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Return to The North

“Then, I…” Not waiting for Wind Fist to finish his sentence, Ye Cang pointed at the throne, “From this very moment, you will be the owner of this place! At least until before we save that confused king.”

Ye Cang dragged Wind Fist to the throne, “You’re the new king acknowledged by the G.o.ddesses!”

Ye Cang pushed him down and the warriors from the arena came rushing to see what happened. “King of Storm! King of Storm!” the cheers became louder and louder.

“Boss! Lead us once again and let us take revenge on the disasters!”

“Battle! Battle! Haha! I can finally jump into the battlefield again!”

Wind Fist hesitated a moment, “I’m just a temporary one. Fellow warriors, I’m not some kind of king or what! We will join forces with the G.o.ddess a.s.sociation and get back our king!”

“Congratulations! Hammer of Storm from the King’s grave has successfully joined the G.o.ddess a.s.sociation! You’ve obtained the developing rights to this place! The arena will be opened for regular training after the Martial Arts Compet.i.tion. All forces of the G.o.ddess’ shrine can enter the arena freely for training and battles!”

Alodudu stealthily took the three bottles from Ye Cang and agreed to join the a.s.sociation as an elder.

Seeing Ye Cang’s fishy tricks, everyone pondered. This fella’s heart is definitely black…

As the warriors cheered, Ye Cang ran to a corner and called, “Little Jade, ask if a.s.senronche can descend here?”

Little Jade quickly informed a.s.senronche and replied Ye Cang, “Use your arcane sword and say ‘My lord a.s.senronche, descend’. Remember to use elemental language.”

Ye Cang pulled out the arcane sword and murmured the verse.

As the arcane energy was formed, a.s.senronche appeared before Wind Fist in a female form. Wind Fist could feel the strong G.o.dly energy. It really is a.s.senroche! He quickly left the throne and was down on his knees, “Oh, the great G.o.d of Mysterious, Arcane Elemental, a.s.senroche! Please accept my respect!”

a.s.senroche knew what was going on and so she only glanced at Wind Fist’s war hammer. “Do you wish to be my believer?!”

“YES, I DO!”

“Bring your hammer to my shrine and I’ll grant you the power to fight against the Star of Broken Sky,” as she said in a cold tone, a.s.senroche disappeared.

After seeing a.s.senroche, Wind Fist trusted the power of the G.o.ddess a.s.sociation even more. He then decided to frame a.s.senroche as their main G.o.ddess.

Little Jade then called and Ye Cang answered. After being informed that Aymuss’ sister Lona.s.s had come to the G.o.ddess City, he hung up while also keeping an evil smile hanging on his face. Sweat flowed down the heads of LordAsked and the others as they knew something bad would be happening soon.

“Father, let’s head back to the North quickly! We should tell Mar about this.”

Ye Cang said goodbye to Alodudu and Wind Fist and returned to the north with the team. Little Ye Tian then started planning the development of the underground city. The Sleeping Chamber can be turned into a café. The forging headquarters for the G.o.ddess a.s.sociation can be located at the Land of Furnace. The garden can be a marketplace for the players to trade items and equipment and the burial area can be a storage for items. As for the Five Dragon Hall, those five pieces of land can be rented out. The Broken Sky Hall will be the city mayor’s house. There are some other prime locations that can be developed too. CloudDragon, LordAsked, Misty Veil, Gongsun Qian quickly bid for the land while Little Ye Tian kept one for HappyFirmaments.

LordAsked was wondering. The king just left and we are already using his grave to build a city. I feel pity for him and his wives. His wives betrayed him, his grave was used to build a city and his underlings joined a warrior who is fighting against him…

Ye Cang saw the ??? skill on the necklace had turned into a teleporting skill. It could only teleport players to the Broken Sky Hall and only be used once a day.

After a long journey, they finally arrived at White Stone City. They boarded the boat down the river and reached Black Rock City. As they entered the church, Mar Junior knew the seriousness of the incident looking at Ye Cang’s expression. She quickly brought them to the city’s Archbishop – Magi Vivian. The aura of Wind Fist as a dead spirit made Magi furious but she knew how strong the undead spirit was. I’m no match for him. That war hammer… He is one of the Ten Great Warriors – The Hammer of Storm!

