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Chapter 504: Primal Chaos Steel

Ye Cang’s Source Water Totem helped to recover everyone’s mana, increasing the amount of magic damage, making the spellcasters ecstatic. Seeing that there were still a large number of enemies and allies, his two guns were drawn. Enchant Weapon – Wave. Enchant Weapon – Thunder. Of the two pistols, one started to ripple like a wave and the other crackled with electricity.

Three water and three lightning bullets shot out.

When the third attack landed, it immediately gave rise to a wave of water which resulted in a large area attack. Just at that time, there was an explosion of lightning. Due to the conductive nature of water, its damage area was expanded N times, paralysing a large swath of enemies and allies.

Ye Cang sighed and faced the paralysed people, a fire shining in his hand. “Your sacrifice will not be in vain…”

The refreshed Light Strike Array once again blasted towards the skies. The nearby mages saw this and felt their hearts shiver. Just how ruthless was this man. Luckily, they were ranged. The melee fighters were all treated as his cannon fodder to increase the number of targets.

Lin Le became braver the longer he fought, making Liu Yan’er feel sullen. Ye Cang drew his staff in water spear form, leapt off the tree and ran towards MistyVeil while dragging it along. While running, a watery light bubbled in his left hand.

MistyVeil knew that the battle was lost. Her heart sank, but she was going to take at least one person with her! Her spear swept out like a blooming flower. She activated a major skill. A cold blade suddenly appeared. SpyingBlade faintly smiled. His two swords, one held in a proper grip, the other in reverse grip, executed Dark Trial!

The black cross and the cold blade interweaved. Out of the corner of his eyes, SpyingBlade noticed that droplets were forming on the ground. It was definitely one of Team Leader’s area attack skills! Pushing against MistyVeil’s spear, he faded from place. MistyVeil turned to chase, but a bad premonition made her suddenly look down. A huge geyser suddenly launched her high into the air. Ye Cang stepped off the meadow, his water spear changed to a lighting lance in an instant. His other hand pulled out his shadow pike and threw it out. He followed after the shadow pike with a Dashing Straight Thrust. The second dash broke through a splash of water in front of him. When the water scattered, Ye Cang saw the spot he was about to stab and broke out in cold sweat. There can’t be such a coincidence. Aunt Perky, it’s not on purpose… The lightning lance, with it’s violent electric current, followed closely behind the shadow pike, pierced through her crotch like a lightning dragon.

SpyingBlade looked at the scene, and immediately broke out in cold sweat. MistyVeil’s extremely ecstatic moan rang through the skies. The white electricity flowed from her crotch to her whole body. The numbing electric current paired with the attack on her sensitive area made it so that she couldn’t hold it back.

Before perishing, she saw a wolf head hooded figure in the air with its back towards her. The wolf head hood was slowly pushed aside by the wind. Ye Cang turned in the air and saw a MistyVeil with an ecstatic expression. He exposed a good-willed and apologetic smile and said, “Aunt Perk, it wasn’t on purpose. The water blocked my vision, I could only guess your position. Also, you’re a professional, you should be more wary. Look how vigilant SpyingBlade is…”

“F**k… off… you… I’m not Aun…” MistyVeil didn’t get to finish before turning into white light, dying in battle.

Ye Cang reached out his hand in the air. The shadow pike returned to his hand and his lightning lance was returned to his back. He turned into three shadows, attacking towards Lin Le’s area. SpyingBlade wiped his sweat. He killed and preached again. Will it kill him not to draw hate? They were already mad enough that you killed them, yet you question their standards and provoke them.

Many ranged players had filmed the entire thing. They all gave Ye Cang a thumbs up.

Ye Cang fell from the sky, electricity sparking in his hand. Chain lightning shot out. Liu Yan’er was still distracted by the ecstatic scene of MistyVeil, and was somewhat absentmindedly hit by Ye Cang’s chain Lightning. Chaining between the five of them, they all became paralyzed. Lin Le took this chance to unleash his Sword Drawing Arts and Rising Slash, instantly getting rid of the five.

