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Chapter 1869: The Real Storm

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Liu Ru suggested Mu Bai inform Mo Fan about the incident. Mu Bai decided to give Mo Fan a call.

“Did something happen over there too?” Mo Fan asked as soon as the call connected.

Mu Bai was startled. He looked at Liu Ru, who was also wearing a puzzled expression now.

“Something happened?” Mu Bai asked.

“Someone has been impersonating me at the school recently, but that person is now dead. Dean Xiao told me something tried to invade the Pearl Inst.i.tute and my apartment, but a professor with the Light Element noticed it,” Mo Fan informed him.

“It’s similar to what happened on my end. Mu Xumian almost died because of it,” Mu Bai confirmed.

As soon as Mu Bai finished the sentence, Zhao Manyan’s loud voice came from the other end, “d.a.m.n, you actually slept with her and let her take a bullet for you! Mu Bai, you’ve indeed learned all my skills. I’m proud of you!”

“Proud my a.s.s, there’s nothing between us! She just took over my house!” Mu Bai was enraged by Zhao Manyan’s words.

“So you took over her body?”

“It’s really impossible to communicate with you in a human way. Can you please keep your mouth shut and focus on the matter on hand? Mu Xumian is in a pretty bad spot. She almost died. If I was the victim, you wouldn’t have seen me again!” Mu Bai snarled.

Zhao Manyan deserved a scolding more than Mo Fan!

“They might be coming after me, but they have turned to those around me because they couldn’t harm me… Old Zhao, you should be extra careful too. I’ll tell the others to stay on alert,” Mo Fan said.

“It’s fine, I’m about to cultivate in seclusion anyway,” Zhao Manyan said.

“We’ll have to find the culprit behind it. We have no clue what triggers the spell and how the victims were Possessed by the evil spirit. We can’t be on alert all the time. If any of us falls victim to it, we won’t have a chance to live. Mo Fan, the spell is the hardest to defend against of the Curses I’ve encountered so far. The person after you is obviously not just a n.o.body. You have to be careful,” Mu Bai warned him sternly.

“I understand, I won’t forgive anyone who tries to harm the people around me either!” Mo Fan promised him.

After what happened, Mo Fan could no longer cultivate in peace at the Magic City. He left Zhao Manyan behind and headed for Fanxue Mountain with Lingling.

The airport at Feiniao City was now finished. It would only take fourteen minutes by plane to reach from Magic City to Fanxue Mountain. To Mo Fan’s surprise, a huge storm occurred on his way to the airport!

The storm came very suddenly. Mo Fan still remembered the day was sunny and bright when he left for the airport, yet the sky was covered by stormy clouds with a huge downpour less than ten minutes after he hailed a ride. The vehicles on the highway had turned on their headlamps. The visibility on the road had dropped significantly.

“(Sigh), why is it raining again? I always feel uncomfortable in rain,” the driver grumbled.

“Why would you feel uncomfortable? Won’t you have more customers when it’s raining? I’m more worried that my flight will be canceled. I’ll have to ride my mount in the rain. The Magic a.s.sociation has restricted us from riding our Summoned Beasts on the highway. It’s not like I didn’t pay the f**king toll fee,” Mo Fan grumbled along.

“I’m from Shanghai, how could I not be worried now that Pudong is drowned? The water will continue to rise if it keeps raining… Those sea monsters might even invade the city and feast on us! Speaking of which, what the heck are you Mages doing? Why didn’t you do something to the glaciers melting in Antarctica? I just bought a house in Pudong, but the country didn’t even compensate me for my loss!” the driver exclaimed.

“…” Mo Fan was left speechless by the driver.

The driver dared to say anything he pleased. Shouldn’t Buddha or G.o.d be responsible for the rise of sea level from the melting glaciers in Antarctica? What were Mages supposed to do to stop it? The driver sounded like the glaciers were not going to melt if the Mages worked harder. Were the Arctic and the Antarctic even some places where Mages could visit as they pleased? Even a Forbidden Mage might die there!

“It’s now summer, the monsoon season for the tropics. Shanghai will have a lot more storms because of tropical cyclones. If the storms last for a long time, the sea level in Pudong might rise even further,” Lingling piped up.

“Exactly, that’s what I’m worried about! If the situation along the coastline keeps worsening, I think it’s better for me to move back to my hometown in Sichuan,” the driver said.

“Brother, didn’t you just say you are from Shanghai?” Mo Fan said.

“I meant my wife’s parents!”

“Ugh, does that even matter…”

“It’s my wife’s family! Do you still want to go to the airport or not?”

“Yes, of course, please focus on the road. The rain is huge. You may throw a tantrum, but please don’t turn your head around. I will be fine if we end up in a crash. I’m just worried about your safety,” Mo Fan said.

“Look at you speak!”


The storm was so huge that most flights had been canceled. Mo Fan waited at the airport for three hours before he heard the announcement calling the pa.s.sengers to board the plane.

Mo Fan was bewildered. If he knew it was going to waste so much of his time, he would have called Li Dong, the opportunist who also worked as an air taxi driver, to give him a ride. It would have saved him a lot of time.

The plane took off amid the downpour. Mo Fan could feel how fierce the storm was as the plane soared through the thick stormy clouds. It was shaking as vigorously as a roller coaster. Even he was feeling anxious, let alone the ordinary pa.s.sengers who were screaming.

As the plane reached a higher alt.i.tude, the stormy clouds were slowly left behind. Mo Fan looked down and noticed the black clouds were like mountains on the ground. It was hard to imagine the place below was the mundane world. It felt more like the underworld instead.

“Such a terrifying storm!” Mo Fan exclaimed.

The plane had already reached a high alt.i.tude. Mo Fan was supposed to be able to see over a hundred kilometers around, yet it was completely covered by the storm from the Pacific Ocean. Even the mountains, rivers, basins, and valleys were trembling in the storm, not to mention how minuscule humans were in a natural disaster!

“The monsoon season of the tropics is also the season of sea monsters…” Lingling said softly.

“Is it going to be serious?” Mo Fan asked.

“It’s hard to say. j.a.pan is a country that is constantly ravaged by tsunamis and tropical storms, which is why they are the best in naval fighting. Our eastern coastline has been peaceful for a long time, so our defense is lacking there. We even had to a.s.sign soldiers from inland to the coastline, which means they seriously lack experience fighting naval battles… Councilman Shao Zheng has made a lot of preventive measures, but the monsoon season is when the real invasion of sea monsters begins. We’ll have to see how long the storm lasts for. If it’s more than three days, it will definitely trigger a huge battle!” Lingling stared at the gray clouds with a worried face.

It was only a matter of time for the inevitable to happen. The coastline had long been preparing to face the real storm that was approaching!


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