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Chapter 1660 Not a Worthy Opponent

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“d.a.m.n it, Zu Kuangli, let’s go! There’s no point wasting our time on these lunatics!” The number of burns on Zhao Liwan was increasing!

They were both Fire Mages, yet Zhao Liwan was having difficulty facing off against Mo Fan, even though Mo Fan was not a Super Fire Mage. Zhao Liwan had never felt so humiliated. To make things worse, he had a useless teammate!

“I agree, we have better things to do!” Zu Kuangli agreed quickly.

Zu Kuangli had already realized that if the battle continued on, Mu Ningxue’s Nirvana Ice Domain was going to double in strength. When that happened, she could easily cover him in thick frost by just pointing her finger at him. The spreading frost was too growing too quickly for him, even if he tried to get rid of the frost with his magic.

Zu Kuangli did not dare stay any longer, nor was he willing to admit he was being beaten by an Advanced Ice Mage.

Therefore, running away was clearly the best option!

Zhao Liwan and Zu Kuangli were shameless, and decisively fled for their lives when they realized they had no chance of winning the fight.

This time, Li Jingyu was not absent-minded. The Blue-Scaled Hawk finally came down from above and picked them up.

The Blue-Scaled Hawk quickly retreated into the sky. Zu Kuangli and Zhao Liwan purposely turned around to look at Mo Fan and Mu Ningxue. They were relieved when they did not see the two chasing after them!

They were extremely shocked even now. Those two were absolute monsters!

The trio quickly left the peninsula. Zhao Liwan clenched his teeth, feeling a strong grievance. He snapped suddenly, ‘What was wrong with you!?”

“I…I don’t know!” Li Jingyu began to panic too. He did not understand why he was behaving so strangely today.

Zhao Liwan thought of something when he saw Li Jingyu’s weird reaction. He harrumphed coldly and said, “Li Jingyu, I’m telling you, enough with your petty little tricks. I admit that I slept with your woman last month, but she flirted with me first. Just spill it if you’re not pleased with me. I won’t stop you from leaving, but you should know that we are currently working for Su Lu. You can have any kind of woman you want. Why would you bother falling out with me over a withered willow?”

Li Jingyu was reflecting on his behavior, and was prepared to be scolded by Zhao Liwan. He was thunderstruck when he heard Zhao Liwan’s words.

Even Zu Kuangli was stunned. He finally blurted out, “Zhao Liwan, you…you slept with his woman?”

“Yes!” Zhao Liwan said firmly.

In Zhao Liwan’s eyes, the woman was nothing but a wh.o.r.e. There was nothing special about her, apart from her looks. Only someone like Li Jingyu would fall for her.

Li Jingyu stared at Zhao Liwan. His eyes gradually became bloodshot.

“I’m going to kill you!” Li Jingyu suddenly lunged at Zhao Liwan like a beast.

“Are you f**king out of your mind!?” Zhao Liwan yelled angrily. He was already injured. His wounds were still bleeding when Li Jingyu attacked him so recklessly.

The two began tearing at one another in the sky. Li Jingyu, who had been gifted a green hat, could not have cared less. Zhao Liwan was constantly picking on him. Despite calling him a brother on the surface, Zhao Liwan had always treated him like his pet dog. Li Jingyu had no choice but to withhold his grudges every time he was bullied. After all, Li Jingyu was not hopeless. He still had a beautiful wife waiting for him back at home…

Little did he know, Zhao Liwan had taken his woman, too! That had basically crushed Li Jingyu’s remaining dignity as a man. How could Li Jingyu not fight Zhao Liwan with his life!?

Zu Kuangli did not dare to intervene after seeing the two trying to brawl one another to death.

Zhao Liwan had clearly crossed the line. Zu Kuangli admitted he was a pervert, but he had to understand that it was unacceptable to be hooking up with a friend’s wife. To his surprise, Zhao Liwan, who had always taught him to behave himself, had done something so absurd instead…

“What are you doing? Are you crazy!?” A man with Wind Wings suddenly descended from the black clouds. His imperious voice froze Zhao Liwan and Li Jingyu in place.

Zu Xiangtian looked up, and saw his brother, Zu Xiangtian.

As expected of their leader, they did not dare to misbehave in front of him, knowing his arrogance and outstanding strength!

“Xiangtian, you came just in time. This Li Jingyu has done something unforgivable,” Zhao Liwan pointed at Li Jingyu and grunted.

“***, you dare say that!?” Li Jingyu was enraged. He had the urge to fight Zhao Liwan again right in front of Zu Xiangtian!

“Shut up, both of you! Zu Kuangli, what’s going on here? Weren’t you looking for Norman?” Zu Xiangtian demanded.

“Brother, this is what happened…” Zu Kuangli immediately reported the series of incidents that had befallen them.

Zu Xiangtian frowned after hearing their explanation.

“You idiots, you’re tearing at one another like wild dogs over a woman, yet you dare say you want to serve Su Lu? Even the reckless Bartholomew was a lot more useful than you two!” Zu Xiangtian scolded them.

“Brother, something felt strange to me,” Zu Kuangli admitted after calming down.

“Why were Mo Fan and Mu Ningxue there?” Zu Xiangtian asked.

“It must be a coincidence, but I think they must have seen Norman escape. They intentionally argued with us to cover his escape, in order to delay our search!” Zu Kuangli guessed.

“Is that so? Are you saying that they know where Norman went?” Zu Xiangtian said.

“Mm, we’ve been following his trail. Norman should have landed close to the peninsula,” Zu Kuangli said.

“How dare they oppose us? I would like to see how long these clowns can amuse us for!” Zu Xiangtian’s eyes flickered with disdain.“Should we tell Master Ferran?” Zu Kuangli asked.

“That won’t be necessary, it’s harder to control the Black Dragon after Norman’s intervention. They need a certain number of people to keep an eye on it. If we can’t deal with a trivial matter like this ourselves, how would Mr. Su Lu see us? Mr. Su Lu only acknowledges people reporting back to him after completing their jobs, instead of idiots that beg for his forgiveness after failing their tasks,” Zu Xiangtian stated.

“Mo Fan and Mu Ningxue are a lot stronger than we imagined…” Zu Kuangli said worriedly.

“They were the best duo of the World College Tournament for a reason. Their Innate Talent, Soul-grade Seeds, control, and strength clearly exceed ordinary Mages. How could you two that achieved the Super Level because of resources provided by the clans possibly stand a chance against them?” Zu Xiangtian scoffed.

“Brother, we have been working hard too! It’s just that we don’t have an insane Innate Talent like you. However, those two are no longer a problem now that you are here!” Zu Kuangli said respectfully.

Zu Xiangtian grinned. He never thought of treating them as his worthy opponents!


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