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Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor is a web novel completed by Shifou Keyi Liuxia, 是否可以留下, Would It Be Possible To Stay.
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Off We Go

Regardless, Little Ye Tian realized that Lin Le’s suggestion would grant them high rewards after contemplating for awhile. The only problem was the risk. According to the information she obtained on the ‘Hammer of Storm’, she knew the grave was not merely a grave. In a few pieces of literature, it was mentioned ‘The Five Dragons Shrine is the Emperor’s home’, ‘Storm is the Emperor’s body’, ‘The Heart of Swamp is the Emperor’s key’ and many other hidden phrases. Connecting all of them, I managed to come up with an idea but it seems wild. This Emperor must be the Lord of the Hammer of Storm in the Battle of Disaster, the King of Dwarf, the Star of Broken Sky – WarFist. “We can consider Lele’s suggestion actually. The earlier we start looting the place, the lower the chances of being interrupted by others and the bigger the reward is. Father, the decision is on you. Two plans. One has a lower risk and at least it’s in your territory. The other has an unknown risk but the reward is definitely more lucrative.”

Staring at Ye Cang who tilted his head and was deep in thoughts, Th.o.r.n.yRose knew that if it were for her, she would definitely choose the first plan. Not only does the second plan have a higher risk but we might also need some time to search for the grave. What if we get nothing, it’ll ruin our progress. Th.o.r.n.yRose supported Little Ye Tian’s suggestion more. This little girl doesn’t blindly take risks. She balances the risk and rewards in all her plans, trying her best to avoid the unknown factors. It’s a steadier choice. On the other hand, NalanPureSoul was more inclined to the second option. Little Tian’s idea is obviously the best choice because we are adventurers. A second later, Ye Cang hit the table with his fist, “Let’s go to the Grave of ‘Hammer of Storm’. Time to pack your stuff! We’ll gather at the flying ship in two hour’s time. Little Tian, you’ll plan the best route to go since that’s not our territory. Alright, dismiss!”

“……” Everyone was stunned. Wow, that was a quick decision!

“Alright, father!” Little Ye Tian glared at Lin Le and started planning the possible routes. The route has to avoid the conflicts there. I must come up with the most detailed plan in this situation.

“Oh yea, what level are Old Cao and Old Liu at?” Ye Cang thought of the three of them.

“They’re already at Level 20. In order to boost their levels, Sister Rose put in a lot of money for it. She’s got hundreds of workers helping them,” Little Ye Tian replied.

“Alright, I’ll ask them to come together,” Ye Cang thought. Since they are part of Happy Firmaments, we should bring them along. We’re not leaving anyone behind if we’re going to have fun.

Little Ye Tian felt the urge to point out that their levels were not high enough yet but knowing her father’s personality well, she kept quiet anyway.

Everything was delayed for a few more hours as Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan were in the city. RedMoon was enraged when she realized they were waiting for three Level 20 gamers. What the h.e.l.l are we doing? We’re spending so much time here waiting for just three of them? And are they even… paladins?! Three paladins?! Including Sister Little Tian, there are four paladins in this team! The point is, these three paladins don’t look like the support type from the look of it. One has two swords on his waist, the other has a war gun and the last one has a shield and a sword. They don’t look like they are easy to deal with… They seem to possess stressful energy that’s hard to describe. It’s as if an emperor is glaring at you.

“Brother Lil’White, so this is our team? Hmm…not bad. Looking good.” Old Cao scanned the team as if he was the leader. Ye Cang then nodded at his words.

“……” Everyone, including Th.o.r.n.yRose rolled their eyes. The three of you sure sound arrogant when you’re only Level 20!

“Let me introduce. They are our new teammates. The Emperor of Han, his cla.s.s is a paladin. This is Mengde’s New Book who is also a paladin. Lastly, OnlyLoveLadyBu, his cla.s.s…well, is also a paladin… Very good…Applause please… to welcome them,” Ye Cang briefly introduced them and then moved on to introduce the others.

“On a side note, they are his cousins…” Wu Na added on.

It was only then when everyone realized what was going on. Meanwhile, AV and Lil’w.a.n.g immediately addressed them as their cousins too as if they were very close. Moments later, they exchanged some resources and started slacking around together. It was an eye-opener for the three of them to see such rare resources so they addressed AV and Lil’w.a.n.g as masters and senpais.

“I guess birds of a feather flock together,” Ye Cang exclaimed when Zhang Zhengxiong joined them too.

