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Reputation Treasure Chest – Ansa’s Tribe

Ansa could not resist the temptation and so he drank a whole bowl of the wine. Instantly, his body expanded and his bones were crackling. A wave of heat pa.s.sed through his chest and he roared like a dragon.

“Because of the recipe in your wine, it enables Ansa’s tribe chief evolved into dragon tribe. Half draconic lizard. You received 10,000 reputation points.” The system sent in a message but Ye Cang was still struggling on the floor.

“Because of…”

“Because of…”

The system’s messages kept on coming in. Yet, the people who were twitching on the floor were unaware of it as they were either waiting for the effects to go off or were drunk.

As Ye Cang got up, he was shocked to see many tall and muscular lizard man surrounding them. What just happened? After that, he only realized the system’s messages and the emptied big wine jar. Hah! I knew it! The wine I brewed is good. It is just that these humans don’t know how to appreciate it.

Meanwhile, Ye Cang noticed his reputation has reached the epic rank and it was even higher than the chief’s, Ansa’s. He was then ent.i.tled as the master chief.

“Master chief, thank you for your contribution to the tribe. In order to repay you for the wine, we, the entire tribe would give our loyalty to you.” Upon hearing what Ansa said., Ye Cang who was about to gain some advantages from them smiled bitterly. Well, well. It is a good thing after all. Increasing the strength of the salesman is not a bad thing for the company. Moreover, they obey my instructions. Looking at boss Ansa who was 6 meters tall, Ye Cang said “It’s nothing. I was about to share with everyone anyway.”

While Little Ye Tian and Ansa were discussing on building a temporarily harbor at the west, Ye Cang acted as the translator. At last, they reached an agreement.

“It is hard for the Endless Swamp to collapse. Hence, establishing our second base here is a wise choice. Regarding the construction, Elder Ansa you will be responsible for it. I’ll settle the rest.” Ye Cang translated.

“Master chief, about the dragon wine and the other wines…” Ansa was so thirsty that he sounded like a sorrowful woman.

“I’ll continue to brew wines for you guys. But, it is not easy to brew the dragon wine, you know?! The wine that we drank just now, it consists of the excrements of the black dragon king!” Ye Cang said it arrogantly.

If the others understood what Ye Cang was talking about, they would definitely vomit and started to complain.

“Oh, no wonder. The black dragon king – Karshais is one of the strongest dragons. It is like a demi-G.o.d. But, it lives in the deep underground. Master chief, how did you…” Ansa was curious.

“Because of my incredible luck, I got it.” Ye Cang swung his hand. “Okay. We decided to go back already. Find me some trustable people and ask them to follow me back to Farsarqi. I’ll brew tens of jars of wine in these two days. Use part of it to change some money in the a.s.sembly. Oh, remember to find some worthy tribes and befriend them.” Ye Cang a.s.signed.

“Understood, Master chief.” Ansa nodded.

Ye Cang then left the house along with the others and came to the armory old lizard man’s place. The old lizard man seemed to be more muscular than before. He doesn’t look like he was about to die.

Because of Ye Cang’s epic reputation, there were a few extra items shown. Ansa tribe’s epic chest. He raised his eyebrows and his eyes were shining bright. It is another big chest! He carefully looked left and right. Everyone was surprisingly aware and they stared at him from all directions. Some of them, including Zhang Zhengxiong, FrozenCloud, and Wu Na, even prepared to capture, kill or hug him. “……”

“ *Cough* *Cough* There’s nothing much to exchange.” Ye Cang coughed twice.

Everyone was still staring at him as if they were trying to say ‘Do you think we are stupid? There was a treasure chest right in front of you. Your disgusting expression had betrayed you.’

Ye Cang then touched his nose and said in shock. “Oh, since when was there a treasure chest? I almost overlooked it.”

A few people immediately locked him.

“Brother, just exchange it. Don’t waste our time.” Zhang Zhengxiong was grabbing both of Ye Cang’s arms tight; FrozenCloud was grabbing his legs while Wu Na and SpyingBlade were standing aside just in case he escaped and opened the chest.

“……” The armory old lizard man was soaked in cold sweat. What are the master chief and these human warriors doing? Just now, master chief seemed to be interested in the treasure chest. “Kabangleaka. Des. (Master chief looks like he wants it. You guys can take it.)”

“Lele, quickly open it.” Wu Na shouted.

“That’s mine! Mine! You guys can’t treat me like this again and again! I have the divine hands!” Ye Cang shouted as Lin Le walked closer to the treasure chest.

“I can’t hold it anymore! Old Zhao! Prevent my brother from using Shadow Step!” Zhang Zhengxiong shouted. SpyingBlade, Wu Na, Oldw.a.n.g, and the others immediately stood close to Lin Le, defending him from all directions.

Ye Cang grabbed his scepter and changed to shadow blade, turning himself into 5 shadows. All of them were rushing towards Lin Le.

“Brother Lil’White, there are so many things…” Lin Le’s voice stood out among the crowd. Ye Cang only then appeared from the shadow. He was angry. The crowd immediately made way for him.

Just when the crowd was about to disperse, Lin Le pulled Little Ye Tian over and used her hands to grab on his own hands, pretending that it was Little Ye Tian’s idea. Little Ye Tian saw it coming but it was too late for her to move away.

“Brother Lil’White! It is Little Tian’s fault. She forced me to open it. I wanted to leave the chest for you! She is too evil!” Lin Le suddenly changed his expression and the others were wiping their sweats.

“Little Tian, even you don’t believe that I could open up a divine artifact?” Ye Cang asked in sorrow.

Little Ye Tian nodded subconsciously and then immediately realized her mistake. She quickly explained. “No father, I…I…”

Ye Cang slowly raised his head and looked afar. “Now I know how you think of me…I’m a little disappointed.”

Tears were about to burst out from Little Ye Tian’s eyes. d.a.m.n you Lele! Evil Lele! I’ll never forgive you! Argh!

“Get away, get away. Everyone actually looks at you in that way anyway. Let me see what we got. Is there anything for me?” Wu Na pushed away Ye Cang who was disappointed and rushed to the chest excitedly.

“Brother, your luck is just not good this year. Maybe you can try again after two years?” Zhang Zhengxiong patted Ye Cang’s shoulders and walked towards the chest.

“You guys…” Ye Cang trembled.

“Team leader, your divine hands don’t deserve such a small treasure chest. Your hands are to touch pheonixes, dragons, G.o.ds, devils, angels and whatsoever. Don’t waste it on mankind.” Ye Cang nodded at FrozenCloud’s words. “Lil’Dino knows it best. Later I’ll add some extra food for you. What do you want to…”

“……” FrozenCloud quickly walked towards the chest without turning back. Fang Ci who originally wanted to cheer him up changed his mind and pa.s.sed by him in terror.

Looking at the people who left him standing here alone, Ye Cang ground his teeth. You guys will regret it later. He then gradually walked towards them and started to distribute the items.

Ye Cang took out the equipment from the treasure chest for display. Mysterious notebook, weapons, shields, skill books, and even one platinum rank equipment. Everyone was happy. Except for us, not many have dark gold equipment. Even so, we have a platinum one now. Team leader’s epic reputation and Lele’s luck were truly insane.


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