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Chapter 2264 Three Little Fellow with Su Li

Duan Ling Tian left the Boar-Devil clan’s territory and returned to the Human-Devil Saint City that belonged to the Human-Devil clan.

Meanwhile, in a barren mountain, northwest of the Lower Province of the Dao Martial Saint Land…


A loud explosion rang in the air as a mighty force swept out. It felt as though the mountains and earth were shaking. Dust and sand flew up, obscuring one’s vision.

In the sky, four figures could be seen fighting. Among the four figures, three of them had a very small build. It seemed as though they were children at the ages of eight or nine.

The three figures indeed belonged to three children. There were two little girls and one little boy.

The girls were beautiful and looked like dolls. They were adorable. One of them was dressed in a white robe and the other was dressed in a golden robe.

On the other hand, the adorable little boy looked aloof. He was dressed in black which seemed to match his aura.

At this moment, three of them were fighting a monster. The monster was tall and burly. He seemed like a hill compared to the children who were like ants.

The monster’s body was that of a human, but its head was that of a bull. The monster was none other than an Ox-Devil from the Ox-Devil clan.

The white-clad girl moved gracefully like a fairy. She said to the golden-clad girl and the black-clad boy through Voice Transmission, “It’ll be difficult for us to kill him if we don’t revert to our true forms…” Her voice sounded soft and pleasant.

Based on her words, it was clear the children were not humans.

“Keep on trying for now… If we still fail to kill him, well revert to our true forms to deal with him!” The golden-clad girl replied through Voice Transmission. Unlike the gentle white-clad girl who looked like a fairy, the golden-clad girl was valiant, energetic and playful!

The aloof black-clad boy, naturally, did not speak. However, his eyes turned colder and colder as he looked at the Ox- Devil.

You itty-bitty little thing, I’ll eat you alive today!” The Ox-Devil grinned maliciously at the three children as he stared at them hungrily. His opponents were three children today, and he thought they would be easy prey. They were like sitting ducks to him.

The golden-clad girl scoffed before she said disdainfully, “Are you even capable of doing that?”

Very well… Since you’re so eager to see what I’m capable of, I’ll show you!” The Ox-Devil was angered by the golden- clad girl’s provocation. He roared before his Saint Origin began to rise in his body and Devil Qi surged out menacingly from his body, poised to strike.

When the golden-clad little girl who provoked the Ox-Devil saw that he had unleashed all his strength, she turned solemn immediately.

The white-clad little girl had a solemn expression on her face as well.

The only one who seemed unaffected was the black-clad little boy. As usual, his face remained emotionless.


An explosion rang in the air when the Ox-Devil shook his body and prepared to charge at the children… Whoos.h.!.+

However, all of a sudden, a gust of wind began to stir around them. It did not take long before a chilling aura shrouded them.

Not only did the children’s expressions change drastically, but even the Ox-Devil was startled and instantly put his guard up.

Although it did not seem like the chilling aura contained any killing intent, it still sent chills running up their spines! For a moment, the three children and the Ox-Devil reached a tacit agreement to temporarily halt their fight and they looked at the source of the wind.

They saw a person standing in the distance, holding a simple three-foot-long blade in his hand. It was a young man dressed in a blood-stained robe. He had a determined and solemn expression on his face. His hair laid on his back in a disheveled state. What really stood out was his bloodshot eyes and the bloodthirsty look in them. Just a look would make one’s skin crawl.

“His robe… is soaked with blood,” the golden-clad little girl muttered to herself after she gulped. She sounded wary.

She asked her companions, “What do you think?”

However, both of the golden-clad little girl’s companions did not respond to her. She called out tentatively, “Little White?” It was normal for the black-clad little boy to ignore her, but it was strange that the white-clad little girl had ignored her as well. She turned to look at her companions in confusion when she received no reply from the white- clad little girl.

When the golden-clad little girl turned to look at the white-clad little girl, she discovered the white-clad little girl was staring blankly at the young man in a bloodstained robe. She quickly turned to look at the black-clad little boy and discovered that he was also similarly staring blankly at the young man in the blood-stained robe. Moreover, a hint of doubt, surprise, and disbelief could be seen in both of her companions’ eyes.

“W-what’s wrong?” The golden-clad little girl was confused. “Please don’t tell me both of you know this guy…”

“Su Li!” Two voices cried out in unison as soon as the golden-clad little girl finished speaking.

