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Chapter 2523 Earth

“of course not.” tang xiao xiao shook her head in response to duan ling tian’s question. “apocalypse-level battles.h.i.+ps may be powerful, but one battles.h.i.+p would only be able to kill a six tribulation bodiless celestial. ten battles.h.i.+ps would only be able to injure a seven tribulation bodiless celestial. to severely injure a seven tribulation bodiless celestial, one would need tens or even 100 apocalypse-level battles.h.i.+ps! regardless of the number, it would be difficult for apocalypse-level battles.h.i.+ps to kill a seven tribulation bodiless celestial unless that bodiless celestial has a death wis.h.!.+”

tang xiao xiao continued to say, “a seven tribulation bodiless celestial has more than enough strength to escape from a fleet of apocalypse-level battles.h.i.+ps… given a chance and enough time, a seven tribulation bodiless celestial would be able to destroy all the apocalypse-level battles.h.i.+ps. an eight tribulation bodiless celestial, on the other hand, would only pay a small price to destroy a fleet of apocalypse-level battles.h.i.+ps. finally, it would be child’s play for a nine tribulation bodiless celestial to destroy apocalypse-level battles.h.i.+ps, regardless of the number.”

at this point, tang xiao xiao turned to duan ling tian and said, “no matter how powerful an apocalypse-level battles.h.i.+p is, it’s not capable of releasing soul attacks. no matter how many there are, apocalypse-level battles.h.i.+ps would be like sticks and stones to you. you can probably destroy them easily. although apocalypse-level battles.h.i.+ps are much more powerful compared to disaster-level battles.h.i.+ps, you should have some understanding of the battles.h.i.+ps since you’ve encountered them in the coste galaxy.”

“mm.” duan ling tian nodded. when he was in the coste galaxy, he had ordered dahl, the patriarch of the garnier family, to order the disaster-level battles.h.i.+ps to open fire on him because he had wanted to see and experience the might of the battles.h.i.+ps. it was not because he was a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t like many people had thought. in the end, he discovered the power of the battles.h.i.+ps was a disappointment.

tang xiao xiao continued to say, “those eighteen disaster-level battles.h.i.+ps might look powerful, but it would only take one apocalypse-level battles.h.i.+p to destroy all of them. it would be difficult for the eighteen disaster-level battles.h.i.+ps to break through the hull of an apocalypse-level battles.h.i.+p even if the disaster-level battles.h.i.+ps open fire at the same time.” she paused for a moment before she praised duan ling tian, “naturally, any number of apocalypse-level battles.h.i.+ps would still be useless against you.!”

duan ling tian could not help but feel pleased when he heard tang xiao xiao’s praise. after a moment, he recalled some of the things tang xiao xiao had told him earlier. he asked, “are apocalypse-level battles.h.i.+ps the most advanced technology in yan huang realm? are they the strongest weapons in yan huang realm?”

“yes.” tang xiao xiao nodded. “apocalypse-level battles.h.i.+ps are the strongest weapons in yan huang realm. moreover, based on my knowledge, the strongest weapons in the other three large mundane realms that are connected to the beyond heaven secret zone should also be apocalypse-level battles.h.i.+ps.”

duan ling tian said with a sigh, “it seems like science and technology can never compare to cultivators in the mundane realms.”

“of course,” tang xiao xiao said in a matter-of-fact manner, “don’t forget that among cultivators, even three tribulation bodiless celestials are actually considered celestial beings. even eminent celestials who’ve just ascended to the devata realms are considered as celestial beings since their strength is comparable to a three tribulation bodiless celestials.”

duan ling tian nodded. he knew this as well. those with the strength of a three tribulation bodiless celestials or stronger were considered as celestial beings. “in any case, we still shouldn’t underestimate what science and technology are capable of. however, regardless of how formidable they are, the people who have control of technology in the mundane realms still can’t compare to the true elites in the cultivation world. i guess this means that whether it’s yan huang realm or other large mundane realms, galaxies with abundant resources should be mostly occupied by cultivators.”

tang xiao xiao chimed in, “put aside forces like the celestial masters sect and the heavenly wave mansion, even forces that are weaker like the tang sect in the galaxies are superior to those who rely on science and technology!”

