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Chapter 2975: The Branch of Unknown Origins

Four Phenomena Celestial Kings were the strongest in the entire Thousand Nations Territory, after all. How could the crowd remain calm upon hearing the item was from a Four Phenomena Celestial King? They were excited and eager to see the item. There was no doubt the item would be extraordinary.

“I didn’t expect there to be an item from a Four Phenomena Celestial King… Thank the heavens I didn’t leave earlier!”

“That’s right! I wonder what it is?”

“It’s better not to hold back when bidding for this item. An item from a Four Phenomena Celestial King is definitely going to be extremely precious!”

The people in the auction center, including the people from the Supporting Fall Nation, looked at the jade box antic.i.p.atorily.


The old man opened the jade box and revealed an odd-looking branch. Lush green leaves had sprouted on the branch. They showed no signs of wilting at all. With just a simple check using Divine Consciousness, one would be able to feel the strong vitality in the branch.

At the same time…


“Good heavens! Why is it here?!”

“Why on earth is it here?!”

Three voices rang simultaneously in Duan Ling Tian’s mind while his attention was caught by the branch in the jade box.

The three voices were from the Profound Divine Metal, the Chaos Divine Flame, and the Chaos Divine Earth. They were clearly surprised.

Duan Ling Tian curiously asked, “Seniors, do you know this branch?”

At the same time, the atmosphere in the entire auction center, including the VIP rooms where the Supporting Fall Nation, the East Ming Nation, and the Moran Nation occupied, turned solemn.

“What’s this? Why does it contain such strong vitality?”

“This branch has been broken off from the tree. Not only did it not wilt, but it’s even thriving. How remarkable!”

“Can anybody tell what tree it’s from?”

“Perhaps, it’s some rare and valuable material. I don’t know what it is, but there’s no doubt it’s special.”

n.o.body knew what the branch was. They only knew it was special.

“What is it?”

“That’s right. Dear host, what is it?”

The crowd looked at the old man for an explanation.

The old man calmly replied, “What is it? I have no idea as well.”

“No idea?” The crowd was shocked.

“In fact, even the Four Phenomena Celestial King doesn’t know what it is at all,” the old man continued to say.

“What?! Even the Four Phenomena Celestial King doesn’t know what it is?”

“Then, why should we bid for it? Although it’s special, what’s the use if we don’t even know what it is?”

The crowd frowned upon learning even the Phenomena Celestial King knew nothing about the branch.

“Although we don’t know what it is, there’s no doubt its vitality is extremely strong…” The old man took the branch out from the jade box. With his other hand, he brought a knife out. Under everyone’s watchful eyes, he slashed at the thickest part of the branch, almost breaking it into half. However, a burst of green light surged from the cut. After about a dozen breaths, the light subsided, revealing the unscathed branch.


“Impossible! It was almost broken, but in just a dozen breaths, it’s completely healed?”

“This branch is extraordinary!”

“Although I know nothing about this branch, I want it simply because of its amazing recovery ability!”

The crowd gasped in unison and broke into an uproar after witnessing the branch recover before their eyes. They fervently discussed among themselves.

“The starting bid for this branch of unknown origins is 100,000 prominent Celestial Crystals!” the old man loudly said, “Every increment of a bid shouldn’t be less than 10,000 prominent Celestial Crystals! I’d like to add that I’ll be bidding for the branch as well on behalf of the Imperial Family of the Solitary Nation due to their interest in the branch.”

The crowd was stirred up again when they heard even the Imperial Family of the Solitary Nation was interested in the unknown branch.

“It seems like the branch really came from a Four Phenomena Celestial King. Otherwise, the Imperial Family of the Solitary Nation would have secretly kept it for themselves.”

“Perhaps… However, there’s also a chance the Imperial family is only trying to raise the price of the unknown branch. We have to be cautious.”

“Regardless, this unknown branch is really rather special. I’m afraid its price will surpa.s.s 200,000 prominent Celestial Crystals at least!”

“200,000 prominent Celestial Crystals! That’s the price for two King Grade Celestial Weapons!”

At this moment, a loud and powerful voice rang from the Moran Nation’s room. It was a blue-clad middle-aged man. “100,000 prominent Celestial Crystals!”

As soon as the blue-clad middle-aged man’s voice fell, the old man on the stage said, “200,000 prominent Celestial Crystals!”

The crowd was in an uproar. They did not expect the old man on the stage to double the bid so soon.

The old man said, “This is the highest price the Imperial Family of the Supporting Nation is willing to pay for the branch. For this reason, if anyone decided to bid after this, the Imperial family will no longer bid for this item.”

“Hm? The Imperial family is only willing to spend 200,000 prominent Celestial Crystals on this branch. It seems like they don’t think this unknown branch has much potential.”

“It’s not a surprise. After all, even the Four Phenomena Celestial King doesn’t know what the branch is. It’s only a collector’s item or decoration without any use…”

“200,000 prominent Celestial Crystals for a collector’s item? That’s too much!”

“That’s right! A collector’s item, essentially just a decoration, that’s worth two King Grade Weapons? No ordinary person would be able to afford such a luxurious item.”

Unlike the crowd in the auction center, the Moran Nation’s room was silent. It was apparent they had given up on bidding for the unknown branch.

Then, the countdown began…

“200,000 prominent Celestial Crystals, going once…”

“210,000 prominent Celestial Crystals!” A voice suddenly rang from the East Ming Nation’s room.

Immediately, Huang Yuan Fei’s voice rang from the Supporting Fall Nation’s room. “250,000 prominent Celestial Crystals!”

Upon seeing this, Huang Jia Long was taken aback. He asked, “Father, do you know what the branch is?”

“No, I have no idea.” Huang Yuan Fei shook his head. “It looks extraordinary so I thought I’ll join the fun. However, 250,000 prominent Celestial Crystals is all they’d get from me.”

“For fun?” Huang Jia Long was speechless. To fork out 250,000 prominent Celestial Crystals for fun… It seemed like his father was even more capricious than him.

Huang Yuan Fei asked the frowning old man standing next to him, “Old Mo, do you know what it is?”

“No.” Old Mo shook his head.

“260,000 prominent Celestial Crystals!” A middle-aged man sitting among the crowd bid for the branch, instantly attracting everyone’s attention.

“Isn’t that Ge Zheng, the Vice Leader of the grade-eight sect, the Thousand Hands Sect?”

“It’s him! I didn’t expect to see him here!”

“It seems like Ge Zheng is interested in the unknown branch as well.”

In the regions under the Profound Nether Mansion, apart from the grade-eight nations in the Thousand Nations Territory, there were some grade-eight sects and clans as well. The majority of them were only slightly stronger than grade-nine forces, therefore, they were no match for grade-eight nations.

While the crowd’s attention was focused on Ge Zheng, the Vice Sect Leader of the Thousand Hands Sect, a voice rang from one of the VIP rooms again. “300,000 prominent Celestial Crystals!”

“It’s from the Supporting Fall Nation again?”


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