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Chapter 960

The Deserted Road

It was only then when the troop could roughly stabilize themselves and saved the trouble of going against the quicksand, a large explosion sent the ice and sand flying again. Staring at the darkness underneath his foot, Lu Jiaxi looked around. An enormous worm was trying to swallow the entire oasis from below. Instantly, everyone, including the oasis found themselves ending up in the worm’s intestine. Ye Cang who had night vision saw that beneath them was a greenish pond. “Never drop into it! It’s all its stomach acid down there!”

Agaloss’ Eye of Arcane shone and magic circles were casted on whatever part of the ice surfaces that remained. The entire frozen oasis started slowing down and Lu Jiaxi was astonished. Casting a floating spell on such a big island?!

Ryance and the rest made an attempt to break out but it was to no avail. The inner membrane of the stomach could absorb impact well. Just then, Ye Cang looked up to see another pile of greenish water pouring down like a waterfall. “Hey, the acid from above is coming down! Are you guys done?! Also, are you guys really capable enough to fight?! Each of you sounded so strong when we decided to go for war, I feel like I, the chief-in-command, is about to die in this first battle! Was all of this intentional?!”

“Chief-in-command PaleSnow, please calm yourself down…” Sagain quickly rea.s.sured him.

“President, chill, chill,” Makarlo patted his back. “Here, have a cup of tea. It’s going to be alright. If they’re not capable enough, you still have us. We’ll see how good they are. Hmph.”

Ye Cang took a sip of the tea without complaining further. “Old Mak, what do you have in mind?”

“I’ve once carried out my research on anti-corrosive plants. After modification and experiments…”Makarlo had a confident tone. Even though Ye Cang did not understand a single word, he could be a.s.sured as long as there was a plan. He let down his guard and continued to enjoy his tea while observing the battle. Th.o.r.n.yRose and the others stood there with crossed arms and did nothing as there was nothing they could help much either.

“Pfft, what’s the point of being so secretive… Don’t make me laugh.” The Great Ritualist – PhosphorusFlame smiled coldly and reached out his dry hand. A flare of white flame was shot at the wall and a hole was instantly opened up. The chancellor of Necromancy Academy – Shafelo casted a bridge made out of white bones into the hole. The members of the Ritualist a.s.sociation and the Necromancer a.s.sociation walked out one by one.

“Please be forgiving. We are all just testing each other out.” Shafelo put an arm around his old friend’s shoulder and brushed his black long beard with the other.

“Old Mak, it sounds like we are being underestimated…” Ye Cang reminded him and Makarlo knew PhosphorusFlame was right about it. He then dug into his pockets and sprinkled a handful of seeds into the pond. Shacily Muse who wanted to make a move put a halt to it after seeing Makarlo’s action. Verali did not bother and continued to eat as Ye Cang did not ask her for help. Sagain looked at the beast. That’s someone who did nothing since the very beginning.

The island that was descending was then being lifted up by some madly growing vines and the wall was even infested by roots growing and holding on to it. Everyone then walked out of the bug’s stomach through the bone bridge. Since Makarlo’s plants grew all over the worm and colonized every corner of its body, the worm’s movement was absolutely impeded. It stayed at where it was as the plants were absorbing any acidic substances as their nutrients. Ye Cang put a slice of meat, grilled it with fire spell and ate it, “Wow, the meat is tasty. Don’t waste it.”

In the end, they bombarded its head and Ye Cang swiftly touched the corpse. Yet, he failed as Lin Le was one step faster in touching its gland. “Brother Lil’White, you should touch this part. We got a few legendary equipment and some skill books.”

Knowing that the big boss was being touched, Ye Cang lost his interest in those smaller ones. Still, it was mainly because Wu Na, Th.o.r.n.yRose and the rest stopped him. He ordered Little Ye Tian to distribute the rewards. I don’t need these equipment anymore. I’m aiming for greater ones. Holy weapon! As soon as my ladies are up, the holy weapons will come by themselves! Sigh, these people are just too stupid…

“Let’s go. Continue with our journey.” Shaneley reminded him but Ye Cang shook his head, “Give me a second. I need to take away the food. Who knows maybe we might need it along the way.

Ye Cang then showed off his dismantling skills. Swiftly, he was done with it and put everything into Lin Le’s handcart. Because Lin Le’s handcart was a holy weapon level cla.s.s equipment, it had an enormous s.p.a.ce. The s.p.a.ce was so large that all the sand worms were just the tip of an iceberg. Even Lu Lily was jealous of Lin Le’s luxurious handcart. “Good stuff. Lots of money. Don’t change.”

They continued their journey as the night fell. Stars were coming out. Due to the fact that the stars in the Great Wasteland would change their locations often, the team would have to identify the Star of Truth when the sky turned dark. It was a star that glimmered in green, representing the south. Secondly, they would have to find the War Star that represented the north. The War Star could only be seen in the night sky of the Great Wasteland. Yet, the star representing the north in the mainland was called The Eye of Sain, named after the great explorer – Sain.

“There was a myth well-known in the Great Wasteland. If the War Star shines more brightly than usual, it means war is coming…” Sagain looked up and mumbled. Everyone saw the War Star was as big as a moon. Its red light even seemed to diminish the gleam from the two other moons. The entire Great Wasteland was as if engulfed by the blood-red atmosphere.

“The scout team walked to the east…” Shacily Muse looked at the marks.

The alliance moved to the east and the second day’s mark was to the west. Yet, the third day was to the east. Ryance frowned, “Is this a trick?”

“Nope, we are moving according to Linda’s own east and west. It doesn’t literally reflect the polar east and west of this place. It’s common for people to move in one direction only and get lost or go back to the original place at the end of the day…” Makarlo explained and Shacily Muse added on. “Besides, this place itself is a natural maze. Even the locals dare not simply wander around. To be precise, one can only refer to north and south in this place. The west and east are a hoax. Even the direction of sunrise and sunset is controversial. Take it as the entire sky was covered by a gauze, twisting the locations of the stars and our vision.”

Ryance nodded. No wonder those fellas love to escape to this place.

The marks received on the following days were as follows: fourth: south, fifth: east, sixth: north, seventh and eighth: west. On the ninth day, the troop was on the verge of a water shortage. Even though Ye Cang could melt crystals into water, it was barely enough for the entire troop. The tenth day’s mark was to head east and they had eventually run out of water.


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