We tried to run away as soon as we realized our cover was blown. We thought we were safe in the city, but we almost died to the!” Xiao Ping said.

“A Red Cardinal?” Mo Fan and Lingling were stunned.

She was investigating one of the seven Red Cardinals of the Black Vatican. How deep did she go this time? Was she out of her mind?

“Which one!?” Mo Fan demanded.

“The…The Cold Prince…” For some reason, Xiao Ping felt a chill running down her spine as soon as she mentioned the name, as if a pair of purple eyes were watching her from outside the window!


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