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Chapter 1535 Young Medusa

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

The rotting was not caused by poison. Everyone was fine after they were no longer being exposed to the light of the evil eye. They treated their injuries with the medicine they brought along while waiting for the sun to rise.

Mo Fan did not tell anyone how to track the young Medusa. When it was almost dawn, Mo Fan secretly asked Zhao Manyan to set the Roving Desert Beetles free, and waited for his news.

Not long after, Zhao Manyan returned with a happy face.

Mu Bai had a hint of disgust when he saw the look on Zhao Manyan’s face. “Do you really have to be so happy after taking a p.i.s.s?”

“What do you know!?” Zhao Manyan glared at Mu Bai.

When the three came close together, Zhao Manyan took out something that looked like a string of silk. It was stained with a strange substance, but it was still smooth and beautiful.

“What’s this?” Mu Bai had to ask.

“The hair that the young Medusa has just shed. She’s very close to us! Mo Fan, are you sure the total sum in the reward pool for the Tear of Medusa is three point seven billion?” Zhao Manyan said.

“Three..three point seven…” Mu Bai blurted out in surprise.

“Shhh!” Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan both signaled him to keep the voice down.

Mu Bai withheld the shock in his heart. He lowered his head and whispered, “Is it really three point seven billion?”

“It is, for some reason, even the Giant Female Snakes have been granted Medusae’s power too! They can also cast the Eyes of Vengeance on their enemies. We are not the only people put under the Curse. Many people are waiting for the Tear of Medusa!” Mo Fan informed him.

“Aren’t you going to tell the people of the European University Inst.i.tute?” Mu Bai said.

“What is that nonsense? Why would I bother sharing the money with them? How much is everyone going to get if we split the money among all of us? Besides, they should be grateful to us for helping them to get rid of the Cruse. Do they seriously think they have a share in the reward too?” Mo Fan said.

“That’s right, they are so useless, they can’t do anything apart from boast!” Zhao Manyan said.

“How about Heidi?” Mu Bai said.

“Heidi is a little innocent, so it’s better not to tell her first. Otherwise, she might let the cat out of the bag. We’ll tell her at the end,” Mo Fan said after a moment of thought.

“Mm,” Mu Bai nodded. He also agreed not to share the reward with the people of the European University Inst.i.tute!

“Tell me where the spot is, I’ll go have a look first. We’ll leave right away if I can catch it. If I can’t, we’ll ask the others for help. That Super Mage Vani might still be useful to us,” Mo Fan said.

The people of the European University Inst.i.tute were not weak, especially Mentor Vani, who had one of his Elements at the Super Level. He might be able to lend them a hand if anything happened.

However, if Mo Fan could do it himself, he had no reason to ask the others for help. It was better to keep the fortune to himself!

The three did not move out together, as it might make the people of the European University Inst.i.tute suspicious. Mo Fan pretended like he was going to scout the area. He asked the others to stay there and wait for him patiently.

Mo Fan followed Zhao Manyan’s instructions and went past a few broken-down structures. He found more hair of the young Medusa under an altar that was covered in plants.

The hair was quite valuable. Mo Fan gladly put the hair he had found inside the s.p.a.ce Ring, and set another Roving Sand Beetle free to continue searching for the hair of the young Medusa.

Mo Fan had the Dark n.o.ble Mantle. It was extremely easy for him to move around without gathering any attention. Even if an adult Medusa was around, Mo Fan could still perfectly conceal his presence and avoid getting into a fight.

Zhao Manyan told Mo Fan that the young Medusa seemed to be alone. There was no trace of adult Medusae or the Silver Snake Warriors around.

“I’m in luck for once!” Mo Fan blurted out in joy.

He had taken a look around and did not see any snake demons nearby. The n.o.bles among the snake demons had asked their subordinates to guard the perimeter, yet they did not allow those low-level creatures to hang around in the area they resided in.

An intense battle was still going on at the front line. Perhaps the Medusae did not expect humans to come so deep into their territory!

The Roving Sand Beetle stopped in a hall well lit up by the moonlight, its ceiling no longer around. The little creature was munching something like a string of silk excitedly.

Mo Fan picked it up and discovered it was the hair of a Medusa. Most importantly, it was still warm, indicating that the hair had just been shed recently!

Mo Fan was extremely excited. Three point seven billion was almost within his reach! He did not expect to earn such a great fortune on his trip to Egypt. He could finally buy some useful magic equipment with the money!

A pet.i.te figure suddenly moved past in the hall. She seemed to have noticed Mo Fan’s presence. She quickly hid in a corner covered in shadow.

The moonlight peeked into the ceiling like a veil, yet it stopped right before the corner. Mo Fan was unable to see the figure in it, yet he noticed a pair of glittering eyes!

“Come out here, I know you’re in there… let’s make a deal, either you make yourself cry and shed me some tears, or I’m going to beat you up!” Mo Fan walked closer and stared at the eyes.

Mo Fan was sure that there were no adult Medusae in the vicinity!

