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“Gungrave!” Ye Cang once again unleashed the skill, creating a strong barrier. With the magnificent power of the Blood of Holy Demon, the number of satellite cannons increased and there were even two reflecting lasers satellites.

Little Beauty let out a sharp scream and Lin Le stomped his feet heavily, unleashing an area of fear.

Zhang Zhengxiong was hugging his battle buddy Old Beauty and standing beside Ye Cang.

All the hero spirits collided with one another. Guan Yu swung his Green Dragon blade, Zhang Fei unleashed Ghost Cry and G.o.d Scream, Zhao Yun pierced through the crowd like a silver dragon, Ma Chao crushed the crowd with thousands of horses, Huang Zhong slashed people as he dashed past them and Fa Zheng attacked when opponents let their guard down. The strategists group was showing their talents too. Lu Xun, Zhou Yu, Zhuge Liang, and Pang Tong unleashed the Sky of h.e.l.l Fire. The Mess of Martial Arts! The atmosphere was filled with chaos. Both parties were losing and winning and bizarre moves were seen for the first time. Xiang Yu was swinging the Heavenly Dragon halberd, slashing in all directions. Han Xin’s aggressive attack style and Liu Bang’s controlling skills were effective Xiao He and Xun Yu were battling each other.. The whole arena had become a h.e.l.l of a mess where the heroic and the evil were against each other and corpses were everywhere to be found but nothing could prevent the fighters from maintaining their spirits and determination. The heroes from the Three Kingdoms were taking the lead thanks to their G.o.d-like lucky charm Ye Bei Bei. Lin Le looked up at Cthulu and his red irides contracted. His solidification speed was increasing! Someone is calling for him. I need to find the person!

At the corner, there was one believer who was at the edge of death completing the summoning circle with his b.l.o.o.d.y hand. “Cthulu! Cthulu!”

All the blood of the dead hero spirits started to evaporate.

All the hero spirits trapped in the chaos paused and looked at the sky with fear.

The last energy of consecration fused into Cthulu’s shadow and it gradually opened its frightening eyes. “Cthulu!”

The sky trembled and the ground cracked. Everything had turned into a realm of void. Pieces of broken rocks were floating, with hero spirits on them. Below them was an endless s.p.a.ce of nothingness. They turned their targets to Cthulu’s tentacles.

“Worms…” Cthulu’s voice echoed in the void.

Numerous creatures of void burst out from the cells of the tentacles, resulting in many casualties.

“s.h.i.t! How are we going to beat this?” Ye Cang saw no effect of piercing it with the Holy Lance.

“Zhengxiong, try to create an opening so that he can see Medusa’s eyes!” Lin Sen was helpless when he stood before the power of void. If we have Lin Lin here, I bet Cthulu would stutter when it speaks.

“Could it work?” Zhang Zhengxiong asked weakly when he saw Medusa’s scary face.

“You’re the first man who is so soft to me. You even feed me, hug me and stare at my with full attention… Unlike Poseidon. You are not jealous of my features and not despised of my appearance. I’m sorry, envoy. I have lost my virginity but for you, I could use my life to guard your dignity…” Medusa’s words left Zhang Zhengxiong embarra.s.sed, especially when there were weird stares given to him.

“Old General Huang, make an opportunity for her! ” Ye Cang felt that Huang Zhong was the one amongst the crowd who could do it.

“Leave it to me!! But I need a large amount of spiritual energy.” Immediately, Ye Cang sucked the blood of the dead with his left hand and charged Huang Zhong up with their spiritual energy. Huang Zhong quickly picked up Hou Yi’s G.o.dly bow and the arrow of sky gradually formed. “Reverse Piercing! Hit!”


A large explosion occurred and it blasted away Cthulu’s head at once. However, it grew back right away and stared at Huang Zhong angrily but it was too late when he realized Medusa’s eyes had already come to his vision.

Medusa opened her pair of pale white eyes and a greyish light shone. Cthulu started to be partially petrified but it regained control of itself within seconds. Medusa witnessed the hope on Zhang Zhengxiong’s face getting replaced by disappointment. You’re the first person I loved! You are different from Poseidon! You’re the first person whom I’ve lost my integrity to! All I can do is to repay you with my life!

Medusa curled the corner of her cracked lips, looked at Zhang Zhengxiong for a moment. As she turned back to Cthulu, she let out a sharp scream. Her eyes shone even brighter and Cthulu’s entire body began to stupefy again. Unexpectedly, the same was happening to her as she continued to scream. “Ahhh!!”

“Now is the time! Don’t waste the time she bought us!” Stepping on a few floating rocks, Lin Le launched his attack and the others followed suit.

Starting from her tail, the stoned Medusa gradually turned into ashes and dispersed into the realm. Despite so, she did not disarm her stare. A sense of disappointment and grief gradually overwhelmed Zhang Zhengxiong as he recalled her ugly and scary face but also her kindness on the inside. Why didn’t I treat her more sincerely? Remembering his att.i.tude towards her and her snake head, Zhang Zhengxiong felt that his guilt was beyond description. As Medusa was slowly blown away, he dashed towards her, hugged her and kissed her lips.

When their lips came in contact, Medusa stopped staring. This kiss is different from the one with Poseidon. It was aggressive but there was no intention of discrimination against me. She then recalled that night. Why did I lose my virginity? Why didn’t I save it for this man? For the sake of Athena, I was cursed. All I did was just telling her my feelings. Why must she throw her temper at me?! Feeling Zhang Zhengxiong’s powerful hug, a smile was written on her cracked face. “Don’t you mind that I’m not a virgin and my look now?”

“The beauty on appearance would fade away as time goes by but inner beauty stays. At least that’s what I think. Life is just too weak.” Zhang Zhengxiong’s words made tears drop from Medusa’s eyes. Her snake hair started to fall and her dry and cracked face dropped onto the ground piece by piece. Like a b.u.t.terfly breaking out from its coc.o.o.n, her beautiful face was revealed and her golden hair swayed like waves. Even Venus was not as beautiful as Medusa was now. A pair of skinny and gentle arms hugged Zhang Zhengxiong tight before pushing him away. With a glad smile, she dashed towards Cthulu. The grey light shone brightly like a scorching sun. That’s enough…

Cthulu was shocked. I could move even after she petrified me previously but now I’m stuck! The power of a clone is still too weak!

When Medusa turned completely into a rock, Zhang Zhengxiong wanted to grab her hand but was stopped by Sun Quan. “She is willing and determined to die. Can you not ruin that? She had gotten the forgiveness she wanted in that saddening world. You’re the one who doesn’t understand.”

As Cthulu was being completely petrified, Ye Cang quickly sliced a piece of its meat while Lin Liang, Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, Pang Tong and the rest restored the arena. Lin Liang was exhausted because the magic barrier they set up to protect the area beyond the arena had taken away too much of his energy.


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