Ye Cang then casually described the issue that arose in the grave, especially the fact that War Fist ran away with the members of Shadows of Natural Destruction Legislature. Magi frowned, “This is not good. Mar, use the holy crystal and inform the Archbishop in the Red Jade City! Quick!”

Mar Junior turned around and went into the inner hall.

“The War of Disaster is about to happen. Earl PaleSnow, I hope you and the G.o.ddesses from the G.o.ddess City can lend us a hand…” Magi knew that Ye Cang was not only an Earl from the Planetary Empire but also the city mayor of G.o.ddess City and the G.o.dly amba.s.sador appointed by the five G.o.ddesses. Even though four of them are old G.o.ddesses, they are still holy beings. Besides, the power of belief in G.o.ddess City has improved quite a lot. The church is also jealous of this. But since they are the G.o.ddesses of the indigenous people here, they aren’t our enemies. The three G.o.ddesses of Nature are the relatives of the G.o.d of Light and not to mention the G.o.ddess of Half-moon too. Also, the elemental spirit on their side is also a hindrance which leaves us with only the choice of suppressing them with some other gentle ways.

“Of course, it is our utmost responsibility!” Ye Cang said in a righteous manner.

Everyone pondered. You just want to earn money through your G.o.ddess puppets in the war…

“Since Mayor PaleSnow brought us such important news, I’ll notify the top management of the Church to grant you and your companions the honor you deserved.” A message then came from the system.

“Congratulations! Your team has successfully activated one of the missions of the main story – The War of Disaster – Star of Broken Sky! Players who partic.i.p.ated in the mission will be rewarded a chance to enter a treasure realm, a random mythic equipment, level +5, obtain a team’s lottery machine and 30G!”

“Archbishop Magi, I still have to return to G.o.ddess City. So, excuse me…” Ye Cang put on his wolf-head hood.

Magi acknowledged with a nod and Ye Cang left the church with the others. Gina was standing afar, staring at Ye Cang. She contentedly thought to herself. I get to see him again. He is always rushing to leave.

Just when Ye Cang was about to summon the lottery machine, Mar Junior pulled him aside. “Find a time, you, Marquis Azshara and I need to have a talk. This chance is important to us.”

“Come to the G.o.ddess City,” Ye Cang said and Mar Junior nodded with a smile.

“Come out, lottery machine!” Ye Cang went to a corner and summoned the luck-dependent machine. Holding a 30G in his hand, he said, “I’ll do it for everyone!”

“F*ck off!” Everyone was unanimously aggressive.

“I wanna try it once,” CloudDragon, LordAsked, MistyVeil and Gongsun Qian wanted to try their luck too.

“Since I’m the team leader, I’ll do the remaining ones,” Ye Cang repeated as though he has all the power in the world.

“Brother, four of them, one try each. And I’ll pull once too. You’ll pull five times and the remaining chances are for Lele.”

“10!” Ye Cang did not want to take a step back.

“Can you not be so stubborn! Don’t you have a sense of what you’ve been getting every time you opened something?!” Th.o.r.n.yRose was speechless.

A long argument ended with the agreement to his idea since Lin Le could still pull the trigger fifteen times. Well, if we are correct, this fella can still get a thing or two from the lottery machine.

Ye Cang satisfactorily inserted 10 gold coins and pulled the trigger.

“Congratulations! You’ve received the Black Dragon King’s excrement!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received the Red Dragon Queen’s menstruation period!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received the Black Dragon Queen’s placenta!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received the Gold Dragon King’s c.u.m!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received the Holy Dragon Emperor’s smell!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received the Abyss Demon Dragon King’s excrement!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received the Magic Dragon King’s abscess!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received the Poison Dragon Queen’s e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received the Crystal Dragon’s crystal p.e.n.i.s!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received the h.e.l.l Dragon Lord’s decayed tooth!”


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