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Chapter 2241: Magistrate Schierling

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth


A wolf’s howl came from the distance. It sounded like Fourth Wolf, whose nose was more sensitive than the rest of the wolves.

Mo Fan immediately headed that way. He heard burbling after moving half a kilometer in that direction. It grew louder as he drew closer.

“Is it a waterfall?” Mo Fan followed Fourth Wolf.

Fourth Wolf led the way. They were very close to the waterfall.

It turned out that the Ninth Mound was located at the waterfall. Mo Fan looked around and saw a wide river which was partially cut off by a Mound. The water was falling into a deep lake below like a white dragon.

The Ninth Mound was located above the waterfall, right by the riverbank. It had been established on top of a huge rock, which served as its foundation. The rock was around the size of a basketball court, with the structure atop it.

“So this is the place?” Mo Fan stared at the building above the waterfall.

It did not look like a secret factory that belonged to the Black Vatican. He imagined the factory would have lots of chimneys and be on a s.p.a.cious ground patrolled by armed guards.

“I don’t see anyone around…” Mo Fan crept closer. It felt like the rapid current of the river could knock the mound to the bottom of the waterfall at any second.

Mo Fan knocked on the wooden door after he reached the mound.

“Is anyone here? I’m a lecturer at the Aorus Sacred Inst.i.tute. I lost my way while I was hunting in the woods. Can anyone show me the way back to the school? h.e.l.lo? Is anyone in there?” Mo Fan shouted, but received no answer.

Mo Fan decided to break his way in instead of wasting his time.

Squeak! The door slowly swung open as Mo Fan was about to force his way in.

Mo Fan was greeted by hair dangling in front of a chubby face with a sleepy expression, followed by a pleasant scent.

A young woman?

Why would a young woman be taking a nap inside a Mound that served as an important security checkpoint so deep in the woods?

“It feels great taking a nap when it’s raining. Mister, do you want to take a nap with me?” the woman asked with a smile. Her alluring eyes enticed any man to strip her on the spot.

“(Cough cough), I just happened to lose my way in the woods. I’m not interested in taking a nap right now. I just want to ask if you have seen any strange people around here, like a plump middle-aged man who hides in the sewers and brews cooking oil with dead bodies,” Mo Fan replied blandly.

“Not really, but there’s a little witch that brews Potions in her pajamas. Does that intrigue you?” the woman who had referred to herself as a witch answered.

“What Potions? Can I take a look?” Mo Fan raised his eyebrows.

“Sure, I like to show people my work.” The little witch opened the door and invited Mo Fan in.

Mo Fan went inside without any hesitation. He immediately noticed the dead body on the dining table.

It was not a human corpse, but the dead body of a hairy Hillman. Its organs were exposed. A few spotlights were s.h.i.+ning on it, so it was easier to observe it.

“It’s very interesting. It will go berserk when I feed it my Potion. It will attack anything that comes into view,” the witch explained happily.

“There must be a lot of Hillmen in the Andes Mountains,” Mo Fan murmured.

“I think so, so I was wondering whether the Aorus Sacred Inst.i.tute would survive if I mixed my Potion with the rain,” the witch said with a charming smile.

“I bet it will end up as a burial ground,” Mo Fan judged.

“HAHA, Mo Fan, are you willing to witness that spectacular sight with me?” the witch asked lightly.

“I haven’t introduced myself,” Mo Fan frowned at her.

“You got the better of me… but you still owe me a favor. If I hadn’t killed the woman with the Cold Prince, you wouldn’t have been able to fight him with your full strength. It’s impressive that you were able to find this place. Why don’t you pretend you didn’t see a thing here to repay my favor?” the witch suggested.

“Blue Bat, it’s not the first time we have met. Your boring act isn’t going to work. How about this? If you hand over the Frenzy Liquid, I will go easy on you by leaving your corpse intact,” Mo Fan replied gravely.

“How bad of you, are you really not going to leave my corpse alone?” Blue Bat simpered.

Blue Bat was Salan’s proud student, but she had an unpredictable personality. She had been an expressionless woman when she was working for the Cold Prince. She had even come up with a pitiful background to trick him.

“Where’s your boss?” Mo Fan asked.

“Master has been busy lately, so I’m in charge here,” Blue Bat answered.

“Are you the mastermind behind the plan to raze the Aorus Sacred Inst.i.tute to the ground?” Mo Fan blurted out in astonishment.

“How could you underestimate me? I’m the one who used you to get rid of the Cold Prince! I might not be comparable to a Red Cardinal after taking out the Cold Prince, but I’m at least at the same level as the Chief Extraditor,” Blue Bat complained to him.

“Who’s the Chief Extraditor?” Mo Fan bantered back.

“I’m not an idiot. I won’t answer your questions. I do like kids, so if you are willing to give me a son so I can raise him into a Red Cardinal to replace the Cold Prince, I’ll tell you who the Chief Extraditor is!” Blue Bat replied cheerfully.


“How did the Aorus Sacred Inst.i.tute step on your tail?” Mo Fan continued, ignoring Blue Bat’s nonsense.

“I can tell you that for free,” Blue Bat sat on the table, completely ignoring the filthy dead body on it. She kicked her legs playfully and explaining to Mo Fan patiently, “Before master takes over the role of the Supreme Pontiff, she would like to settle the debts of her past life. As a result, those who voted with a black stone must die!”

“You mean the Magistrates who judged Wen Tai guilty?” Mo Fan was stunned.

Not too long ago, Schierling had told Mo Fan he used to be a Magistrate of the Holy Judgment Court. He had gotten that fire amber piece when he was still a Magistrate. Mo Fan did not expect him to be one of the Magistrates who were involved in Wen Tai’s case!

“So you weren’t aware of master’s motives even after so long… I mean, master’s path of redemption!” Blue Bat corrected herself.

Mo Fan suddenly noticed something odd. “You mentioned your master is planning to settle the debts of her past life. Is she dead, or is she an undead?”

“Idiot, master has claimed the t.i.tle of the G.o.d of Death, so her ident.i.ty before she became the G.o.d of Death is considered her past life. Wasn’t a son-in-law of master’s aware of her past life?” Blue Bat shot back.

Mo Fan’s face darkened. What the heck!?


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