Meanwhile, Little Ye Tian examined the cla.s.s of the team. We don’t need any paladins anymore since there are four paladins already, including me. I’m Holy Magic Paladin; Uncle Liu Bei is Glory Paladin and he has a balance of both magical and physical attacks; Uncle Cao Cao is Judgement Paladin, the standard attacking type; Uncle Sun Quan is Guarding Paladin. Luckily, we don’t have any repet.i.tion and the four different subcla.s.s holy seals will not be repeated.

“Alright, alright, let’s save the chatting for later. Head onto the ship and we’ll go south to White Stone City and then turn towards Green Shade City. You can talk all you want on the ship,” Ye Cang urged as he looked at the route map planned by Little Ye Tian.

As they boarded the ship, Ye Cang took a look at Liu Bei’s, Cao Cao’s, and Sun Quan’s profile. Oh, the Glory of Three Colors City and the Son of Three Colors City. “Not bad, how did you guys get such t.i.tles?”

“The story begins when I met the head of the village. It was a saddening night, the head of the village, Lady Xu, was quite old but still has some beauty in her. She is also a widow… *cough* *cough* and alone…and lonely… I felt it was a pity as she still has to handle administrative matters late at night. So, I went to cheer her up. I told her a lot of philosophies and principles. She is very smart and was fast in understanding things. Besides, her body… *cough* *cough* Well, in short, she thinks that I’m a person who upholds justice and is a paladin who deserves to be trained well. She said I’m not afraid of danger and evil, I’m handsome and outstanding…” Liu Bei took out something that looked like a cigarette and lit it up.

“Bulls.h.i.t! Just say that you had a one-night-stand with the head of the village!” Cao Cao interrupted.

“You had some fun with her sister too, didn’t you?” Sun Quan added on.

“F*ck off! You didn’t even let go of her daughter who hasn’t even undergone p.u.b.erty yet! You better shut up!” the two of them screamed at the top of their lungs to each other.

“I’m just careless and got confused by the little girl. *Sigh*” Sun Quan said calmly.

“……” Th.o.r.n.yRose was speechless at such words. This is sure getting weird. Three paladins had s.e.x with the head of the Beginner’s Village and her family.

“Well, not bad! This shows you’re definitely my cousins. For the sake of hidden rewards, you guys used an extraordinary way…” Ye Cang nodded and gave them a thumbs up.

As the ship was flying, Ye Cang was thinking about new dishes. It’s been quite awhile now. It’s about time for me to showcase my cooking skills! I must say, the most exciting thing in this game is not the equipment, or the hidden task or the rewards but the fineness of my cooking skills! Others are just there to support in order to get better ingredients, better seasonings, and better cooking utensils!

As for Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan, they were reading their college materials while chit-chatting with AV, Lil’w.a.n.g, and Zhang Zhengxiong. They made a promise with AV to go to the club in the Imperial Capital to have some fun and visit the headquarters of the legendary Little Girl’s Heaven.

On Thousand Peak Mountain, CloudDragon received the news that Ye Cang’s core team of Happy Firmaments was not on Thousand Peak Mountain. Where will they be going? They are acting mysteriously and they’ve boarded the floating ship too. Immediately, he called Ye Cang.

Sitting at the tip of the ship and gazing at the moon, Ye Cang picked up CloudDragon’s call.

“Brother Lil’White, have you left Thousand Peak Mountain?”

“Yeap. Our moods were toned down a little after Chinese New Year, so I’ve decided to bring the team to wander around the world, to witness the beautiful sceneries that we don’t even know we’ve been missing and most of all, to take pleasure in life.”

“A hidden story quest?”

“More or less the same. Why did you ask? Are you interested in joining?”

“The terms and conditions?”

Ye Cang looked at Little Ye Tian who had been waiting for the call long ago. She picked up the call. They fell for it. We can’t do this hidden story quest without them. We need CloudDragon and LordAsked as they are among the few top players in China. With them, the risk of unknown danger can be reduced. But, it’s better to wait till they call us so we’ll have an advantage in the negotiation. “You guys only have two spots. Please notify LordAsked about this too. The sharing of rewards will remain the same.”

“Gathering at?”

“Green Shade.”

CloudDragon hung up the call. This little girl has this all planned. Having me or LordAsked calling them would reduce our rights in terms of negotiations. Could there be hidden motives in this relatively quiet off-season?


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