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Chapter 92: Rock Lizard

Little Ye Tian quickly checked everything. In all, they had: 204 gold, 45 silver, 8 gold bars, 1 gold ingot, precious gems, a 16.531 centimeter golden monstrous bird statue, and a golden ring. She sighed with admiration. Her father was probably the richest man in the game. The kind that crushed all compet.i.tion. Most people would only have silver coins. Finally Ye Cang also gave her the federal dollars. 14 million federal dollars. About 3 million of which was Lil’Dino’s remodelling funds. Having now grasped their financial situation, she started to carefully make plans, though it only took a second.

FrozenCloud was still trying to figure out how Lin Le got 3 from 100 x 100. Ye Cang chopped up the surrounding rats and threw them into the cart. Then he brought everyone to go through the cave that the monster who had attacked Lele had come from. The whole way, Ye Cang and Zhang ZhengXiong acted like they were plucking feathers from a chicken; dead rats were chopped up and any suspicious protruding were mined, they didn’t let anything off, looting the place clean. As they went deeper into the mine, the number of rats decreased, but in exchange, lizard like creatures started showing up. Their tails were like alligator tails, similar to that creature that had ambushed them earlier, however they were less than half it’s size. Ye Cang saw that not far in front of them was another mining point. 6 of those lizard creatures were there eating some big rats and miners. Ye Cang identified them.

Rock Lizard (Elite): Often found underground. Their skin is exceptionally hard. Although they don’t look it, their meat is very delicious.

“There’s six creatures called rock lizards. They look a bit stronger than the big rats.” Ye Cang tiptoed back and reported. What he cared most about however, was that line about the meat being tasty. After his recent failure, he had been continuously reflecting. Why did it taste bad? Finally he came upon an answer. It was because of the ingredients, mainly the meat wasn’t of high enough quality. With this revelation, he came up with a new dish and couldn’t wait to try it out.

Th.o.r.n.yRose distributed roles. She would bring Zhang ZhengXiong and FrozenCloud to go in first. FrozenBlood, SpyingBlade, NalanMoon and Lin Le would follow behind them. Ye Cang, Ye Tian, and GreenDew would continue to provide ranged damage and support.

Once they clashed, Th.o.r.n.yRose felt that this monster was much stronger than the cave rats, but they weren’t as agile. They’re attacks were sluggish, and didn’t chain together well. Having selected a target, her longsword thrusted forwards. She frowned, their skin was not only thick, but also very hard. FrozenCloud also selected her target. As for Zhang ZhengXiong, he charged forwards performing a barbaric tackle. His high const.i.tution, caused both sides to simultaneously step back. He then immediately pounced forwards, like a fierce tiger. Although rough, it was also skillful. It made NalanMoon blink her beautiful eyes in admiration. He was a natural at taking damage, extremely courageous, and imposing; he really wasn’t simple. As graceful as a b.u.t.terfly, FrozenBlood evaded a tailsweep while striking back. Although they were both veterans, FrozenBlood’s style of placing herself in danger to search for opportunities was different from her own. As for SpyingBlade, his style was even more spectacular. He moved through the battlefield as if he was walking in his own backyard, and his longsword was like a viper, appearing and disappearing all over the place.

However, the most dazzling, and the one that made them all bitter, was Lin Le. His style was simple and brainless. He would send forth powerful attacks and use his rage to activate amazing skills, not caring about the life or death of those around him. His blade hacked, slashed, and chopped at the three lizards around him. Then he began spinning like a big windmill, throwing the battlefield into confusion. Everyone rushed to get away like chicken trying to fly. The blade swept out, and anyone who didn’t get away would be sent back to town. The lizards who were hit by this attack began spraying out green blood all over the place. He then turned and performed a heavy strike on the one that had been attacked by Zhang ZhengXiong, slaying it.

FrozenBlood noticed that the speed had increased compared to before, moreover the damage had also increased. In fact, it had spun 3 times!?

NalanMoon, who had quickly retreated, could only smile bitterly. For normal heavy weapons players, their attacks would be slow and easily dodged. Most couldn’t even meet the requirements to equip a good heavy weapon. However, there was no doubt about the terrifying destructive power a heavy weapons fighter possessed. Especially against bosses and in crowds. Moreover, this HappyAndCheerful’s grasp of timing to enter battle and to attack was quite skillful.

Ye Cang was pinning them down from a distance. He saw Lele descend like the devil’s incarnate, and began antic.i.p.ating his future growth. Lele wasn’t very smart, however in certain situations, he reacted extraordinarily well. For example, his timing to enter the battlefield, his positioning, and when protecting his teammates.

Ye Tian was a.n.a.lyzing the situation, and supporting everyone in the most optimal manner with her holy shield and rejuvenating light. “The third one on the left appears weak. Focus it down!”

Lin Le sensed the dangerous gazes around, mostly coming from the rock lizards. A cold wind blew past as he quickly leapt out from the rock lizard encirclement.

“This Lele. We already told him that before using a big skill, especially that one, he should warn us beforehand.” Th.o.r.n.yRose said helplessly. Being in this team was really tiring. They had to eat inhumane foods, and after painstakingly killing a boss, they have to guard against the surprise attacks from the cursed hand, they even had to be careful in order not to be hacked to death by a certain team-member. If he actually killed someone, he would probably simply smile, stick out his tongue, and say something like. “It wasn’t on purpose, sorry.” or some other cute words. Her chest felt extremely tight. She looked at the group of injured lizards, the third from the left was it? It did look the most heavily injured. She exchanged glances with FrozenBlood, and signalled to Zhang ZhengXiong.

Zhang ZhengXiong understood and smiled. He held up his shield and charged over. They were like football players trying to break through the defence line. Th.o.r.n.yRose threw herself forwards to cut one off, leaving a path. An arrow pierced through the air , striking the one that was opposite of NalanMoon and FrozenCloud, piercing right through it’s eye. GreenDew’s magic missiles bombardment followed closely behind.

Th.o.r.n.yRose and FrozenCloud violently attacked the weakest one. SpyingBlade appeared out of nowhere, activated his sword’s ability and stunning it. The three of them quickly finished it off, leaving only 4 left. Lin Le rushed over once again, his two eyes becoming red from activating berserk and entering his angry little bull mode. His blade slashed at the waist of the one Zhang ZhengXiong had hindered. His heavy strike and Zhang ZhengXiong’s double strike and heavy strike struck, finishing off another one.

Such amazing damage. NalanMoon couldn’t help but continue to sigh sorrowfully. If they were in her party, it’s strength would rise greatly. Whether it was the auras, or the knight’s rapid, accurate and timely ranged support… she had to find a way to rope them in. They could be a great help to PureSoul, even if only for the early stages.

FrozenCloud activated her counter. Her tonfa deflected the bite attack from a lizard. Counter successfully! She seized the opportunity and punched back, striking it’s chin, lifting it slightly off the ground. Her other hand, which had been storing up power, performed a wolverine strike, slamming into it! Stunned! She followed up with triple strike, and her left and right hand chained a series of rapid jabs. She then lowered her body, and continued her combo with a Shouryuukenn! It knocked the lizard so high that it looked like it was standing up, and flipped it onto it’s back. NalanMoon held the feather blade that Ye Cang had given her; Double Strike, Kick, Lacerate! She saw FrozenCloud’s seamless combo which flowed like water and thought that girl sure has improved a lot!

At this time, SpyingBlade appeared again, his longblade flashed leaving three destructive afterimages. Not far away, Ye Cang’s double shot pierced through the air, hitting it’s softer abdomen. Another one was finished off.


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