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Chapter 2090: Bury Him or I’ll Bury You All

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Kid, please stay calm,” the foreman tried to stop Mo Fan.

“Even though I don’t like you private contractors not following the protocols, I find these people more annoying,” Mo Fan replied.

“Young man, a piece of advice from me. I have spent a long time in society, I know who is putting up an act and who is vicious. You don’t want to mess with these people. They must have killed a lot of people before,” the foreman told him.

“Do you mean their murderous aura from doing a lot of wicked things?” Mo Fan asked rhetorically.

“Something like that, they must be murderers. My mine isn’t really legal, so if anything happens the government won’t even raise an eyebrow. They will just a.s.sume it was an accident and accuse me of being responsible for my workers’ deaths. Kid, I know you are hot-blooded, but please don’t go against their will. How can you possibly take on a group of Intermediate Mages?” the foreman tried to convince him.

The foreman had no idea that Mages had better hearing than ordinary people, especially those with the Sound Element.

The leader of the mercenaries was obviously a Sound Mage. He was amused by the words of the foreman.

“Intermediate Mages? HAHAHA!”

“Leader, that fatty thinks we are only Intermediate Mages!” a mercenary with blue hair burst out laughing.

The rest of the mercenaries were laughing too.

“The weakest in our group has at least one Element at the Advanced Level! You’re funny!” a bulky man whose upper body was naked despite the cold weather laughed.

The Battle Beast Mercenary Group had been blacklisted by the country. They were registered with the Magic a.s.sociation, but they had done a lot of foul things that were against the rules. They were still free, however, as the Enforcement Union had failed to collect solid evidence on them.

The Battle Beast Mercenary Group was strong, but they had a bad reputation. Most Magic a.s.sociations did not care to have any ties with them.

The foreman was obviously unfamiliar with magical society, but the old Basic Mages among them had heard of these mercenaries before.

“I’ve heard every word you said. Young man… you might think you are impressive in this world, so you dare to provoke anyone you stumble into, but to be honest with you, the words you said might cost you your life. Idiot!” the mercenary with blue hair mocked him.

The leader of the mercenaries looked down disdainfully. He did not treat any Mages who were guarding a petty mine seriously. To his amus.e.m.e.nt, this young man had dared to oppose him.

“Foreman, I’ll give you a chance,” the leader said. “Bury that kid alive, and I’ll spare the rest of you. However, if you think he is one of you, I’ll bury you all!”

“Please don’t, I promise I’ll give you what you want. This mine has been operating for a few months, so I also made a little profit. Please take it all. The people are only doing some manual labor to feed their families. It’s our fault for offending you. You must be tired. Please rest inside our tents. We’ll work hard and dig up the Silver Stone Heart in a week. What do you say?” the foreman offered quickly.

The leader of the mercenaries stared at the foreman coldly. There was not the slightest hint of mercy in his eyes.

“I’m taking the Silver Stone Heart, but those who make me feel uncomfortable are asking for their deaths! Make the choice, I’ve given you a chance. If you don’t…humph!” the leader of the mercenaries hissed with a murderous expression.

“Please, I’m begging you, the young man was just helping us, or we would have been eaten by the demon creatures. We can’t possibly turn against him. Please take what you want and all we have. We promise you that we won’t tell anyone, nor will we bring you any trouble. If that isn’t enough, I’m willing to give you a year’s profit from now too. I can’t bury my own,” the foreman begged. He almost had the urge to drop to his knees.

The mercenary with blue hair kicked the foreman and cursed, “What a useless jerk, the foremen of the bigger mines we know are willing to set their own people up and make it look like accidents just so they don’t have to pay them! How can you make a fortune if you don’t have the resolve to do such a simple thing!?”

“I…I’m just trying to earn some capital. Please let us go,” the foreman said after crawling to his feet.

“Leader, let’s not waste our time further. The Bright-Colored Beasts have already brought us here. The Silver Stone Heart must be somewhere here. I think this is Fanxue Mountain’s territory. I heard my old friends mention that their Disciplinary Team will investigate until they find the truth if they find an unusual body,” the mercenary with blue hair spoke up thoughtfully.

“Fanxue Mountain? Didn’t that b**ch join Fanxue Mountain?” the bulky man exclaimed.

“Humph, she was the one who caught Third Brother in Shandong and handed him over to the Enforcement Union.”

“If it’s her, I guess we should give her a huge gift in return, then!” the leader grinned.

The foreman and the students did not understand what the mercenaries were saying. However, they fell to the ground in fear when they saw the menacing look in the mercenaries’ eyes.

“Foreman, we have an enemy in this place, so we are planning to bring her a little trouble. My offer still counts, make your decision,” the leader of the mercenaries said with a twisted smile.

He was about to call it off after seeing how sincere the foreman was, but considered these people unlucky.

That b**ch Shao Yu was here. They would never forgive her!

“Ugh… I really can’t do it. He’s an Intermediate Mage too. How can we even bury him?” the foreman could only say.

“It’s simple. I’ll help you suppress him while you handle the burying. Foreman, you must show us your sincerity if you want us to believe you won’t report us. If you bury him, I believe you won’t tell the government about us,” the bulky man countered.

The foreman wiped the dust on his face. He looked at Mo Fan helplessly.

Mo Fan remained silent as he observed the situation.

“Don’t do it, Old Liu, don’t…” Zhu Kan said as he crawled out from the debris.

“Oh? You can still move? It seems like our mounts haven’t filled their stomachs. Foreman, how about this? If you don’t make your decision in the next minute, I’ll feed everyone here to our mounts for dinner!” the leader of the mercenaries proclaimed.


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