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Chapter 372: Makuramaru

SpyingBlade looked at the organs and saw the extremely active acid. He held onto his gun tightly, an indescribable feeling in his heart. Fang Ci patted his shoulders, “You should thank her…”

“Thank you…” SpyingBlade said to Cold Moon’s back.

“No need to thank me, just don’t disappoint leader…” Cold Moon said without turning back.

Bones finished gathering the data and then looked at the two of them. “Let’s get out of here…”

On the train back, SpyingBlade kept reflecting on the recent experience. He looked at Cold Moon, who was resting with her eyes closed. Just what kind of experience do you have to suffer to be able to be so ruthless. Can I be as heartless as her? Earlier, I nearly lost my life due to pity. Perhaps I really have been living in a peaceful world. Now that I’m seeing the dark side of this peaceful world, I’ve realized, I really am too naive. Even Fang Ci, who is many years younger than me knows not to be soft-hearted.

Fang Ci put away his silver gun. “Actually, before joining the game, I was a very ordinary person. I was just a rather high-achieving high school student…”

“What is this game?” SpyingBlade recalled Fang Ci’s earlier words.

“After ZhenTan City’s catastrophe, me and my sister were sent to Lin Hai, but Little Tong developed cancer. All I have left in the world is my little sister. Before mother died, she always told me I had to take good care of my sister. There just happened to be an underworld boss in Lin Hai called the Gamer who conducts these ‘games’. The game is to have the partic.i.p.ants kill each other, then the final survivor will have their dream fulfilled. Truth be told, it’s just some money and status. I joined the game on my own accord. I killed many people, and ploted the death of many others, but every person I killed was one more crime I had to bear. I told myself that it was all to save my sister. In that sort of environment, the moment you act naive or trust someone, is the moment you die without a funeral. In the end, there was only me and a little girl left. She was like me, there to save her mother… her family. I thought to myself, what if this girl were my sister and she came to the game, threw away her innocence, and gave up her humanity. I couldn’t kill her in the end. She begged me to use a part of the winnings to save her mother. At that time, I asked her, if she won, would she use a bit of her winnings to save my sister? She promised, so I chose to kill myself. Because I knew, if I killed her, it would be no better than personally killing Little Tong…” Fang Ci’s words made SpyingBlade contemplate for a long time. Would he be able to survive in that sort of environment? He thought of how Fang Ci was able to maintain his last thread of humanity, while also helping his last opponent save their’s. Perhaps he wasn’t fit for this sort of eradication mission. Now he understood Ye Cang’s meaning. Was this the reason they were chosen? He sighed, but had a faint smile. That guy is really becoming more and more mysterious.

Seaside cottage.

Zuo Yiyi spent a huge amount of money, and with Wu Na’s approval, had a large bathroom built. Right now the three women, as well as Little Ye Tian and Little Tong, were inside have a lively chat while bathing. As for Ye Cang’s group of three, they were in the living room watching the replay of the compet.i.tion. Each of them were review how awesome they themselves were.

“XiangYu will be partic.i.p.ating in a sword fighting tournament the day after tomorrow. Should we teach her a killing move?” Zhang ZhengXiong asked while watching TV.

“Killing move… let me think. I guess we can let her try ‘spiral’, but it will definitely be dangerous to use spiral in a compet.i.tion. Let’s not after all. Let her finish building her foundation first. For the current her, dash, thrust, and cut is enough to deal with any situation, let alone her eyes of foresight…” Ye Cang said indifferently.

Zhang ZhengXiong shrugged. Eyes of Foresight, it was a pretty decent skill. His own skill was Omen Perception. Unlike eye skills, it wasn’t used through his eyes, but through his sense of touch, giving him 0.3 seconds of warning. Besides his sense of touch, he could activate the skill on his nerves to allow for super-reflexive movements.

“A’Xiong, you’ve already unsealed your third gene lock, so you can slow down and consolidate your strength. Your fourth lock will decide your style, so it is crucial…” Ye Cang explained. Lin Le knew what they were talking about, but because of some issues, Ye Cang hadn’t helped him undo his gene lock yet. “Brother Lil’White, I also want to undo that something lock!”

“Alright. Lele, wait for a few days. SpyingBlade and Fang Ci will be back, and I’ll help all of you undo your first lock…” Ye Cang said, petting Lin Le’s head. In the past, he thought that Lele had no talent for martial arts, so he hadn’t taught him. But at the Qin family, Lele had shown off that terrifying mimicry ability, and he had recently learned that Lele wasn’t as physically weak as he initially thought. His improvements in qi were also very fast. The only thing he was still curious about was why his blood hadn’t had any effect on Lin Le. I had become inactive after the healing process… Perhaps by undoing the gene locks, they would learn the answer.

“Mm!” Lin Le’s ahoge danced happily as he continued watching TV.

The next day.

SpyingBlade and Fang Ci both returned to the cottage. They went straight back to their rooms and collapsed onto their bed, deep in thought. They were recalling last night’s scenes, many complicated feelings in their heart…

Thorns and Roses club.

Ye Cang decided to go first. He pet Little Ye Tian’s head, “You bring up the rear…”

Little Ye Tian nodded. She was originally supposed to be third, but if her father wanted it, then it was fine. It didn’t matter if she had to wait, as long as her father was happy. She smiled like a young girl.

Th.o.r.n.yRose unlocked the field. The map was randomized to the Sea of Bamboo. Tens of thousand of emerald green bamboo shoot swayed in the wind like waves.

Ye Cang changed to his character and stood at one end of a swaying bamboo bridge. On the other end was a black armored warrior with a long katana. He had long black hair, tied in a ponytail, which went down to his waist. He had a sharp face and eagle like eyes which emitted a gold light. His 2 meter long katana was hung horizontally behind his waist. Under his armor was skin tight ninja clothes. He looked at Ye Cang’s Blade Demoness and smiled coldly. “Let me see your swordsmanship… chinaman.”

“That’s my line, islander…” Ye Cang said with his left hand on the long saber, his right on a straight blade.

“All three of these exams are troublesome. The Lightless Blade, The Slapping Taoist, now it’s the Instant Killer – Makuramaru. He’s also a 3 times champion, and his strength is definitely peerless, specialized in instantly killing his opponents. He was the leader of Cut of Heaven and both his moral quality and strength were world renowned. Lowlife will probably have a difficult fight. To describe Makuramaru’s swordsmanship, the best words would be fast and pa.s.sionate. He has made insta-killing into an art…” Th.o.r.n.yRose looked to the opponent and said.

“My brother won’t lose to some islander…” Zhang ZhengXiong grinned.

“That’s right!” Lin Le and Little Ye Tian agreed in unison, something that rarely happens.


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