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Chapter 410: Shadow Chains

“Let me go! An event boss will definitely drop something good! With my divine hand, there will definitely be a G.o.dly artifact! It will at least have a +100 to all attributes ring!!” Ye Cang squirmed like a caterpillar. His two eyes were abnormally red. He slowly moved through the fire towards the black dust. FrozenCloud and Zhang ZhengXiong quickly came to help…

What kind of obsession for corpses was this… NalanPureSoul’s people all blushed with shame.

Lin Le simply jogged to the boss’s side and looted the corpse. From behind, he sensed a grudge so terrifying it could nearly take physical form. His naive face immediately broke out in cold sweat. He gulped and continued to loot. “Brother Lil’White! We got some good stuff!”

Ye Cang returned to normal. Although he still held quite a grudge, he had mostly regained his rationality. He simply turned away and sighed. “There definitely won’t be a +100 all attributes ring…”

The surrounding people all blushed with shame. How far in the game are we. There is no such item!

Ye Cang took the things Lin Le pa.s.sed over, and he raised his brows. There were two dark gold equipment! Two gold equipment, two distinguished equipment, and two skill books! There was even a guild charter! It was a huge harvest. He turned and looked at Th.o.r.n.yRose and NalanPureSoul with a grateful but indifferent expression. “I’ve troubled everyone. Really sorry. It’s over now, you can all go…”

Th.o.r.n.yRose and NalanPureSoul both felt their chests tighten. Ye Cang looked over and saw the angry looks he was getting, then coughed. “I’m just messing with you…”

He spoke and then posted the stats of the Dark Gold equipment.

Rabbis Shadow Blade (Dark Gold – Abyss – Withered Shade)

Category: Long Sword

Requirements: 105 Strength & 115 Dexterity

Damage: 32 – 35

Additional Dark Damage: 21 – 22

+15 Strength

+17 Dexterity

+13 Attack Speed

Active – Rabbis Shadow Blade: Launch a shadow hooked blade which locks onto a target and deals 55 damage. Has a chance to drag the target to an appointed location then detonate the blade and deal 45 dark damage to enemies in range of the blade with a chance to stun and knockback. Cooldown: 15 minutes.

Rabbis Withered Shadow Staff (Dark Gold – Abyss – Withered Shade)

Category: Longstaff

Requirements: 115 Intelligence & 90 Wisdom

Damage: 30 – 31

+23 Dark Magic Effect

+16 Spell Power

+20 Intelligence

+17 Wisdom

Active – Rabbis Withered Shadow Arrow: After activation, the staff will store power for 2 seconds, then continuously fire 15 shadow arrows at a target, each dealing 45 dark damage and reducing their armor by 5%. Can stack 10 times. Duration 10 seconds. Cooldown: 1 hour.

NalanPureSoul was somewhat moved. It’s a dark weapon. Although the skill is OP like a machine gun, but I specialized in fire, let alone the fact that someone pragmatic like Brother PaleSnow would never give it to me. But I can fight over that sword for sister!

Th.o.r.n.yRose was also thinking the same. No one in her team specialized in dark magic, however, that sword had to go to FrozenBlood or herself! It was too good, and the weapon’s active ability cooled down in only 15 minutes. For a weapon’s inherit ability, this was considered to be too quick.

“Let’s start with the staff. What to do? However, they’re all event bosses, yet why didn’t that dog from last time explode with dark gold stuff.” Ye Cang held the staff and asked doubtfully.

“It has to do with the method. That kill was the NPC’s achievement, so no dark gold dropped…” NalanPureSoul explained. “About the staff… wait, weren’t there skill books? Post them for us…”

Ye Cang nodded and posted the skill books too.

Shadow Chain (Rabbis – Special – Withered Shade):

Chant a long verse (approximately 4 seconds) to chain targets together with a shadow chain. All damage received will be shared between all chained targets. (A 100 damage attack for example. If one of two targets receives a 100 damage attack, then the total damage will be determined by the stats of the one who was. .h.i.t. If Zhang ZhengXiong was. .h.i.t by the 100 damage physical attack, after his defence, it would only deal 15 damage. This 15 damage would be shared with the target chained to him. Of course, AOE would mean being hit with two different damages, like Rabbis in his divided form. Before dividing, he would only take 1 instance of damage from an area attack, but after dividing, every kitten had taken a hit from Light Strike Array, making the damage extremely terrifying, especially when followed up with NalanPureSoul’s conflagrate.)

Chained targets take 25% increased dark damage. Can chain at most 2 targets together for 3 minutes.

Cost: 30 mana. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Summon Withered Shade (Rabbis – Special – Summoner/Warlock/Dark Mage/Ranger):

After learning, can summon a withered shade to join the battle with rank based on the summoner. Can have at most two at a time.

Cost: 30 mana. Cooldown: None.

After seeing shadow chain’s description, NalanPureSoul couldn’t help feeling that this skill was vicious! It could be used in many situations. Against a boss with no area or dark attacks, you could link it to the tank. It could also be used to link multiple bosses. Everyone apart from Ye Cang’s three could see its many uses… Even some special situations could be solved by linking a tank and a boss. Everyone knew that a powerful dark element mage would be worth investing in for this skill!

“Let’s bid on the staff…” NalanPureSoul said unconsciously.

“Bid my a.s.s! We have someone who needs it. I’m the team leader and the owner of this event boss! You people can decide amongst yourself who gets the sword. We don’t need it. You should know our Happy Firmament members, including Little Ren, are all using Dark Gold weapons that are no worse than these…” Ye Cang gave the staff emitting black miasma to Fang Ci. Fang Ci took it with a bitter smile. He was still a bit short from being able to use it.

Th.o.r.n.yRose just remembered that Necromancer was a cla.s.s that combined dark magic and undead. She then saw Ye Cang hand the sword to NalanPureSoul for him and her to decide among themselves. The two of them had no objections. There were two Dark Gold equipment, so they were indeed qualified to take one. What surprised NalanPureSoul was that those guys all had Dark Gold equipment? Moreover, weapons too… It should be known that 99% of people haven’t even seen gold equipment. However, he cared more about those two must have skills. Necromancer, he had almost forgotten that their team had a new Necromancer…

“Actually, that sword, I can use it as my offhand…” SpyingBlade said quietly.

“I don’t even have a dark gold weapon yet…” Fang Ci said unhappily. The two of them were already very close.


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