It was the white-clad little girl and black-clad little boy who had cried out.

When the golden-clad little girl heard her companions’ words, she frowned as she muttered to herself in confusion,

“Su Li? This name sounds familiar. I feel like I’ve heard it somewhere… Su Li…Su Li…”

Upon hearing the name Su Li, the young man in a blood-stained robe looked at the white-clad little girl and black-clad little boy, and the bloodthirst in his eyes slightly dimmed.

“I-I’m Su Li?” The young man in a blood-stained robe muttered under his breath, “That’s right… I think… I’m Su Li!”

The white-lad little girl looked at the young man in a bloodstained robe in confusion. She said, “He’s Su Li. He’s Brother Ling Tian’s friend in the Paladin Academy in the Crimson Sky Kingdom! But… But what happened to him?” Although the young man before her had matured since she last saw him, his appearance did not change much. For this reason, it did not take long for her to recognize him.

“It seems like he’s in a state of delirium…” The black-clad little boy said solemnly.

The white-clad little girl and the black-clad little boy, Little White and Little Black, were the two pythons who used to accompany Duan Ling Tian when he was studying in the Crimson Sky Kingdom’s Paladin Academy. They were always hiding in Duan Ling Tian’s sleeves so they knew who Duan Ling Tian’s friends were. Su Li was one of the friends Duan Ling Tian had made in the Paladin Academy.

Su Li had left an impression on Little White, and Little Black so it was easy for them to recognize him.

At this moment, the golden-clad little girl finally regained her senses when she heard Little White and Little Black’s words. “Su Li? Brother Ling Tian’s friend?” She looked at the young man dressed in a bloodstained robe and muttered to herself, “Is he really Brother Ling Tian’s friend? Why is he here? Moreover, he seems to be much stronger than us.” A hint of surprise could be seen on her face when she reached the end of her sentence.

The golden-clad little girl was the Jade Eyes Heavenly Mouse, Little Gold, who accompanied Duan Ling Tian for quite some time in the past. She, Little Black, and Little White were then brought to the Upper Province by Han Xue Nai along with the others from the Seven Absolutes Sect. However, three of them were sent back to the Lower Province of Dao Martial Saint Land later by Yue Wu Ying, the heir to the Dark Shadow Progeny, the Fourth Absolute of the Seven Absolutes Sect, under the Old Prophet’s order.

“Su Li?”

Meanwhile, the Ox-Devil who was standing nearby overheard the children’s words. His expression changed dramatically as he looked at Su Li in horror. “Y-you… You’re the mad Devil swordsman, Su Li?!M The Ox-Devil shot a look at the simple three-foot-long blade in Su Li’s hand when he finished speaking as his expression changed again.


Little Gold, Little White, and Little Black were baffled by the Ox-Devil’s reaction to Su Li when a loud noise rang in the air.

The Ox-Devil’s Saint Origin and his Devil Qi surged out quickly from his body.

However, his next course of action thoroughly shocked and baffled Little Gold, Little White, and Little Black. Swoos.h.!.+

A gust of wind stirred in the air as the Ox-Devil used all his strength to run away with a panicked expression on his face. His reaction was even more extreme than how a mouse would react to a cat.

“Hm?” As soon as the Ox-Devil began to flee, the bloodl.u.s.t in Su Li’s eyes flared up again. Hu!

A gust of wind appeared as Su Li disappeared from where he was standing.

In just a blink of an eye, Little Gold, Little White, and Little Black saw Su Li appeared in front of the Ox-Devil, blocking his path. He was so fast that it seemed as though he had teleported.

“So powerful!” Naturally, they knew it was not teleportation. Su Li’s speed was just fast for them to catch. Based on this, they knew Su Li was much stronger than them.

“What did Su Li encounter? How did he become so strong?!” At this point, even Little Black could not maintain his aloof expression. He was shocked.


A brief sword cry rang in the air.

Little Gold, Little White, and Little Black witnessed the Ox-Devil being severed into two by Su Li with just one strike.

Everything happened in just a blink of an eye!

Three of them gasped when they saw this.


At this moment, Su Li disappeared from his spot again. When he reappeared, he was standing in front of Little Gold, Little White, and Little Black, staring at them. Killing intent could still be seen in his eyes!


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