duan ling tian did not find tang xiao xiao’s words surprising. after all, no number of apocalypse-level battles.h.i.+ps would be able to kill a seven tribulation bodiless celestial. since there are two eight tribulation bodiless celestials in tang sect, how could they be inferior to those who relied on science and technology? moreover, tang sect had more than ten seven tribulation bodiless celestials, according to tang xiao xiao. no matter what, those proud overlords from galaxies and planets that relied on science and technology would still have to lower their heads to forces like the tang sect, regardless of how many apocalypse-level battles.h.i.+ps they had at their disposal.

three months pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

tang xiao xiao exclaimed, “planet yan huang’s galaxy is just up ahead!”

duan ling tian’s calm was shattered by tang xiao xiao’s words. how could he remain calm? he was so close to returning to his home planet in his past life, planet yan huang, or as he knew it, earth.

after an hour, tang xiao xiao pointed ahead and said, “we’re here!”

“that’s… the milky way! it’s the galaxy where earth is located!” duan ling tian who had slowed his speed saw a galaxy that remembered a silver waterfall suspended in outer s.p.a.ce. his heart was overwhelmed with emotions. earth meant a lot to him. after all, it was where he came from in his past life. seeing the milky way before him, he was overcome with nostalgia and a longing for home.

when duan ling tian regained his senses, he surveyed the galaxy before him and thought to himself, ‘it seems like the milky way is much larger compared to all the galaxies we’ve pa.s.sed by during our journey here. i’ve been hearing about how big planet yan huang’s galaxy is, now that i’m seeing it with my own eyes, it seems like those words are true. however, i can already sense that the heaven and earth spirit energy in planet yan huang’s galaxy has become very thin without even needing to go closer. it seems like the cultivators in the past had almost completely depleted the heaven and earth spirit energy in this galaxy. even to this day, the galaxy has not recovered the heaven and earth spirit energy.”


duan ling tian increased his speed as he brought tang xiao xiao with him to the milky way galaxy. when they entered the milky way, he could clearly sense the heaven and earth spirit energy had grown even thinner.

meanwhile, tang xiao xiao who had pulled out the star chart gave directions to duan ling tian. “planet yan huang is over there.”

duan ling tian nodded. he increased his speed and brought tang xiao xiao in the direction she had pointed. although he was traveling at a fast speed, he took the time to examine the small stellar galaxies in the milky way and the planets in these small galaxies. some of these planets were like a wasteland since they were not suited for humans to live in. however, there were also planets that were filled with monsters since they were not suited for humans to live in. most of the planets that were inhabited by humans were planets governed by science and technology. naturally, the technology in the planets was far inferior compared to the technology in the coste galaxy. it was only natural since the coste galaxy was 1,000 years ahead of earth where duan ling tian was from in his past life.

soon after, tang xiao xiao pointed up ahead after consulting the star chart and said, “planet yan huang’s stellar galaxy is just up ahead.”

“the solar system!” duan ling tian’s eyes lit up when he saw a large planet that resembled a fireball. his breathing quickened and his heart raced when he saw this. from a distance, he saw eight planets revolving around the fireball-like planet, making the fireball-like planet look like an emperor! as he looked at the seven planets that revolved around the sun, he muttered to himself, “mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn, ura.n.u.s, neptune…”

it did not take long before duan ling tian’s eyes landed on the remaining planet. out of the eight planets that revolved around the sun, this planet was bursting with the scent of life!


in just a moment, duan ling tian and tang xiao xiao arrived close to the planet that was bursting with the scent of life. he stopped moving as he stared at the planet before him in a daze, clearly enraptured by the sight before him. a hint of excitement could be seen in his eyes as well.

“what a beautiful planet!” tang xiao xiao exclaimed. she did not seem to notice the change in duan ling tian’s behavior since her eyes were firmly glued on the azure planet before her. most of the planet was covered with water. she continued looking at the beautiful azure planet as she murmured, “this… this is planet yan huang is where tang sect originated from? i’ve only heard about the beauty of planet yan huang before this. now that i’ve seen it with my own eyes, it seems like the planet’s reputation is well-deserved.”

however, tang xiao xiao regained her senses immediately as a thunderous cry that was filled with excitement rang in the air, “earth, i, duan ling tian, have returned!” when she turned to look at duan ling tian, she only saw the afterimage that he had left behind. it seemed like he could not wait any longer and had rushed to enter the beautiful azure planet up ahead.

tang xiao xiao was taken aback by duan ling tian’s sudden outburst. “earth? i think i heard him referring to planet yan huang as earth before this.”

although duan ling tian had spoken to tang xiao xiao about many things during their journey, naturally, he did not mention his past life.


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