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Chapter 2020: Mu Ningxue’s Third Element

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

It was difficult to trick the kids nowadays. Mo Fan had realized it from interacting with the little cub.

Wasn’t it just a s.h.i.+tty rock? It didn’t have any scent, and she might break her teeth biting it. Why did she keep holding it in her mouth?

“Believe me, I seriously need it to save lives. We humans treat the people around us preciously. I’m sure the white tigers are the same, too. I’ve rescued you from the Frosty Ancient Eagles’ nest, so in return, you should give me your pacifier,” Mo Fan said.

The little cub grinned and completely ignored Mo Fan. She was acting like ‘if you try to force me to give it up, I’ll just swallow it instead’.

Mo Fan scratched the back of his ear. He seriously missed Little Flame Belle. If Little Flame Belle was around, she would be able to befriend the little cub and convince her to give up the thing inside her mouth. After all, wasn’t she just a little baby?

The little cub did not compromise. She had been having fun in the Frosty Ancient Eagles’ nest. Now that Mo Fan had brought her out, he had to show her something more interesting, or he would have to bring her back to the kindergarten!

“You little sh**, why didn’t you keep your promise? You told us you would give it to us after we’ve shaken off your mother. We risked our lives to fight the Tianshan Scar White Tiger, yet you didn’t keep your promise. Are the tigers so dishonest? Won’t Tianshan Mountain be ashamed of you?” Mo Fan went on.

The little cub raised her head proudly, like she was saying, “I’m just a kid, I will be forgiven for anything!”

Forcing the little cub to give up? The truth was, she was not as delicate as she seemed. It would be a little tricky to take the Night Amethyst by force!

Mo Fan did not dare to be too harsh on her. He had already met the Tianshan Scar White Tiger. If any harm befell the little cub, he would have no chance of leaving Tianshan Mountain!

“What exactly do you want?” Mo Fan asked helplessly.

The little cub growled to express her intention.

“She’s basically saying if you play with her, she will give it to you.” Jiang Shaoxu had come over, and used the Psychic Element to interpret the little cub’s thoughts.

Jiang Shaoxu seemed to be on point. The little cub kept nodding. Her round head was like a chubby panda’s instead of a tiger.

“Why must I stumble into such a little ancestor that isn’t afraid of being kidnapped? Screw it, the Night Amethyst is in her hands… her mouth anyway. It means we have secured a Night Amethyst,” Mo Fan said.

Mo Fan placed the little cub down so she could play with the Night Rakshasa.

They were both from the cat family, but the Night Rakshasa was unapproachable compared to the little cub. She completely ignored the naughty kid, yet the cub treated no one as a stranger. She kept playing with the Night Rakshasa’s tail.

The Night Rakshasa was enraged. She turned into a black ray and flew to the ice clouds above the group like she was off to patrol the area. She was just trying to shake the annoying little cub off.

A white figure swiftly sprang onto the ice clouds after her. The little cub was behind the Night Rakshasa in less than a second. She reached her chubby paw toward the Night Rakshasa’s tail again.

The Night Rakshasa hated being touched on the tail. Her hair stood on its end when the little cub touched her there. She subconsciously raised her claw and turned her head to glare at the little cub.

The little cub immediately looked up. She stared at the Night Rakshasa with wide glittering eyes.

The Night Rakshasa had no choice but to withdraw her claws.

She did not feel like hitting or scolding the little cub. She ran away as quickly as she could from the troublesome kid. To everyone’s surprise, the little cub was extremely quick too! She was able to catch up to the Night Rakshasa no matter where she ran to.

“The little cub is pretty strong!” Mo Fan blurted out in surprise.

No wonder the little cub was perfectly safe in the eagles’ nest. She was just as fast as the Night Rakshasa!

The little cub enjoyed playing with the Night Rakshasa, which almost drove the Night Rakshasa mad. Why did they bring along such an annoying little creature? She was struggling to shake the cub off, who was chasing her like a second tail.

Luckily, the little cub was just a kid. She soon fell asleep after she was done having fun. The little cub wanted to sleep in Mu Ningxue’s arms, but Mo Fan disagreed with it.

“That’s my place. Off you go,” Mo Fan angrily shoved the little cub into Jiang Shaoxu’s arms.

Mu Ningxue rolled her eyes at Mo Fan. Must he really say that out loud?

“Xuexue, her attributes fit nicely with yours, and she’s particularly fond of you too. I’m pretty sure she is willing to go with you,” Mo Fan said.

Mo Fan believed things would be a lot simpler once Mu Ningxue adopted the little cub. It would only be a matter of time until they secured the Night Amethyst.

Mu Ningxue shook her head, like something was bothering her.

“I can tell you are troubled. Tell me about it,” Mo Fan said.

Mu Ningxue stared at the campfire. She was lost in her thoughts while her eyes were fixed on the flickering flames, but eventually realized Mo Fan was still looking at her. She replied after a slight hesitation, “My Contract is a Death Contract.”

“Death Contract?” Mo Fan had never heard of the term before.

“As the Ice Crystal Bow is being repaired, it will obtain its own soul. I’ve bound my Contract to it just so I can control it better, so my Third Element is basically non-existent,” Mu Ningxue explained.

Mu Ningxue rarely mentioned her Third Element to anyone, but the little cub had reminded her of what happened on Tianshan Mountain when she first came here.

“What’s your Third Element?” Mo Fan asked.

“Summoning Element,” Mu Ningxue replied.

“Huh? I’ve never seen your Summoned Beast,” Mo Fan exclaimed.

“It’s my fault that it has become a Death Contract…” Mu Ningxue sighed.

“What do you mean by a Death Contract?”

“My soul is bound with the Ice Crystal Bow. You do know how challenging and torturous it is for me to control the Ice Crystal Bow. If I sign a Contract with other creatures, they would have to go through the same challenges and pain…” Mu Ningxue’s voice softened. She was obviously recalIing something painful, “Do you remember Qin Yu’er? The woman who was frozen in the Scar of Tianshan Mountain?”


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