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Chapter 945

The Rewards from the Martial Arts Compet.i.tion

Lin Liang was shocked with the news of Jia Xu becoming a police officer. I’m not surprised with anyone being a police officer but this fella is the death reaper of Eastern Han, someone who loves trouble and chaos. Li Ru may be evil but he had a purpose of doing it. But this fella is a troublemaker who has no reasons for causing havoc. He just loves seeing people suffer. Most importantly, he could still run away from all his mischieves as if he did not know what he had done. With a sigh, Lin Liang exclaimed, “Lin Hai’s safety is at risk…”

“Don’t exaggerate…” Wu Na smiled.

“We are talking about a criminal…” Lin Liang smiled bitterly.

Her family’s relationship was what helped Siao Zhengnan arrange a job for Jia Xu. A probationary police officer of the patrol group. The seniors have prejudice against me for this matter. Sigh. They must be questioning why I would get it through the backdoor. Staring at Jia Xu’s profile, she wondered. Born in the Imperial Capital with a normal background. Why does it sound so fake? But this is an actual profile that was even confirmed by the federation. Still… it is too suspicious… Forcing others to fight each other with just a faint smile on his face and such a normal background. Wait, he moved to Lin Hai at around 30 years old but he is still a university student?! A 30-year-old undergraduate?! Are you serious?!

Recalling the terrifying smile hanging on that man’s face, Siao Zhengnan shook her head. I’m not gonna care already. We’ll just go with the flow. I didn’t do anything wrong.

Under Th.o.r.n.yRose’s urge, Ye Cang and the others returned to the game as the rewards from the Martial Arts Compet.i.tion were given out.

“Since you have emerged champion in the individual and ten-men category, the special rewards will be combined into one. Congratulations! You’ve received a holy weapon, 10 skill points and cla.s.s talent points, a hero skill and the achievement of being the overall champion and all attributes increase by 10%.”

Jamir’s Fearless Bugle (Holy weapon – Jamir – Fallen World – Instrument)

Category: Music Instrument

Required cla.s.s: Ranger, Poet, Shaman

Required attributes: None

Strength +150

Const.i.tution +100

Intelligence +300

Will +730

All attributes +25%

Immunity to controls +40%

Health and mana will recover by 8% every time you successfully reflect a control effect.

Jamir’s Cheering Bugle (Pa.s.sive): Effects of all team tactics abilities will be doubled and the duration of those abilities will increase 50%.

Jamir’s Shout: Whenever the bugle is blown, allies in the surroundings will be immune to negative effects. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

Jamir – Last Bugle: Activates when your health reaches zero. All the team tactic abilities used previously will be re-activated. Cooldown: one day.

Ps: Jamir is the Great Wolfbeast Shaman from the Grey Moon tribe in the North-Wind Field. The tribe was eliminated in the War of Disaster. Leading 200 men, it stopped and heavily injured Kajarsy’s troop from the Five Knights of Disaster and successfully bought time for its entire tribe to retreat to a safer place. To all the beastmen, it was the Great Shaman, known as the Fearless Wolf Soul – Jamir. This bugle was its symbol.

“We may die here, but the souls of our ancestors tell us if we are afraid or if we back off at this point, our men will suffer! Our tribe will be eliminated! Our souls will be abandoned by the G.o.d of Beasts! Our families will be destroyed by disaster! And we…will never be honored! My fellow beasts, crush their bones with our sharp teeth! Scratch their souls with our sharp claws! We will not stop until the last drop of our blood falls! Nashaya(the Blood Ritual Spirit)! Nashaya!”

Ye Cang hung the old bugle at his waist and his eyes were fixed upon his hero skill. He did not even think before striking on the b.u.t.ton.

Yonier – The Song of Life (Hero Skill – Grandmaster – Aura): Under your aura, all allies’ health will recover by 2.12% every second, total health will increase by 72%, bleeding and poisoning effects will be reduced by 80%, and a curse or poisoning effect will be randomly dispelled every 30 seconds. If there are any undead spirits in your aura, they, every second, will receive a holy damage of 3.1% of your total health. The aura’s effect will increase by 25% for every 20% loss of your health. Whenever an ally dies, the other allies’ health will be recovered by 5% and the aura’s effect will be activated automatically. Recover their health by 21.2% every second, cause holy damage (31% of your total health) to any undead spirits, increase total health by 300% and be immune to bleeding and poisoning. Lasts for 5 minutes. Cooldown: 2 hours.

Ps: Yonir lived a normal life but has gained the respect of others. She is a saintess from the Church but also a fairy tribe, the fairy who guards the World Tree. Though being only 10cm tall, she had played an important role in the War of Disaster. In every great battle, she joined the prayers for victory. As the lucky charm, she was a fairy who loved to use vulgarities and yet she was also the hope of mankind. However, during the last battle in Ajasnar, she who had no battle powers and fighting skills decided to kill the witch – Karfan who wanted to pollute the World Tree by exploding the power inside of her. Her self-sacrifice helped Ajasnar to win the battle and she was then known as the Little Fairy Queen – Yomir.

“You ugly witch! Do you think you are qualified to even touch the World Tree?! Why don’t you take a look at your own ugly b.i.t.c.h face?! Also, can’t you clean your bones?! There’s even s.h.i.t on it! You’re the Queen of Witches and yet you’re embarra.s.sing yourself with these?! OMG! And can you also fix your hairstyle? It’s so messy and it looks like nothing but a pile of gra.s.s on your head! Do I have to remind you to fix the holes on your clothes too?! Can you also clean the rack that you used to store the books?! Are you not appreciating it because you’re not the author?! How can a witch like you be so messy and dirty?! Where’s your aura? If I were you, I would just sleep in a toilet instead of a cabin. What an embarra.s.sing sight to see! Hey, what are you looking at?! Do you think I’m afraid of you?! Do you believe that I can self-explode and die with you?! Run?! Where do you think you are going?!”

Ye Cang’s hands were trembling. “Return me my skill points…”

“G.o.d d.a.m.n it! It’s another aura! System, is your brain broken or something?! Can’t you give me some strong attacking skills?!” Zhang Zhengxiong’s shout and complaint eased Ye Cang’s discomfort by a little. Yet, Lin Le shouted, “Wow, another man-slashing holy skill…Ultimate Beheading Slash – Hundred Heads Slash. I like this name!”

Zhang Zhengxiong’s holy weapon was a crystal ring and Lin Le’s was a half black mantra mask. Both items were effective.

Even though Lil’w.a.n.g did not obtain a holy weapon, he received a hero skill. It was a summoner skill, The Metal Memory – Dashu. His scream of happiness made Ye Cang unsatisfied.

AV also received a legendary equipment and hero skill. The hero skill was an offensive one, Plant Summoning – The Flame Sunflower. Even Liu Bei and the others had obtained offensive hero skills. Seeing such a scene made Ye Cang quietly trudge back to the shrine.

Shacily Muse had already familiarized herself with her job scope. She was required to manage the G.o.ddess City, read and approve all official doc.u.ments when the mayor was not in office. If the mayor had returned, she would have to serve him, carry out whatever orders he had in addition to her own duties. Her life had never been so enriched. As the city gradually developed, her respect to Ye Cang increased accordingly. That sense of respect might be even greater than that to Aymuss as she had once witnessed the scene of Aymuss getting remanded. She knew that if she accidentally made Aymuss mad, a word from the city mayor could solve everything. Yet, if she ever made Ye Cang mad, she would be dead. Thinking of how he tortured the G.o.ddesses, she shivered.


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