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Chapter 114: Invincible

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Su Mo held his longsword with its inlaid gems and stabbed forward suddenly.

The overlapping sword radiances converged into a large and thick sword essence, attacking Zuo Qiu.

The incomparably sharp sword essence instantly tore up the air with a ripping sound.

At that moment, the fighting ring was dead silent.

The troops from the two countries watched nearby, all holding their breath as they stared at the fighting ring.

Could Su Mo really defeat Zuo Qiu?

The Skymoon men all expected that he could.

But the Ulti-mystery Sect’s disciples believed that he could not!

Zuo Qiu naturally believed that he would win.

He was confident enough in his outstandingly talented Martial Soul as well as his excellent comprehension of martial arts.

Besides, he was the disciple of the ninth elder of the Ulti-mystery Sect’s Inner Gate. Because he had reached the Spiritual Martial Realm, both his cultivation method and martial arts techniques were Upper Lv 2.

Furthermore, he cultivated his Upper Lv 2 Martial Skill to the Peak of the Minor Completion Realm.

He had won at the starting line and far exceeded other martial artists with the same rank.

Normal martial artists at a lower Spiritual Martial Realm could merely cultivate Lower Lv 2 martial arts. Only those who were lineage-supported could cultivate Medium Lv 2 martial arts.

Even so, they could not match Zuo Qiu at all.

Now, Zuo Qiu performed his secret method of fighting, Spirit-blasting Skill, which temporarily pushed his cultivation into Lv 4 Spiritual Martial Realm.

Such powerful strength had still failed to defeat Su Mo, but he believed that Su Mo could not defeat him either.

Zuo Qiu stared grimly at the attacking Su Mo.

The unparalleled sword essence, which was 30 feet long and brilliant like the Milky Way, chopped toward the front of Zuo Qiu in a flash.

“Breeze Blowing Flower Swordsmans.h.i.+p—Rain of Flowers!”

Zuo Qiu growled and again performed his unique skill, Breeze Blowing Flower Swordsmans.h.i.+p.

Numerous sword radiances spread with endless drifting Sword Qi, stabbing at the oncoming sword essence.



Su Mo’s incomparably sharp sword essence aggressively tore up multiple Sword Qi rays and cut at Zuo Qiu’s sword.


Zuo Qiu, whose body was shocked by Su Mo’s attack, was forced to step back hundreds of meters with a huff.

And before he could catch his breath, Su Mo appeared again in front of him in a flash.


A bellow was emitted as Su Mo suddenly rose up high.

With his sword in hand, Su Mo looked down and operated the four Spiritual Spirals inside of him to their fullest. Plenty of Genuine Qi flew into Su Mo’s sword, which gave off a glorious radiance.

Su Mo immediately brandished his sword and mercilessly chopped down.

“Swordplay of Wind Devil—Amazing Chopping Technique of Wind Devil!”

He performed this strike in an imposing, breathtaking manner.

It was the ninth and final move of Swordplay of Wind Devil, which was also the strongest.


Su Mo again appeared as a Giant Elephant Shadow, which then roared into the air with a deafening sound.

Su Mo maximized his physical force.

With his physical strength boosted, his Elephant’s Strength Skill also made great progress. As long as he fully released his physical force, the Giant Elephant Shadow would come out of him.

The extremely violent strike accompanied by peerless speed instantly stabbed toward the front of Zuo Qiu.

Zuo Qiu widened his eyes but had no time to dodge such a violent and quick stab. He only had two choices.

He either had to counter-attack, or he had to defend with all his strength.

Zuo Qiu chose the latter.


After letting out a growl, Zuo Qiu held his sword with both hands. His hands turned into rotating wind wheels, which created one sword curtain after another.

In the next moment, Su Mo’s violent sword severely stabbed at the sword curtains.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

With tearing sounds, Zuo Qiu’s sword curtains were torn one by one as if they were pieces of tofu.

Their two swords subsequently collided violently.


As the swords. .h.i.t each other, Zuo Qiu was fiercely shaken, and his sleeves were instantly torn to shreds and then vanished into nothing.

Zuo Qiu immediately bent his legs and went down on his knees after a bang, as if pressed by the weight of Mount Tai.


In the next moment, blood squirted from Zuo Qiu’s mouth, ears, eyes, and nostrils.

Bleeding from his seven acupores!

The skin on Zuo Qiu’s arms was also cracked, revealing his flesh and blood. Scarlet blood gushed down from his arms.

“How… how could this be?”

Zuo Qiu glared with his crimson eyes wide open and revealed endless panic with his lips ceaselessly quivering.

Kneeling on the ground, Zuo Qiu kept his hands raised up high, withstanding Su Mo’s longsword with his sword.

However, Zuo Qiu was like a spent arrow. His hands were quivering endlessly, and he nearly lost the grip of the longsword in his hand.

His organs had already been shattered.

Su Mo did not answer immediately, but looked at Zuo Qiu and said in a low voice, “We have no enmity against each other, but stand on different sides. This… is your destiny!

“I promise to give you a quick death!”

With these words, Su Mo suddenly put pressure on his arms and then wielded his sword. A sword radiance struck out in an arc, bringing out a trail of spurting blood.


A line of blood appeared on Zuo Qiu’s neck. He immediately dropped dead after a bang.

Taking a glimpse of Zuo Qiu’s corpse, Su Mo raised his head and looked around.

All those present kept silent and stared in disbelief at the fighting ring!

The Ulti-mystery Sect’s disciples were too dumbfounded to believe what they had just seen.

Su Mo killed Zuo Qiu within only a few breaths, before the spectators even became fully aware.


After a while, roars of laughter suddenly drew the spectators back to their senses.

Yuan Zhan, in the front of the Skymoon Country’s troop, laughed with excitement.

After a while, he stopped to gloat at Mo Tie, who stood across from him.

“Mo Tie, the Ulti-mystery Sect’s super talent doesn’t live up to his reputation! He was killed by our talent,” Yuan Zhan said joyfully in a loud voice.

Yuan Zhan was very delighted to see Skymoon Country come back after disastrously losing the previous two rounds of fighting.

Mo Tie, on the contrary, became livid, as his heart was immeasurably depressed.

Originally intending to win outright, Mo Tie did not expect that there would be a demon from Skymoon Country in the third round.

This man’s combat strength was incredibly formidable.

He would have suspected that Su Mo had kept his real cultivation under wraps if he had not perceived Su Mo’s breath, which was indicative of Lv 3 Spiritual Martial Realm.

“Yuan Zhan, don’t get smug.”

Mo Tie bellowed with a sullen face and added, “Skymoon Country only won one round. What are you so proud of?”


Yuan Zhan laughed and said, “One fight was enough to ruin your top talent.”


Mo Tie grunted and looked again at Su Mo with killing desire flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes.

Su Mo’s combat strength was already extremely impressive, so he would definitely be detrimental to Ironforest Country and the Ulti-mystery Sect if he was fully developed.

Mo Tie began to contemplate.

Su Mo stood tall and straight in the fighting ring, showing invincible elegance.

Su Mo cast his eyes to the Ironforest Country’s troops.

His eyes traveled over the Ironforest’s group and then focused on the 200 or more disciples of the Ulti-mystery Sect.

After thinking a little, Su Mo yelled, “Anyone else wants a fight?”


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