There was no sign of the Silver Snake Warriors too. Zhao Manyan had already made sure of that. This young Medusa was pretty daring to come out here alone. It allowed Mo Fan to take advantage of the chance!

“Big brother, are you a bad guy?” a timid voice came out from the corner.

Mo Fan was startled.

What the heck was going on now!?

The young Medusa could speak human language?

“How did you learn to speak?” Mo Fan was curious. She was speaking in standard Englis.h.!.+

Even though the Medusae were a hybrid species of human and snake, and some of them had an appearance and intelligence very similar to that of a human, they usually behaved more like demon creatures over the past thousands of years. They were not humans!

Why did the young Medusa know how to speak? Her voice was so pleasant, like the soothing sound of a chime in some bamboo woods.

“Big brother, I…I’m human,” the little girl said.

“Bulls.h.i.+t, come out from the shadow, let me look at you,” Mo Fan said.

The young girl slowly moved out from the corner. The moonlight shone upon smooth skin that was like a delicate jade.

She slowly lifted her gaze. Her thin hair slid to the side. Her face was so pretty that Mo Fan’s heart skipped a beat upon seeing it. Her pair of huge sparkling eyes were looking at Mo Fan pitifully…

“She’s really human?” Mo Fan was stunned. He stared at the young girl.

The young girl did not dare to come out any further. She was only wearing some ragged clothes. Her skin was smooth, but some parts did seem a little dirty.

Her body was s.h.i.+vering, she seemed to be feeling a little cold. The collarbones under her pale neck were alluring. Her delicate appearance was perfect for earning pity from others.

“What the h.e.l.l happened? Why are you here!?” Mo Fan struggled to believe it.

“Brother, I’m not the Medusa, I was caught here. She likes to eat the heart of young girls. She has eaten all the girls from the same village as me. I think I’m the next one…” the girl said with a trembling voice.

“You were kidnapped?” Mo Fan said.

“Mm, a group of people came to our village. They told us they were Mages, and would teach us magic, so they brought a few of us talented ones from the village, but they were lying. They were keeping a young Medusa. When she transforms every week, one of us had to die,” the little girl said.

“Some people are raising a young Medusa? Who are they?” Mo Fan asked with astonishment.

“I don’t know either, they keep kidnapping people to feed them to the young Medusa… brother, are you a good person?” The little girl seemed a little scared. Her eyes were staring at Mo Fan.

“I won’t call myself a good person, but I won’t hurt you. Do you know where the young Medusa is?” Mo Fan asked.

“She went to drink some water, at the lake not far from here…” the little girl said.

“Alright, I’ll go take a look,” Mo Fan said.

“Brother, can you save me from this place? I don’t want to be eaten,” the little girl begged.

“Ugh… alright,” Mo Fan could not afford to leave the innocent little girl behind.

He reached his hand out to help the little girl up. The little girl was cowering in the corner. Mo Fan could only see her body and her face.

The little girl grabbed Mo Fan’s hand and cautiously rose to her feet. Her eyes were staring at Mo Fan with an alert look at all times…

Mo Fan suddenly pulled with a great force, dragging the little girl out from the shadow so she was exposed under the moonlight.

“HAHAHA, do you seriously think I’m that stupid!?” Mo Fan burst out laughing. He quickly sealed her movement off by injecting the Dark Material into her body!

To think that a little girl would appear out of nowhere in a place like this, and only dared to reveal half her body to him. Wasn’t it obvious that the other half of her body would look like a snake’s?

How could Mo Fan possibly believe in her nonsense? Even if she could speak the human language, Mo Fan was quite confident that she was the young Medusa. The Medusae were good at tricking people. They could even cast illusions on their enemies to make them believe they were women. Mo Fan was not the naive young man that believed in fairy tales anymore. There was no way he would be tricked by such lies!

Mo Fan was laughing at how naive the young Medusa was, trying to trick him with such a petty lie.

However, he heard someone crying.

The little girl had burst into tears.

Mo Fan was still grabbing at her hand. He looked at her lower body…

Skinny b.u.t.tocks, slender legs, and the mysterious little garden that he could not afford to look at directly…

“This…this…” Mo Fan was stunned once again. More precisely, his mind completely went blank.

It was not a snake!

It was not the body of a snake!

It was indeed the body of a young girl!

The young girl was terrified. She was crying out loud, yet she did not dare to resist since Mo Fan was extremely rough with his pull.

“Are you really a human?” Mo Fan blushed.

He did not think she was actually a little girl instead of the young Medusa. He was sure that he was not being tricked by an illusion. Everything he saw was real!

“I”m sorry, I’m sorry, I thought you were lying, I thought you were the young Medusa…” Mo Fan quickly apologized.

Mo Fan immediately felt his head hurting. In that case, the young Medusa was indeed feasting on humans, and she enjoyed eating little girls like her if it could aid her growth. Most importantly, a group of Mages was kidnapping the little girls for the young Medusa!


This will certainly all go smoothly, and the girl is not involved at all.


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