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Chapter 1694: We’ve Held Back For Too Long!

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Big Wolf was discontent. Why couldn’t the creature just take him on? Why did she call her lackeys to fight him instead?

Big Wolf had his brothers, too! He immediately howled to summon the other Moon-Devouring White Wolves when he saw the Carnage Poisonous Salamander calling for help!

The rest of the Moon-Devouring White Wolves were coming out of the dimensional gate while Big Wolf was being a showoff. Two Moon-Devouring White Wolves that had evolved from the Enormous White Wolves immediately came to Big Wolf’s aid. They agilely wove through the Carnage Poisonous Salamanders to regroup with Big Wolf.

A total of eleven Moon-Devouring White Wolves had come out of the dimensional gate. The rest were Enormous White Wolves and the White-Marked Wolves.

Each Enormous White Wolf and White-Marked Wolf was the product of Mo Fan’s efforts in collecting the Soul Remnants and Soul Essences. He preferred to keep casualties to a minimum. However, the rest of the wolves were not as intelligent as the experienced Flying Creek Snow Wolf. They would engage the enemy recklessly, especially the White-Marked Wolves. A single bite from the Commander-level creatures could easily cost them their lives.

That was the main reason why Mo Fan had placed Apas in charge.

Mo Fan was a battle maniac himself. He didn’t have the time to command the wolves when he was engaging the enemy. Luckily Apas, who was extremely afraid of getting her hands dirty, was around!.

Apas seemed to be regarding the wolves with disdain. In her eyes, they were stupid and incapable. They were so much weaker than the Medusae Tribe!

“Big Wolf, Second Wolf, Third Wolf, come back here at once!” Apas ordered mentally.

Apas was seriously speechless after seeing how dumb the three wolves were. A few weak and skinny Carnage Poisonous Salamanders were right in front of them, yet they went straight for the fleshy Carnage Poisonous Salamander instead of eliminating the weaklings first. If they ended up being surrounded by the Carnage Poisonous Salamanders, they would have to rely on the other wolves to risk their lives and provide them with backup. What else could it be if they were not stupid!?

Big Wolf, Second Wolf, and Third Wolf were fighting enthusiastically, but they could not afford to disobey Apas’ order. If Little Flame Belle was their little ancestor, Apas was their new superior!

Luckily, the three wolves were very nimble, and managed to break free from the surround.

“Follow your leaders, don’t just attack mindlessly!” Apas commanded every wolf.

There were more than two hundred Moon-Devouring White Wolves, Enormous White Wolves, and White-Marked Wolves. It was a great mess when they all came out of the dimensional gate. The lowest-leveled White-Marked Wolves were charging at the enemy recklessly. They were no different than cannon fodder in Apas’ eyes.

The wolves were up against Carnage Poisonous Salamanders, a group of Commander-level creatures. The Warrior-level White-Marked Wolves would be poisoned to death in just half a minute if they wandered close enough to the Carnage Poisonous Salamanders; their numbers would not make any difference. Therefore, Apas immediately asked the three wolf leaders to regroup and restrict the movement of the White-Marked Wolves and the Enormous White Wolves!

Apas ordered the Enormous White Wolves and the White-Marked Wolves to stick to the closest Moon-Devouring White Wolf nearby. She proceeded to split the wolves, other than the three wolf leaders, into seven squads!

The seven squads each held a Commander-level Moon-Devouring White Wolf, three Enormous White Wolves, and around twenty White-Marked Wolves!

It was inappropriate for Apas to keep consuming a huge amount of her energy just to give orders to every White-Marked Wolf, considering their numbers. Therefore, the best way was to split the wolves into squads, meaning that she would only need to give orders to the Moon-Devouring White Wolves or the Enormous White Wolves. The White-Marked Wolves would not disobey the command of the higher-level creatures!

Apas just needed to focus on commanding the Moon-Devouring White Wolves and the Enormous White Wolves to control the entire army!

“You, lead your wolves and eliminate the one close to the edge of the island.”

“You, scarface, go take out the one that is spitting out poison.”

“The few of you, lead the White-Marked Wolves and keep those three Carnage Poisonous Salamanders busy. Try to split them up…”

“The rest of you, maintain your formation and kill that stranded Carnage Poisonous Salamander as soon as possible!”

Apas quickly a.s.signed them their tasks. Her main approach was to split the enemy up and focus effort on one Carnage Poisonous Salamander at a time.

Wolves were very impressive when it came to taking down an enemy with numbers. They were good at fighting in a pack. That synergy allowed them to kill a creature who was slightly stronger than them without any casualties.

However, if they were up against the same number of enemies, they would easily lose their formation and end up fighting on their own.

Apas had allocated a portion of the wolves to split up the Carnage Poisonous Salamanders and hara.s.s them. Their job was not to inflict serious injuries and kill the enemy, but to minimize their threat and isolate the Carnage Poisonous Salamanders.

Once a Carnage Poisonous Salamander was isolated, Apas would immediately give the order to kill it. The Moon-Devouring White Wolves, Enormous White Wolves, and White-Marked Wolves would use their deadliest moves. It was unlikely that a Carnage Poisonous Salamander could survive them!

Apas split the battle into smaller fights, taking out the enemy one by one. It greatly minimized their casualties, while reducing the enemy’s numbers.

The snakes and scorpions were quite similar to the wolves in terms of their fighting habits. Therefore, the approach that Apas normally used to command the snakes and scorpions was very effective for the wolves, too!

Two isolated Carnage Poisonous Salamanders were soon surrounded by a few squads of the wolves.

Big Wolf, Second Wolf, and Third Wolf sat behind Apas. Second Wolf, who was the most impatient among them all, could not wait any longer, seeing how the others were having an enjoyable time killing the enemy.

Why aren’t we killing the enemy yet!?

“Stay here! If you keep running around like you did before, even if you eliminated the Carnage Poisonous Salamanders, half of the White-Marked Wolves were going to die too!” Apas glared at the three idiots.

Third Wolf howled, as if he was about to talk back. The observant Big Wolf immediately slapped Third Wolf on the head. Third Wolf lowered his head helplessly, since he did not dare to disobey his big brother. His howl weakened slightly, too!

“See that one that is spitting out poison far away?” Apas turned to the three Moon-Devouring White Wolves who were sitting upright on the ground.

Big Wolf, Second Wolf, and Third Wolf nodded. Their tails wagged rapidly.

“Kill it at your fastest speed and come back here,” Apas said.




The three Moon-Devouring White Wolves immediately charged forward like rockets; they finally had a job to do!

You little b**ch that keeps spitting out poison back there, we’ve held back for too long!


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