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Chapter 442: Marquis Azshara’s Brand

Once Rica heard, she quickly swapped the personnel to her most trusted workers. She thought to herself that this secret must not be revealed to others and even personally brought them to Callor Hills.

After Little Mar’s private conversation with Th.o.r.n.yRose and learning of the underground river, he hesitated for a moment before immediately becoming cheerful. He looked at Th.o.r.n.yRose. Since that brat had her deliver such an important message, then he must trust this person quite a bit. He brought Th.o.r.n.yRose, some instructors, receptionists from the G.o.ddess a.s.sociation and Rica’s group with him. Th.o.r.n.yRose led everyone to the coordinates shown on Little Ye Tian’s virtual map. In a place with nearly no signs of human activity, they entered Callor Hills.

Little Mar saw the size of this underground river. Good man, it would even be possible to sail a battleship through here. The water is also not too fast. Climbing onto the Bandit vessel that Ye Cang had left behind, he saw the mark of the Solam Bandits. So it turns out there den is here. They were using the underground river. No wonder the investigation team was never able to find them, everything was underground!

Sailing down the river, they pa.s.sed the middle stop, and without stopping, went directly to Alonzoia Hills. Climbing to the top of a hill, White Stone City was already in site. This location was simply amazing! It was definitely a strategic transport route! Why had no one ever discovered it? He suddenly recalled the earthquake a few years back. Many places had collapsed; it was probably then… otherwise, there was no way such a convenient location remained undiscovered. Travelling from Black Rock City to White Stone City, they managed to save about 70%! Of course, returning against the stream would take a bit longer, but it would be no problem with a magic crystal powered boat!

As for Little Ye Tian, she planned to use wind power to return. During the night, the tailwind would go from Black Rock to White Stone, but at certain times, the wind would change directions and flow from White Stone to Black Rock. Then, even a normal boat would be able to make the trip, it would just require some planning.

Little Mar arrived at White Stone City, and immediately found Ye Cang.

“About the other territories, have you dealt with it!?” Little Mar chopped through the iron and went straight through the door.

“I’ve already bought it.” Ye Cang said indifferently.

“That’s good. Don’t tell anyone for now, I’ll go consult with sir Marquis. If you want to keep them, then you need to be at least an earl, otherwise you’ll be hit with a heavy tariff. Obviously, even if it isn’t possible, the Marquis and I will do everything in our power to spare you from the tariff, just that if it comes to that, there will be too many people taking a share of the profits.” Little Mar slowly nodded, “Your appointment to earl should be in the next two days. I’ll speed up the process as much as I can, after all you’ve opened a prosperous trade route, removed the tumor to the north, and are even the president of a new a.s.sociation. However, before you are appointed, you can’t let any power other than myself know about it! Otherwise it will be trouble!”

“Father, Grand Knight Mar is right…” Little Ye Tian agreed.

“I know…” Ye Cang didn’t seem to care.

“Anyways, hurry back to Black Rock City with me…” Little Mar pulled Ye Cang along with him as he energetically rushed back to Alonzoia Hills while doing his best to avoid being spotted.

“I still haven’t gotten my reward for killing the three bandit leaders…” Ye Cang looked towards White Rock City and griefed.

“You can get it back in Black Rock City! It’s a bounty jointly offered by our two cities…” Little Mar glanced at Ye Cang, somewhat dumbfounded. In this situation, he still cared about that tiny reward.

Marquis Azshara’s residence.

Little Mar brought Ye Cang to visit in the middle of the night. Azshara was still in his pajamas, very puzzled over what was so urgent. To insist on waking Marquis Azshara in the middle of the night, he was about to ask who when he saw Little Mar made a gesture indicating the walls had ears. He quickly closed the window shutters and checked the surroundings for people. Once they were sure, he roughly heard about the underground river dock plan. Azshara’s sleepiness was immediately gone. “Really!?”

“Unmistakably. I’ve already taken a boat down to Alonzoia Hill near White Stone City. It saved at least 70% time! Moreover the underground river cavern is large, there will be no problem sailing a battleship!” Little Mar confirmed earnestly.

“Then the territory’s legal owner is?” Azshara quickly asked. This was the most worrying part.

“It’s my good friend from our hometown, viscount PaleSnow. Moreover, the docks had been occupied by the Solam Bandits, but they have already been eradicated by Viscount PaleSnow and my regiment’s Priest HeavenShakingMight and Paladin NightSky…” Little Mar smiled.

“Very good! Very good! However, it will be difficult protect it as a viscount. It would be fine if it was just us, but if that rascal Clay makes a fuss about it. Since we have lawful ownership, I’ll send an urgent magic message to his highness at Red Moon City with the Book of Appointment! We should be able to carry it out tomorrow.” Azshara quickly began writing in the Book of Appointment, exaggerating Ye Cang’s exploits, adding in the three G.o.ddesses recovery, new a.s.sociation, clearing up prosperity hill, and eradicating the Solam Bandits.

“Little Brother PaleSnow, for Little Mar to have a friend like you is like giving wings to a tiger. Don’t worry about the pier’s construction, good or bad, I was once in the navy. We just have to confirm each’s benefits. The empire will definitely take 30% as tax, that is inevitable. The remaining will be ours. For our share, we can slowly discuss it…” Azshara reached out and patted Ye Cang’s shoulder, while Ye Cang broke out in cold sweat. He hadn’t even spoken a word. Thinking about the division, being here, he was actually included as part of Little Mar’s faction. Of course, sharing it with him is a must. Thinking back to how Old Mar was choking with tears and wouldn’t even turn around when he left. He declaration to rise up to become pope as a half-elf, he couldn’t help nodding, “Then I’ll be troubling Marquis Azshara…”

Azshara narrowed his eyes, seeing Ye Cang in a whole new light. Neither humble nor overbearing; dividing benefits was the time when most would turn on eachother or have change of hearts. If Ye Cang really went to Clay, he would have treated him as a lost cause. Little Mar, seeing Ye Cang’s compliance, recalled his father’s letter. This really was someone he could trust. It was probably just for him… no, for his father… Truly an interesting guy.

Ye Cang waved goodbye and logged out of the game.

“Your friend is very interesting. The first time I saw him, his expression left a deep impression on me…” Azshara looked at the direction Ye Cang had disappeared in.

“Indeed…” Little Mar opened up a bottle of wine, “I guess you can’t sleep either…”

Azshara faintly smiled and drank a toast with his son-in-law. His pajamas slightly loosened revealing the nape of his neck and a brand. And this brand was something that only a half-elf prisoner from about 10 years ago would have. Little Mar looked at the brand and smiled, “That’s where you met my mother right…”

“Yeah, at that time, us 7 children were planning to escape, but only 3 of us succeeded. The rest all became food for the humans…” Azshara thought till there and began to grip the brand on his neck harder before slowly releasing it. He sighed, “Actually, if it weren’t for the other four attracting their attention, none of us would have escaped. I bet you’d never guess what their final declaration 10 years ago was. Your mother was even younger than me, so probably doesn’t remember…”

“What did they say?” Little Mar asked.

“Alukas, roccas, alona, donenar…” Azshara looked out the window and muttered.

“Half-elves, the fire in our hearts will not stop burning. The darkness has past, and the light is upon us…” Little Mar said quietly, then lowered his head in a silent tribute.

TN: I don’t know if the four things Azshara said are names or some elven/half-elven language…


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