With the situation settled, Ye Cang went to the edge of the high grounds and surveyed the exceptionally fervent battle at the frontlines. He threw a Flame Burst into the air. NalanPureSoul saw the enormous explosion. “As extravagant as usual, using a Flame Burst as a signal…”

“Misty Rain is defeated! Give up!!” NalanPureSoul said clearly, but the flames in his hand never stopped flickering.

MistyVeil’s death made the already low morale enemies even gloomier. They were utterly defeated. Gongsun Qian sighed deeply. The moment they cowered, the situation would become like a crumbling dam. She looked at the flood cutting through her forces like a knife through b.u.t.ter and chose to admit defeat.

The battle against the elven nation was won. After everyone obtained achievement rewards, they went to observe the Steel Empire battle. It seemed to have fought to a deadlock. LordAsked and CloudDragon joined hands to firmly pin down FlameEmperor. Th.o.r.n.yRose and the other second-rate guilds held their own, resisting the League of Tyrants etc. Unexpectedly, it actually ended in a draw. After an entire day of fighting, by the end of which, Th.o.r.n.yRose was resisting the League of Tyrants from inside their stronghold. Heavenly Oath received a favorable impression this time, as without them, the Steel Empire would have been victorious.

NalanPureSoul, Ye Cang and the others watched CloudDragon, LordAsked, Th.o.r.n.yRose and others walk out of the G.o.ddess a.s.sociation.

“You couldn’t even win. Shame….” Lin Le pouted and sighed. “It’s no good without Lele…”

LordAsked looked at Lin Le and gnashed his teeth. Isn’t that the kid who led the sneak attack on the stronghold last time? Self-important brat!

“Well… a draw isn’t bad. At least, it’s not a loss. Everyone’s worked hard. Hah…” Though Ye Cang said while releasing a resentful sigh at the end.

CloudDragon’s brows rose. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, didn’t he only win, together with NalanPureSoul, against that counterfeit heavenly king MistyVeil.

“I thought you guys were strong.” Zhang ZhengXiong snorted, not giving them any face.

LordAsked frowned. He stood out and said imposingly, “Brat, who do you think I am? All you did was win against those elf sissies…”

“Senior, who do you think I am? Why don’t you come find out…” Zhang ZhengXiong welcomed it with a grin. The atmosphere became tense.

Th.o.r.n.yRose quickly came out to mediate. Shaking Bear was fine in all aspects, except he was too hot headed. Ye Cang also smiled and walked over, “Alright. A’Xiong, don’t provoke them. Come to the blacksmith and try helping me with my shadow pike.”

Ye Cang put a hand on Zhang ZhengXiong’s shoulder, then brought his party away.

“That brat, sooner or later, I’ll need to teach him a lesson.” LordAsked looked at Zhang ZhengXiong’s back and narrowed his eyes.

“Right now, with that body of his, even FlameEmperor couldn’t deal with him, let alone you.” CloudDragon pat LordAsked’s shoulder and acknowledged Zhang ZhengXiong’s strength. He then headed towards the underground harbour, planning to return to White Stone City.

Holy Church, smithy.

Ye Cang had Zhang ZhengXiong try to combine Alabachia’s light with the Shadow pike but it wasn’t looking good. Ye Cang sighed, guessing that it wasn’t possible.

“That is a whole piece of untouched Primal Chaos Steel, your methods obviously won’t work. Primal chaos steel is a heavenly treasure like G.o.d’s Iron. More accurately, it is even more uncommon than G.o.d’s Iron. Primal chaos steel is extremely mutable and contained a mysterious energy. If one looked carefully, this primal chaos steel (the black pearl like thing) was connected to the Cloud Stone and Thunder Jade. This must be a tribe’s symbolic treasure, extremely precious.” An old voice uttered. The two of them turned to see a wizened old man. This was Zhang ZhengXiong’s tutor, Conrad Dove.


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