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Chapter 634: Traitor

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Another loud crash took place. The two Black Clergy did not survive either, not even their bodies could be found.

Liu Ru, who was fighting against the other Cursed Beasts, was astounded.

Obviously, the crimson-red steel skeleton was Fang Gu’s undead. If he actually used this skeleton to attack the people of Hua Village, not a single one would have been able to survive. The skeleton’s strength was too overwhelming. Even the Warrior-level Cursed Beasts were killed in just a few blows!

As there were two lesser Cursed Beasts now, Liu Ru suddenly felt the pressure lifted off her shoulders. Meanwhile, the crimson-red skeleton seemed like it had yet to fully enjoy itself, and it continued to charge toward the Cursed Beasts and Dark Beast Monsters and butchered them…

Little Flame Belle’s crisp voice appeared beside Mo Fan’s ear. She was telling Daddy Mo Fan that the new missile had been loaded, ready to fire at anytime!

Mo Fan’s lips curled into a cold grin. He was staring at the female deacon, who was still trying to set up her defense.

An Advanced Magician?

He had never seen any Advanced Magician weaker than her!

Having more layers of defense would not make any difference, as long as they were not Advanced Spells. Little Flame Belle’s Meteorite Fist could easily blast her into ashes!

The woman’s face contorted when she saw the other brown flame rising from Mo Fan’s body.

She could barely resist his fourth-tier Fiery Fist, but if Mo Fan were to attack with the Meteorite Fist that was equivalent to an Advanced Spell, even a few extra lives were not enough for her to survive.

Brown, red, the two flames combined together, it was none other than the combination of the Meteorite Fist from little Flame Belle’s Possess and the fourth-tier Fiery Fist, the super Fiery Fist that had sent the Flesh Mound Corpse Official flying!

“Stop…stop it!”

As Mo Fan unleashed his murderous aura, a fairly timid voice appeared. “I’m telling you to stop. Otherwise, your friend is going to die!” the voice grew firmer. He was grabbing onto a magical weapon which looked like a dagger.

The dagger was held right at Zhang Xiaohou’s neck. It could easily slice Zhang Xiaohou’s throat open.

Zhang Xiaohou’s expression remained blank as usual. He did not show too much reaction even when a sharp weapon was held at his throat.

Mo Fan frowned and glanced at the person coldly.

“Hong Jun, what are you doing?!” snapped Su Xiaoluo furiously.

Chief Xie Sang was confused, too. He glanced at Hong Jun, who had suddenly grabbed Zhang Xiaohou and blurted out, “Hong Jun, the Black Vatican are not good people either, what are you doing?”

“Chief, do you not understand still?” Mo Fan wore a mocking grin as he was able to see the truth with a single glance.

“HAHAHAHA, well done, who would have thought that a little Gray Priest would be useful at such crucial times. Nice job, I’ll take you up once we’re done here. You’re smarter than those clergy that died!” the female deacon suddenly burst out laughing.

“Hong Jun, how could you, we are people from the villages, we are obliged to follow the teachings of our ancestors…” Su Xiaoluo was stunned too. She never thought Hong Jun was one of the Black Vatican.

But, Hong Jun had stayed in the village just like anyone else. How did he come into contact with the Black Vatican?

“Humph, don’t even talk to me about the teachings! You’re just a bunch of people living like primitive tribes! Idiots like you who stubbornly follow the teachings of your ancestors have no clue how marvelous the outside world is, and because of you overly conservative people, I was born in that s.h.i.+thole. I can’t fit in, even though I’m a Magician!” yelled Hong Jun.

“Three years…you’ve only left the village for three years, and you’ve turned into something like this…”

“I swore not to go back after the second month I left the village. If it weren’t for the orders given to me, do you really think I would bother going back to the village? What does the village have, apart from a bunch of idiots who either keep talking about the teachings of their ancestors or doing that cheap farm work for their entire lives? The most ridiculous thing is the rule about not being allowed to leave the village because of some G.o.d in the wells? F**king bulls.h.i.+t!” Hong Jun vented out all his frustrations toward the village. His face was twisted like a monster.

“But… that doesn’t mean you should join the Black Vatican instead! I even broke the rules given by the ancestors, chased the people of Sunny Goat Village away, and even stole some of the Water of Kun every month, just so your path as a Magician would be smoother, just so you could grow stronger than those who ridiculed you…” said Chief Xie Sang, whose face was full of despair.

“It’s too slow, the benefits that the Water of Kun provided to my cultivation are too slow! You could never imagine what the Black Vatican offered to me!” said Hong Jun.

“Don’t worry, once you are promoted to a Black Clergyman, you can do whatever you want. Money, women, fame, respect, whoever dares to mock you because of your background, you can turn them into Dark Beast Monsters, into your slaves!” the female deacon burst out laughing.

The two flames rising from Mo Fan’s body did not dissipate. He did not expect someone from the village would collude with the Black Vatican. After all, the people of the villages were basically cut off from the rest of the world. It was difficult for the people of Black Vatican to blend in, and it would not do any good to the Black Vatican, either. To his surprise, this Hong Jun, who had only spent three years outside the village to study and become a Magician, was already corrupted!

Or perhaps, the guy always hated his background. He was a slave driven by his desires from the beginning, and the Black Vatican just happened to be able to fulfill his dreams.

“So everything happened because of your greed. How are you going to face the villagers who died!” snapped Su Xiaoluo furiously.

“There are only a bunch of people that lived like slaves doing farm work, who cares if they are dead? They always mentioned how great and sacred the teachings of the ancestors were, yet they were nothing but jokes to outsiders!” said Hong Jun.

Xie Sang could not find any words. He had disobeyed the teachings of his ancestors and put the lives of villagers to an end, just so he could satisfy his son’s desire to become a reputable Magician. He never thought it would come to this…

As he thought about the villagers that Fang Gu had killed to avenge his people, and his son who he didn’t know anymore, he suddenly felt dispirited and fell to the ground, as if he had lost his soul.

“Chief,” Zhang Xiaohou’s voice came.

Chief Xie Sang raised his head. He did not understand why the r.e.t.a.r.ded kid was calling him.

“To be honest, I always thought you were one of the Black Vatican,” said Zhang Xiaohou calmly, whose eyes looked alive for once.

The chief was startled. He did not quite catch what Zhang Xiaohou was trying to say. However, for some reason, he felt that the kid’s tone was not as r.e.t.a.r.ded as before…

“Brother Fan, I’m sorry to drag you into such a mess again,” Zhang Xiaohou ignored Xie Sang’s reaction. He stared at Mo Fan with a smile.

Mo Fan responded with a smile too.

The Calamity Fire and the Rose Flame that remained burning on him suddenly grew stronger. His surroundings was fully immersed in a blinding blazing red.

Those that were supposed to die would still die; did the female deacon really think she could escape with the help of a mere traitor?


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