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1521 Incarnadine Medusa Lord

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Heidi, Heidi! She’s not dead!”

Mu Bai’s voice suddenly came from the other side of the ravine. The others quickly followed the voice and saw Heidi with Mo Fan. Mo Fan had his arm around her slim waist while they were trying to dodge the attacks from the terrifying female Medusa that was pursuing them!

“She’s not dead? It’s time for us to retreat then,” Zhao Manyan said to Mu Bai quickly.

“I think we are surrounded,” Mu Bai looked around him.

“F**k me, did Heidi purposely lure them to us on purpose!?” Zhao Manyan screamed.

“Stop barking like a useless dog and cast some defensive spells on me. I’m going to freeze them all with my Ice Magic!” Mu Bai said angrily.

He was extremely annoyed by Zhao Manyan’s constant grumbling. How did someone like him even make it onto the national team? His voice was countless times stronger than his actual strength, and eleven out of ten sentences from him contained vulgar words!

“Let me go, I can walk by myself!” Heidi said angrily. Mo Fan was holding her waist so tightly that she felt like she had been injected with an anesthetic.

“Can you be more careful? How are you so inexperienced when it comes to fighting the demon creatures? It doesn’t matter if you have an impressive cultivation. These demon creatures could kill you in an instant!” Mo Fan immediately rebuked her.

Ceylan and Headmistress Perry had asked him to bring Heidi along so she could learn some practical skills. As he expected, Heidi was extremely careless in a messy battle like this. She thought she was safe after moving a distance away from the demon creatures. She even started Channeling her magic…

It was unwise to Channel magic that required a long time without anyone around to protect her!

“How did you know there was a huge female Medusa under me?” Heidi asked him with a confused look.

A Sound Mage’s senses were a lot sharper than other Mages. Heidi had not even heard any noise from the ground, so how did Mo Fan know there was something under it?

“Experience, the area within two kilometers from us is full of these Medusae, but not a single one was at the spot where you landed. Some of the Medusae even avoided it on purpose, meaning that there was a creature there that those little creatures were afraid of nearby! It remained in the same spot without moving, meaning that it was waiting idly for the opportunity to strike!” Mo Fan replied.

Heidi fell into deep thought for a moment. It was indeed as Mo Fan had said: a Sound Mage might be able to pick up the slightest movement, but there was no way she could notice the creature if it remained still.

But how was it possible to keep an eye on little details like that in the middle of an intense fight? Did that mean Mo Fan was constantly observing his surroundings even when he was surrounded by the Lesser Medusae?

“The higher the level of creatures, the higher their intelligence! Most of them are smarter than you… get the Steel-Armored Beast out of here, I’ll handle these big guys,” Mo Fan put Heidi down beside the Steel-Armored Beast.

The Steel-Armored Beast was barely holding onto its last breath. It looked almost dead. Heidi let out a wry smile, looking at the Steel-Armored Beast that had no hope of making it out alive, since it was already poisoned, “Don’t you feel like whatever we are doing is meaningless and dumb?”

The soldiers, merchant, and the people of the European University Inst.i.tute indeed thought it was very idiotic to try saving a Contracted Beast that had no hope of survival.

“Why would you even worry if something is meaningless or not? Just stick to what your heart is telling you to do! Even if we can’t save it, we can still bring its remains back, or you just want to earn the grat.i.tude of that old mercenary?” Mo Fan shot back.

“I was just taking pity on the beast…” Heidi said.

“That’s a good enough reason,” Mo Fan said.

“Then why are you doing it?”

“Don’t you think I look very handsome this way? Didn’t you notice the girls whose affection Ferrero has won over are looking at me differently now?” Mo Fan replied.

“…” Heidi was completely speechless.

That being said, she could not deny that Mo Fan’s back looked really cool when he stopped the old mercenary and told him that he would save the Contracted Beast on his behalf!

“There are too many Black Medusae, I’m afraid I can’t break through,” Heidi said.

“Head toward Zhao Manyan and Mu Bai, they will clear a path for you,” Mo Fan said.

Heidi headed in the direction that Mo Fan had pointed at, quickly discovering a huge area covered in frost. The Black Medusae in the area had all turned into motionless ice statues.

Heidi was overjoyed. She initially thought the two guys were too afraid to come down here…

Mo Fan kept attracting the female Medusa’s attention.

The Incarnadine Medusa Lord was the leader of the Medusa Mountain. The big male Medusae, little female Medusae, and little male Medusae were all under her command. Mo Fan was well aware of how tough of an opponent it was going to be.

As soon as the Incarnadine Medusa Lord showed up, the rest of the male Medusae immediately pounced at him to show off for her.

There were quite a few big male Medusae. Mo Fan noted there were around seven of them.

The Dark Red Male Medusa had to be the strongest among them. Mo Fan was initially trying to attract the big female Medusa’s attention so it would not swallow Heidi again, but as he kept running, he realized that every big male Medusa was chasing after him!

“I didn’t f**king spray the perfume on me!” Mo Fan cursed them all.

The seven big male Medusae were like war machines. They kept charging forward and smas.h.i.+ng anything they came upon in their way, including huge rocks, walls, and sand dunes. Seven huge Medusae were chasing after a tiny figure, their tails slithering across the s.p.a.cious land. The female Black Medusae started to surround Mo Fan too, limiting the s.p.a.ce that was available to him.

The Black Medusae were the little female Medusae. They could easily attract little male Medusae. Their numbers were so overwhelming that they could fill up a pit with a radius of five hundred meters across; it was impossible to kill them all. If only Mo Fan had the Ice Element, he could just freeze them all without having to kill them. It would save him a lot of work!

Mo Fan only had the chance to cast Basic and Intermediate Spells since he was constantly chased around. He hardly had any chance to cast an Advanced Spell.

If he was Possessed by Little Flame Belle, it would be a lot easier to take out these Medusae, but Mo Fan was reluctant to rely on Little Flame Belle all the time. Little Flame Belle had already reached the Advancing Period of the Commander Level, so she would raise Mo Fan’s strength close to the Super Level.

The problem was, it would significantly weaken the spells of his other Elements. Mo Fan would really be unbeatable if he could improve his other Elements too!

He insisted on not merging with Little Flame Belle! It was his training of the day!

“I can’t get away from them…” Mo Fan felt his head hurting.

Mo Fan did not have the chance to construct a Star Constellation because the big male Medusae were still chasing him, but how could he possibly kill these Commander-level creatures without using Advanced Spells?

“Let’s try producing a shadow clone and see if I can trick these creatures…” Mo Fan injected the Dark Material into his body.

Mo Fan could clone his enemy with the Rebelling Shadow, but while doing so he had accidentally discovered that he could clone himself, too…


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